My Top 5 Anime Water users (2022)

I will be updating some of my list from the past as new manga and anime series debut and characters develop new abilities. I have set up some rules for my lists:

  1. I’m only going to include anime characters from anime/manga I’ve read or watched. Mainly because I would be familiar with their powers.
  2. I’m only going to include ONE character per series. This is difficult to do, because there are many strong characters in any given series, but I want some variety.
  3. I think it will be difficult to determine how each character on the list would fare against each other, so I going to focus how strong they are within their series. However, I will be thinking how they compare relative to each other.
  4. This list and any others will focus on characters that MOSTLY or significantly use the element. In this case water. What that would result in is having a list of characters that will have more that just the element in their abilities and I will be factoring these other abilities in as well.

5. Noelle Silva (Black Clover)

Noelle Silva is a member of the royal House Silva, a 3rd Class Junior Magic Knight of the Black Bull and Royal Knight squads. Noelle starts off an arrogant and rude young lady. Due to her royal upbringing Noelle had difficulty admitting her failures. She specifically lacked the ability to control her magic and was rejected by her more accomplished family. Due to her association with the Black Bulls and the influence of Asta, Noelle develops more confidence and learns to control her magic.

Noelle possess water magic allowing her to generate and manipulate water. Noelle has an massive amount of magic power, permitting her to create large water objects and/or entities.

Her best water techniques are:

  • Water Creation Magic: Valkyrie Dress – the user creates a suit of armor around their body. The armor allows the wearer to glide through the air with a stream of water, improving their speed and maneuverability, the lance is able to drill through other spells and to manifest offensive spells.
  • Water Creation Magic: Point-Blank Sea Dragon’s Roar – After piercing an opponent with a lance, the user creates a large dragon head, with the user in the dragon’s throat. The dragon’s mouth then slams shut on the opponent.

Source: Black Clover Wiki

4. Tier Harribel (Bleach)

Harribel is the former 3rd Espada in Aizen’s army. She eventually becomes the ruler of Hueco Mundo. Like most Espada, Harribel has tremendous skill with a sword. She’s capable of holding her own against a captain-level Shinigami like Hitsugaya. She was even able to hold off a captain and two lieutenant-level Visored together.

She possessed incredible spiritual power and was highly perceptive during combat. Tier was considered to be a master tactician. Her hierro “harden skin” was strong enough to survive Hitsugaya’s attacks without much damage. She also has abilities typical to most Espada like CeroSonido and Descorrer.

When Harribel uses her Resurreccion, she releases her special ability. With her new abilities she is able to manipulate water. Her best water techniques are:

  • Hirviendo – Pointing her blade out, Harribel boils any form of water which comes close to it, including ice, and deflects it around her.
  • La Gota – Harribel can condense large amounts of water around her blade before firing it as a blast which resembles a shark tooth. She can fire multiple blasts in rapid succession with relative ease. The blasts strike with enough force to demolish houses.
  • Cascada – Harribel launches a rushing surge of water at her enemy. The torrent of water is large enough to cover several town blocks.

SourceBleach Wikia

3. Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Juvia is a S-Class Mage from the Fairy Tail Guild. She can produce, control and manipulate water. She has a variety of different ways she can produce water, for example she can produce water blades that are strong enough to slice through rock or metal. She can also turn herself into water, allowing physical and magical attack pass through her without damaging her. Some of her best techniques are:

  • Water Lock – Juvia has the ability to materialize a large circular mass of water, and unlike the Water Dome, it contains no oxygen inside. This spell is used to capture enemies and incapacitate them by suffocation.
  • Sierra – A full body transformation resembling Water Body, used by Juvia in a state of strong agitation or other influencing emotion (e.g. jealousy or rage). Her strong emotions cause her full body transformation to heat up/boil. This is a short ranged attack which displays enormous, unpredictable speed.
  • Water-Make – a form of Molding Magic that lets Juvia create, or at the very least manipulate existing water. The scope of usage is not limited to just pure water, but also to things that contain it in large quantities, such as blood.

