Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 12

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 12 ends the village arc, as Faputa gets revenge for her mother and completes her purpose. Faputa lets out a powerful scream resulting in Juroimoh appearing next to her. Faputa commands Juroimoh to “drive” the wild creatures away. In a flashback, we see when Faputa meet Gaburoon, when she invaded Rika’s, Reg’s, and Nanachi’s campsite, and stole Prushka from Rika. She notes that “Rika has a weird soul,” and wonders where she got it. In the present, Rika awakens to see Maaa and the other Narehate. She’s happy to see Nanachi and Reg are with her. Moogie tells her that they have resign themselves to their fate.

They encounter Wazukyan. Dying, the Sage asks Rika if “she’s glad she came.” Rika lights up, telling him that she never could have imagined the village and all the Narehate she’s meet. This scene reminds us that Rika’s goal is to experience new this and she remains as excited as ever. I wonder if she’ll ever lose that enthusiasm in the future. Made in Abyss is a harsh series and I’m certain Rika and the others will suffer more in the future. Nanachi asks Wazukyan what his goal was and he responds that “they wanted to become something beyond human.” He says in order to explore the Abyss one must “surpass being human.” He encourages them to “realize their dreams,” and withers away.

Faputa completes her purpose

Faputa screams again. Calling the other Narehate to come to her. Meanwhile, Vueko begins to lose her humanity as the boundary begins to vanish. It’s a gruesome scene as her skin starts to melt away and she starts to turn into a hollow. She collapse in a pool of blood but she’s rescued by Pakkoyan who disappears due to the curse. Nanachi finds Vueko. As Faputa prepares to reengage in battle, Reg appears. He apologizes to her and tells her to go talk to the Narehate. With the help of Rika and her White Whistle, Reg powers up and fight two Turbinid-Dragons himself.

Faputa confronts the remaining Narehate. She tells them she won’t forgive but she will give them all “roles to play.” She begins to destroy the village. While doing so she tells Maaa and Majikaja to take the trio outside the village. As she falls Reg rescues her. Rika gives Maaa an unfinished doll and Majikaja breaks down. Unable to move Majikaja feeds itself to a passed out Faputa. Sadly Maaa disappears as the trio get outside the village and Vueko dies. Faputa gives her a proper burial. Reg asks Faputa to join them, she says “she think about it.” Personally I hope she joins, she’s pretty cool, and the team could use her power. I’m sad to see Maaa go but glad it didn’t ripped to pieces, and got to “die” peacefully. Made in Abyss continues to be an interesting, heartbreaking and depressing series. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for the next season.


Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 11

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 11 opens with Faputa knocking out Reg. She demands Riko pay for “Reg having forgotten about her,” and goes on a rampage. The villagers try and fail to protect Riko. Faputa is simply too fast. However, before she can reach Riko, Gaburoon blocks her causing damage to itself. Shocked, Faputa demands to know why. Gaburoon tells her “she would have lost Reg forever.” Gaburoon is correct of course. Whatever Reg’s history with Faputa is, he’s now enthralled with Riko and would have hated Faputa forever. Gaburoon did protect the relationship Faputa has with Reg, even if she doesn’t know it.

Faputa is a tragic figure. Her entire existence has been a tool for revenge. Faputa’s begins to fall apart mentally as she realizes her place in the world. Suddenly, she’s knocked back by Nanachi, with Belaf in tow. Nanachi tells Riko that she’ll handle Faputa and Belaf “attacks,” sort of. Belaf goal isn’t to harm Faputa but to “gift” her memories of the Ganja’s past. Enraged, Faputa attacks Belaf, tearing him to pieces and killing Belaf by shattering Belaf’s head. Belaf dies, hoping Faputa will find “her own value.” As I mentioned in previous reviews, the Narehate focus on value.

Faputa suffers in Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 11
Faputa suffers in Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 11

Faputa, rise . . . embodiment of value

They hold Faputa as the one with the most value but she doesn’t think she even has any. After Faputa receives the memories her mindset deteriorate further. Nanachi tells Riko to escape with some of the villagers, while she wonders what Wazukyan is after. Faputa tries to reassure herself that she remains the “fire that will burn everything to cinders.” Due to Reg the villages barrier is gone and creatures begin invading the village, killing some of the Narehate. This scene is Made in Abyss at it’s best. Adorable Narehate being mauled and ripped to pieces by the violent creatures of the sixth layer.

