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Top 10 Strongest Elderly Anime Characters

For the Top 10 Strongest Elderly Anime Characters lists, I’m limiting the number of characters from each series to one, for the sake of series diversity. Also my definition of elderly is age and appearance. Old characters like Alucard from Hellsing don’t qualify.

10 – Gran Torino

Series: My Hero Academia

Age: Unknown

Gran Torino also known as Sorahiko Torino is an elderly retired Pro hero and a mentor to Toshinori Yagi (All Might) and Izuku Midoriya (Deku). Despite his retirement he continues to aid the Police Force in fighting the League of Villains. When Torino was younger he was handsome and tall, however he got shorter as he aged.

Despite his age, Gran Torino remains a powerful hero. He was born with the Quirk, Jet. This Quirk allows him to increase his speed with the jet’s that shoot air from his feet. Along with speed he gains immense kicking power. However, Torino’s speed has limits. He cannot propel himself to far in the air without running out of air. Gran Torino has shown super strength, having once struck All Might so hard he vomited. Even with his advanced age he could handle a low-tier Nomu alone.

Best Battle Moment:

Hospital Raid Team & Trainees vs. Tomura Shigaraki

9 – Naobito Zenin

Series: Jujutsu Kaisen

Age: 71

Naobito Zenin is the 26th head of the Zenin Family, father of Naoya Zenin. He’s a supporting character and special grade 1 jujutsu sorcerer. He refuses to recognize Maki and Mai because they weren’t born with cursed energy. Naobito is arrogant alcoholic with sexist views. He decided to take a nap during the Shibuya Incident, rather than fight transfigured humans with Maki.

Like all special grade 1 sorcerers, Naobito has amazing abilities. Between Nanami, Maki, and himself, Naobito was the only one who could damage Dagon. He’s a master of hand to hand combat, able to engage in close quarters combat with opponents. Naobito can attack with quick and powerful kicks and punches. He also has a keen tactical intellect. AS the head of the Zenin family, Naobito has a massive amount of cursed energy. His inherited technique, Projection sorcery allows him to “divide one second into twenty-four frames and trace a predetermined set of movements to execute in that second.”

Best Battle Moment:

Jujutsu Sorcerers vs. Dagon

8 – Bang

Series: One Punch Man

Age: 81

Bang or Silver Fang is a profession hero and martial artists. He is the 3rd highest ranked S-Class hero and is one of the strongest overall heroes. Besides his brother, Bomb, Bang is one of the two “greatest masters of the martial arts.” Bang is normally calm and believes heroes should practice good ethics. Bang is always searching for new disciples to succeed him. He has set his sights on recruiting Saitama and Genos.

Bang is considered to be an exceptional fighter even among S-Class heroes. Garou has stated that “Demon-level beings like Bug God and Royal Ripper are nothing compared to his former master.” Despite being past his prime he’s still considered to be the greatest martial artists and the one of the physically strongest heroes. Bang has immense strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, and endurance.

Best Battle Moment:

Garou vs. Bang and Bomb

7 – Yoshimura

Series: Tokyo Ghoul

Age: Unknown

Yoshimura is an SSS-rated ghoul and manager of the Anteiku café. He aids ghoul that can’t or won’t hunt and kill humans. He takes in Ken Kaneki and teaches him to live as a ghoul. His ghoul masks covers half his face. Despite his reputation, Yoshimura is kind and generous. He views humans and ghouls as equals.

As a ghoul, Yoshimura has an ukaku kagune and a kakuja obtained from cannibalization. His Ukaku Kakuja specialize in avoiding the limits of traditional Kakuja, sharpening into large scimitar blades. Yoshimura is able to “parry incoming attacks, and strike back synchronously,” and it’s almost “impossible” to escape his reach. He also has superhuman speed, regeneration, durability, and a high pain tolerance.