SourceFairy-tail wiki

2. Tobirama Senju (Naruto)

Tobirama was considered one of the most powerful shinobi ever. He was considered the “fastest shinobi,” at least during his time. His chakra control was such that he could use difficult techniques with just one hand seal. Like most ninja, Tobirama had a large number of sill sets, from summoning techniques, barrier ninjutsu to the Shadow Clone Technique.

Tobirama was an “adept sensor.” He could “accurately detect the presence and location of targets in the surrounding area. He could even sense persons countries away, identify a target’s ancestry from their chakra signature, and even pinpoint a target’s exact location while blinded,” simply by touching his finger to the ground.

While, he could use all nature transformations he mastered Water Release. He could create large amounts of water without a water source. He could use high level water jutsu at any time. He could shoot high pressure water beams that could slice through his targets, create walls of water and cover an entire battlefield with water. Some of his best techniques were:

  • Flying Thunder God Technique – he could instantly teleport himself and/or other targets to any location marked with his seal. 
  • Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation – which revives the dead into immortal, regenerating bodies.
  • Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags – to take advantage of the revived bodies’ natural advantages, using them in kamikaze-like attacks to create near-infinite chains of explosions on a target. He was said to use it whenever he needed to clear a map.

SourceNaruto Wikia

1. Jinbe (One Piece)

Jinbe was the second captain of the Sun Pirates. A former Shichibukai he possessed massive strength. He is so far the strongest fishman seen in the One Piece series. Despite his large size he move quite fast as well. Jinbe also has impressive endurance, able to take a “baptizing” in boiling water.

He was able to hold his own against Big Mom, he even took a direct sword attack from her. While in water he becomes even more powerful, he an excellent swimmer and he’s able to “suppress” any fear he may have. He has mastered Fish-Man Karate, he’s a great strategists, he can communicate with fish life and has become skilled in Haki. His most powerful abilities are:

  • Fish-Man Karate – According to Jinbe, the secret of Fish-Man Karate is mastery of the water in the user’s direct vicinity, using its power to send powerful waves impacting the water within the opponent’s body. Because every creature has a high percentage of water in their body, the users of Fish-Man Karate are able to battle opponents that are usually highly resistant (if not immune) against blows and punches. 
  • Busoshoku Haki – is a form of Haki that allows the user to use their spirit to create, in essence, an invisible armor around themselves.
  • Buraikan – A secret technique of the Fish-Man Karate. Jinbe concentrates in one hand a large amount of water that he shoots at close range against his opponent. The impact is so strong that the water penetrates the opponent’s body and gets out from the other end. 
  • Gyojin JiujitsuWater Heart – Jinbe plunges into the sea. Using a jujitsu technique (unarmed martial art that originates in the bushi battle methods), Jinbe centralizes in both hands an enormous amount of water, to then transfer it to the surface. 

SourceOne Piece Wiki


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191: Kenjaku the new head of the Kamo Family

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191, Sakurajima Colony, Part 1 begins with a shocking revelation, Kenjaku has taken over the Kamo clan. Noritoshi Kamo rushes home to the Kamo main house in Kyoto to find Shino Kamo. An elderly man of short stature, Shino responds to Noritoshi by asking “how did you get in here?” He seem mentally adrift, assuming someone named “Kurokichi” has created a weak barrier. Noritoshi thinks he’s “joking,” as the current Captain of the guards is someone named Heishichi. Shino believes Noritoshi is attempting to “deceive” him but says that Noritoshi “resembles master Noritoshi.” If you recall Kenjaku took over the body of Noritoshi Kamo from the ancient era.

The ancient Noritoshi Kamo was responsible for conducting the research that resulted in “Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.” A collection of nine special grade cursed objects that are created from the mixture of blood from a cursed spirit and a human. To produce these “death paintings” Noritoshi Kamo forced their mother to get pregnant and have abortions nine times. As a result, each of the Death Painting Wombs appear as “human-like fetuses,” and must be implanted into a “human vessel.” The Nine Death Paintings are: Eso, Kechizu, Choso, Noranso, Sho-oso, Tanso, Sanso, Kotsuso, and Shoso. The first two are dead and the last six haven’t been revealed yet. It’s not clear when Kenjaku took over Noritoshi’s body but Kenjaku is the reason Noritoshi is considered the “evilest jujutsu sorcerer to ever live.”