It’s both a sad and unsetting moment. Faputa isn’t happy to witness the carnage. She’s upset that the creatures are killing her prey. She accuses them of “stealing her reason for being,” and begins attacking them. However, the creatures hold their own. Ripping the flesh off of Faputa leaving visible bone and even tearing out entrails. Faputa loses bits and pieces of herself (literally) as she becomes overwhelmed by the increasingly hostile creatures. Gaburoon sacrifices itself to protect Faputa but it doesn’t matter. She’s rendered immobile and prepares for death. Suddenly, the Narehate begin feeding pieces of themselves to Faputa.

Faputa’s understanding of the world or her lack of understanding becomes clear. Everyone she held dear, Gaburoon, Reg, and her mother were more than she could comprehend. The embodiment of value, Faputa, rises again with new purpose. Determined to find her value by herself.


Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 07

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 07 reveals how the Ganja fared after the reached the 6th layer. It doesn’t go well. One of the Interference Units eaten by an unknown creature. These units learn the human language quickly. They try to return to the 5th layer but human can’t maintain their forms after returning. Trapped, the Ganja resign themselves to their new home. The first issue is a lack of water. The are five possible location to get water. The first two are “swarming with dangerous beasts,” one has contaminated with “mining residue,” the other is too hot, leaving only one location habitable.

Irumyuui takes center stage as she can read unknow glyphs and later merges with a “Cradle of Desire.” The source of water the Ganja assumed was safe turns out to have been contaminated. The Ganja get sick developing diarrhea and causes their toes to melt and harden. It’s all gross really but that’s what makes this series so interesting and depressing. The Interference Units inform the Ganja that its an Artifact and is best used by simpleminded “juvenile’s” like Irumyuui. Since she’s sick, Vueko gives her the Artifact with Wazukyan’s permission.

Irumyuui merges with the Cradle of Desire

The following day the Artifact merges with Irumyuui, healing her and removing any pain. The Cradle of Desire grants Irumyuui her wish which isn’t made clear, but Vueko believes she wished for children because she creepily has several of them. Each one dies due to having no internal organs. Irumyuui has understandable emotional breakdown after each death. While she no longer experienced physical pain she does still feel emotional pain. Eventually, Vueko gets sick and is bedridden. Wazukyan feeds her a broth from a unknown source. When she awakens Vueko is completely healed. Something makes Vueko question what she ate, but before getting an answer Wazukyan says that everyone’s been healed and “that kid,” meaning Irumyuui “saved everyone.”

I think the Ganja either ate Irumyuui dead children or she produced food some other way. Since this is Made in Abyss eating dead creatures birth from a child seems most likely. Considering how much Irumyuui loved her child or at least thought she loved them it’s unlikely she was aware or happy about the Ganja eating them. This could be the reason she’s no longer in the village.


Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 2 Review: Resurrection Festival

Problems with cave raiding

In Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 2, “Resurrection Festival,” we quickly learn that there are problems with going deeper into the abyss. A tremendous psychical toll can be a consequence the deeper you travel. When returning to the surface from the first layer: Edge of the Abyss, you’ll experience “mild dizziness,” from the second layer: Forest of Temptation, “nausea, headaches, and numbness of the extremities,” the third layer: Great Fault causes “Vertigo combined with visual and auditory hallucinations,” and from the fourth: The Goblets of Giants , “intense pain throughout the body and bleeding.” When an explorer travels from the sixth layer or beyond, they will apparently result in their lose of “humanity or even death.” This phenomenon is dubbed “the curse of the abyss.”

Who or What is Reg

Riko and the others believe that it’s possible that Reg came from the bottom of the abyss and is immune to the curse. Reg wonders if that’s the case, but what’s his purpose. Shiggy refers to the “Compilation of Recorded Relics,” a “field guide to the major Relics that have been unearthed.” However, Reg isn’t found in this book. Riko has done some research on Reg, he can function with food or electricity as a fuel source. He possess smooth but hard skin, flame retardant hair, superior sight and hearing, flexible material and apparently he has a “normal human penis.”

