Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 2: Hidden Inventory Part 2

In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 episode 2: Hidden Inventory Part 2, Toji and Shiu Kong discuss his plans for dealing with Gojo. Toji knows that he won’t stand a chance against Gojo head to head. Instead he’ll “wear him down,” but he doesn’t elaborate. Before he leaves, Shiu Kong asks Toji how’s Megumi’s doing? Toji responds “who’s that?” Back at the hotel Gojo and Geto discuss what they should do with Riko. However, she decides to return to school and since Tengen wants Gojo and Geto to fulfill all her wishes, they have no choice but to let her go.

When she fuses with Tengen, Riko will loose contact with her friends. Basically, Tengen wants them to act as if this is the last day of her life. While Riko appears to have prepared herself for this fate, it does feel like she going to die regardless of what she tells everyone. Suddenly, two of Geto’s surveillance curses are exorcised, alerting him to danger. He tells Gojo to rush to Riko’s side and rushes off. Elsewhere, Toji eats at a restaurant, having put a bounty of 30 million on Riko’s head.

Geto and Gojo verses the bounty hunters

The rest of the episode is a showcase of Geto’s and Gojo’s superior curse techniques. Suguru encounters an elderly curse user that can summon simple shikigami. The old man assumes that Geto is like most shinigami users and is afraid of “close combat.” While he’s formulating a plan, Suguru summons a giant worm-like curse that fills the hallway, preventing the old man from dodging. However, the old sorcerer escapes through the window and crashes through the window behind Geto.

Suddenly, the old man has a flashback to his youth, as Geto pummels him with hand to hand combat in the present. Meanwhile, Gojo has Riko and they encounter a Bag-Mask curse user that can clone himself up to 5 duplicates. Gojo uses Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue to force two of the clones to crash into one another. Two more attack but are stopped by infinity. Satoru is able to easily defeat the Bag-Masked cursed user. Unfortunately, Riko is safe but her friend Misato has been captured.

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