Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 3: Hidden Inventory Part 3

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 3, “Hidden Inventory Part 3,” is the episode I think JJK fans have been waiting for. Satoru Gojo has been the untouchable, unbeatable powerhouse from this series beginning. Witnessing him being bested by any one would be a joy to watch. Toji Fushiguro has become a stand out character in part due to his abilities, his personality, and for some his looks. Regardless, these two going head to head was highly anticipated and it didn’t disappoint. In order to protect Riko and Kuroi, Gojo had to keep Infinity active for three days, exhausting himself.

Feeling a since of safety after arriving at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Gojo lets his guard down and is pierced through the torso by a katana wielding Toji. Riko, Kuroi, and Suguru are understandable shocked. Gojo pushes Toji back, while, Geto summons his giant worm. Satoru acts as if nothing wrong and tells Geto to escort Riko to Tengen. Geto, Riko, and Kuroi leave Gojo to face Toji, who slices through the worm. He reveals to Gojo that he used the bounty hunters to weaken him so that he had a chance.

Gojo vs Toji

The fight begins in earnest. Satoru sends Toji flying using Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue, however, Toji’s speed is too fast. Gojo realizes that Toji doesn’t have cursed energy and cannot be detected. Toji zips through the forest, Gojo tries to detect him using the cursed spirit on Toji’s back. Gojo uses Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Blue creating a giant crater, preventing Toji from hiding. Suddenly, a swarm of Fly Heads appear and surround Goji blocking his view. Using his speed Toji appears behind him.

Armed with a special grade cursed tool: Inverted Spear of Heaven, that stops any cursed technique. With it Toji pierces through Gojo’s Limitless and stabs Gojo through the neck. Toji brutally slices through Gojo’s chest, then proceeds to stab Gojo in rapid succession then uses a second knife to stab him in the forehead. Toji leaves Gojo in a pool of his blood. Obviously, we know that Gojo doesn’t die but to see him outclassed like this was impressive. Jujutsu Kaisen has a number of characters that might be considered “broken,” Gojo, Toji, Kenjaku, Itadori, Yuta, and Maki are among them. However, when they face each other they must use strategy. Gojo is still the top but with enough skill he can be bested.

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