Kenjaku becomes the 25th Head of the Kamo Clan in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191.
Kenjaku becomes the 25th Head of the Kamo Clan in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 191.

Kenjaku is the 25th Head of the Kamo Clan

Based on Noritoshi reaction he’s offended to hear he looks like his ancestor at all. This is likely the reason he’s changed his appearance. Anyway, the conversation between Shino and Noritoshi is interrupted by Kenjaku. He tells Noritoshi that “Shino is adrift in the world of 150 years ago.” Kenjaku notes that Noritoshi able to deduce that “due to jujutsu terrorism, the sealing of Satoru Gojo, and the culling game,” the “conservative faction” of Jujutsu Head Quarters have become “puppets.” However, Noritoshi is incorrect. While the Kamo Clan had the conservative seat, Kenjaku was the one who took control of it, becoming the 25th family head. I don’t know how Kenjaku can become the head of the Kamo Clan considering he’s not a relative. He tells Noritoshi that there’s “no place” for him and he should leave.

We return to the present where Maki and Noritoshi are watching the sky where a snake like curse spirit is heading towards them. Maki notices that this cursed spirit gives off a “weird feeling.” It barrels towards Maki with such a speed that glass shatters, trees uproots, and houses fling into the air. Noritoshi can’t even see it move. Maki attempts to strike it. The curse moves so fast that see misses despite it being close to her. Suddenly, Naoya Zenin head appears.

He’s become a vengeful curse spirit. When someone’s death is cursed they can become a vengeful cursed spirit and jujutsu sorcerers are more likely to become vengeful cursed spirits. This level of spirit can “manipulate their cursed energy much more naturally than a sorcerer,” and heal their bodies without using the reverse cursed technique, as well as create Domain Expansion. Naoya was a special grade sorcerer while alive he’s likely a special grade vengeful spirit. Maki handled him before, I think she’ll do it again.


My Hero Academia Chapter 359 Review

Dynamight’s Cluster blast fails to harm Tomura. Despite it’s impact, Dynamight is able to successfully avoid damaging the fortress. Tomura is OP. Without any of his Quirks, he’s still able to overcome Dynamight’s attack and hold off 3 of the top 5 heroes, Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, and Mirko. Tomura may have more sheer power than those three but I’m not buying he’s a better fighter than all three together. Obviously, Tomura would need some kind of defense otherwise he get defeated by anyone but Kohei Horikoshi should have come up with something else. A endless tsunami of fingers seems silly.

I got to admit I’m not really invested in this final arc like I should be. The stakes seem inconsistent, there are too many characters to follow, and everyone’s just waiting for Deku to save them. I get that he’s the main character and must defeat Tomura but it feels like My Hero Academia won’t allow Tomura to even get hurt. It’s bad enough he has so many stolen Quirks and a scientifically enhanced body, but Tomura has managed to keep his super strength apparently at “All-Might levels.”

The U.A’s “Flying Fortress,” was a perfect and sophisticated plan that’s been rendered useless. The Big 3, Lemillion, Suneater, and Nejire are preparing to face Tomura together. I hope they can at least challenge him and make this arc interesting. They’ve never fought collectively. It won’t be enough to stop Tomura, but anything must be better than what the heroes are currently doing. I would be surprise if there’s not a major death on the horizon. Tomura’s going to have to stop Phantom Thief and Eraser Head at some point. Will Deku get there in time?


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 190 Review: Maki Zenin invades the Culling Game

The fight between Hajime Kashimo and Kinji Hakari ends with both fighters exhausted and alive. At the end of the last chapter Kashimo used his cursed energy to create an explosion of steam. In order to survive, Hakari makes a “binding vow” sacrificing his left arm. By making this vow he shifted his curse energy to protect the rest of his body. I’ve enjoyed this epic fight but Hakari’s is a broken character and this fight had a number of ass pulls including how he survived the explosion. However, it appears that he might have lost his ability to use his curse technique without his arm.