If that wasn’t strange enough it seems that Riko experimented on Reg without his consent. Due to all of the special material that made Reg he’s considered to be incredibly valuable, as a Aubade, “supreme treasure of the netherworld.” This unsurprisingly mean that he is in danger of being taken apart, captured and hidden. To proved him with a cover they give clothing to hid his arms and legs and a false story. Obviously, this is going to be an important plot point in the future. I think Reg will be exposed at some point and maybe Riko and her friends become outlaws as a result.

Reg shocked at Riko’s invasion

Learning about the whistles

Cave raiders are sorted into groups, these groups are symbolized by the color of the whistles. The apprentices have red whistles, the proficient blue whistles, assistant-instructor Moon whistles, expert black whistles and the heroes the white whistles. This episode focuses on the white whistle, Liza the Annihilator, she is held as an example for the larger society. She’s even depicted as being a dragon and used to sell merchandise. The most important revelation is that Liza is Riko’s mother and much is expected from Riko, her father was a black whistle named Torka.

More animals are introduced, a hammerbeaks

In this episode the world is expanded, as we learn about the problems with exploration of the Abyss. It makes since that robots like Reg would exists in the world with the harsh conditions, however, it seem strange that no one thinks robots exists or that they shouldn’t be created for everyone. Made in Abyss is too comfortable with sexual inuendo towards children and even nudity. Riko is punished while being strung up by rope completely nude. I could do without it. Riko becomes a more complex character as her mother’s fame is presented, she will have a lot to live up to. Like her mother appears to be, Riko is reckless and is definitely going to get herself in trouble.


Made in Abyss Season 1, Episode 1 Review: The City of the Great Pit

With the second season of Made in Abyss confirmed to be released in 2022, I thought it would be a good idea to review the first season a second time. I will mostly be reposting my old reviews with some edits but I’ll also be re-watching the season, preparing for the upcoming season. I hope you guys enjoy the reviews.

Made in Abyss Season 1 Episode 1 based on a manga series by Akihito Tsukushi, the series has been adapted by Kinema Citrus. The story centers around a  system of caves called the “abyss.” The abyss is the only unexplored place in the world. Inhabited by odd creatures and unique relics, the caves are a source of adventure and intrigue for humans. These explorers are called, “Cave Raiders,” they head into the abyss in search of the relics. The first episode entitled, “The City of the Great Pit” introduces us to this world.

Riko and the Crimson Splitjaw in Made in Abyss Season 1 Episode 1
Riko and the Crimson Splitjaw in Made in Abyss Season 1 Episode 1

Riko is training to become a “Cave Raider,” like her mother, the episode reveals information about the world slowly. While discovering new relics, Riko witnesses a odd looking creature, a crimson splitjaw. The splitjaw a giant reptile normally found in the 3rd layer attempts to eat Nat, Riko blows her whistle signaling for help and capturing the attention of the creature. It begins to chase her through the caves, she reaches a cliff and is trapped. However, she is rescued by a mysterious beam of light than burns a hole into the body of the Crimson Splitjaw.

“Over the span of many years, with a spirit of adventure for the unknown and countless legends luring them in, the world’s only remaining unexplored chasm has swallowed up a great many people. It is known as the Abyss”

Riko searches for the source of the blast and finds a strange child lying in the grass. As she checks on the boy, Riko realizes that he’s not human, but robotic. Riko with the help of Shiggy, Kiyui, and Jiruo sneak the robotic boy into the orphanage. When the robot boy awakens after Riko electrocutes him, he has no memories. Before they can get to the bottom of the issue, Jiruo comes to investigate what Riko and the others did to cause an “orphanage wide blackout.” After getting in trouble, Riko flees with the robot boy she calls Reg after her pet dog.

The director addressing the orphans

At first glace Made in Abyss Season 1 Episode 1 may appear to be geared towards children, but it appeals to a wider audience. Despite the beautiful and lush environments The animation quality of this series is stunning, fluid and detailed. The animation is on best display when witnessing the background, from the city surrounding the pit, Riko’s room or the classroom. As a lead character Riko is likable, as are her friends. Reg is interesting due to the mysteries surrounding his existence. Made in Abyss is an exciting new anime and I’m eager to see what it has to offer.