Out of cursed energy, Hajime Kashimo accepts death, telling Hakari to “kill him.” Hakari refuses because he needs Hajime’s points. He also doesn’t consider himself the winner because Hajime “never used his cursed technique.” Hajime claims that he “can only use his cursed technique once,” and he wants to use it on Sukuna. To this end, he strikes a bargain with Hakari. Another rule is added: Rule 10 – players may transfer a number of points of their choosing to another player. Hakari returns to talk to Charles Bernard and asks to read his manga series. I turns out that he’s a “noob” and hasn’t even published anything yet. Irritated, Hakari begins kicking Charles and tells him to “start drawing.”

Suddenly, Nishimiya arrives. Her arrival acts as a recap, reminding us what the plan is. By adding four new rules, making point transference possible (preventing death), allowing 100 points to be used to “create a substitute” so individuals can escape the culling game, the removal of communication blocks between colonies, and permitting players to leave barriers. With all the fighting I’ve completely lost track of the main narrative, so I found the recap helpful. Anyway, Nishimiya says that they should “postpone,” establishing the third rule.

Maki can pass through barriers now and with the aid of Ui Ui they wouldn’t need the rule anyway. Maki is shown bursting through several cursed spirits while entering the Sakurajima Colony. She’s greeted by Noritoshi Kamo. He’s got a new look and according to him has “fallen from grace,” due to a new head of the Kamo Family, making him (a bastard) unnecessary. So far Jujutsu Kaisen hasn’t explored the Kamo family much save, Noritoshi and Choso, so I’m interested in how that family’s dynamic functions. I’m excited to see Maki fight more, but I expect to get some updates on Yuji, Megumi, and Yuta first.


Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 01

The Compass pointed to the Darkness is the first episode of Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun, the second season opens with a young Vueko looking at the Star Compass while remembering her sexually abusive foster father. He discovered the compass on a burnt ship. There he and his companions witnesses a horrible scene. A “smoldering corpse” and body that was split in two, and an old traumatized man. Through tears the old man tells him the “golden city is inside the giant man-eating pit.” Made in Abyss instantly reminds you of the misery the world holds. Vueko inherited the compass and trains to be a Delver. She joins a Ganja group lead by Wazukyan and becomes one of the Three Sages.

We are introduced to a few more new characters, Belaf another of the Three Sages. He tries to encourage Vueko to be more confident. The following night they endure a storm and find the island where the golden city is located. As they venture forth they encounter people living on the island. Belaf can communicate with them. A old man offers to help them if Vueko gives him the compass. She gives it to him without much fuss. According to the natives the Golden City or “The Capital of the Unreturned,” is real. Once you enter you can never return.

The Cursed Pit

The Ganja’s crew are warned that if the enter the pit they will suffer from it’s “curse.” They ignore the warning a continue. When Vueko enters the Altar of the Absolute Boundary, a elevator that connects the 5th layer to the 6th, the episode switches to the perspective of Riko, Reg, and Nanachi. When Riko rubs her whistle the elevator begins to descend. The pass a massive sea creature and the layer of bones and corpses. The altar lands in the 6th layer, in the ruins of the golden city. The second season appears like it will follow the Ganja group as they travel through the city then transition to Riko and her group. The appears to be a great deal of time between the Ganja’s journey and Riko’s.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 01, Riko and her crew arrive at the 6th layer of the abyss.
Made in Abyss Season 2 Episode 01, Riko and her crew arrive at the 6th layer of the abyss.

If this is accurate then the differences in the groups abilities to adapt to the dangers of the 6th layer will be compared. Riko’s group likely has more advanced knowledge of the world and will be more prepared. Considering the size of Ganja’s group I fully expect most of their crew to meet terrible deaths. However, in this series death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to you. I wonder what horrors Made in Abyss has in store for us and the two crews. If the first season was any indication even our main characters aren’t safe from the consequences while exploring the Abyss.