Best Battle Moment:

Owl Suppression Operation

6 – Genkai

Series: Yu Yu Hakusho

Age: Over 70

The only woman on the lists, Genkai is the master of Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara. Genkai put her mind and body through training, learning to create and control her spirit wave orb. She’s pragmatic, which often comes across as being cold. Genkai’s personality is what helped her achieve her power. She isn’t without compassion however. During the Dark Tournament, she used her spiritual powers to free enslaved humans under mind control.

Genkai is one of the most powerful characters of Yu Yu Hakusho. Her age cost her some of her power but her experience remains. She substitutes her loss of strength with her tactical skills. Her eventual killer, Toguro, praised her claiming “all tactics are useless against her.” Her spirit wave uses the “body as a center for spirit energy.” This makes the human body a weapon and one could return to the time when they were the strongest. According to Genkai, the Spirit Wave grants users the ability to “healing wounds, purification, and even unleashing a massive blast of Spirit Energy powerful enough to blast apart mountains.”

Best Battle Moment:

Genkai vs Shishiwakamaru

5 – Kaiou Kaku

Series: Baki

Age: 146

Kaiou Kaku is the greatest Supreme Grandmaster of Chinese Kenpo and the captain of the Chinese Team representing China in the Raitai Tournament. Kaku is considered “ruthless” and prideful in Chinese Martial Arts. When the Chinese fighters in the Raitai underperform, he slices off the hands of three Chinese Association elders. To gain his strength he “abandoned all joys of life.”

Kaku is the strongest of all Kaiou, except Yuujiro. After training for over a century there’s very little he doesn’t know about martial arts. He’s capable of slicing off limbs with a chop of his hands. Despite his age, Kaku has profound durability and stamina. His primary technique is called Shaorii. This technique produces hypoesthesia: “which allows Kaku Kaiou to absorb the whole body weight of his attacker.”

Best Battle Moment:

Kaiou Kaku vs Yuujiro Hanma

4 – Hiruzen Sarutobi

Series: Naruto

Age: 69

The Third Hokage, Sarutobi was called the “God of Shinobi.” The student of the previous Hokage, Sarutobi would go on to train the Three Sannin. Hiruzen was among the first generation of ninja produced in Konoha. Early in his training, Sarutobi was clearly a genius. He viewed all the people of Konoha as members of a family. Sarutobi was a pacifist and while some saw him as weak, he did permit Danzo to create a black-op Anbu force.

Sarutobi became Hokage at a young age and was the most powerful ninja from his generation. Like many on this list, his skills deteriorated with old age. However, he was still able to handle Oorochimaru and reincarnated version of the First and Second Hokage before dying. Oorochimaru suggested that ” had Hiruzen been ten years younger, he would’ve won.”

Best Battle Moment:

Third Hokage verses Oorochimaru

3 – Genryusai Yamamoto

Series: Bleach

Age: 2100 +

Captain-Commander Yamamoto was the captain of the 1st Division and the commander of the Gotei 13. Yamamoto values the rules and laws of Soul Society and expect that others need to do the same. He is intolerant of insubordination and is quickly angered by betrayal. His loyalty to Soul Society is such that he’s willing to die and risk the lives of others to protect it. Despite his sternness, he can have compassion for others even enemies. He was saddened to have to kill Wonderweiss Margela due to his childish demeaner.

A 1000 years ago Yamamoto considered himself a “monster” having caused Soul Society’s instability. He was willing to use any means to defeat his enemies. Yamamoto is the considered the most powerful swordsman in Soul Society. He was able to fight two other captains, Shunsui Kyoraku and Jushiro Ukitake, at the same time without injury. Yamamoto is a Master Swordsman, Hakuda Master, Master Strategist, and Tactician. His Zanpakuto, Ryujin Jakka, is the “greatest offensive power than all other Zanpakutō in Soul Society.”

Best Battle Moment:

Yamamoto vs Yhwach

2 – Isaac Netero

Series: Hunter X Hunter

Age: 110

Isaac Netero is the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association and the Head of the Exam Commission. Netero was playful and occasionally absentminded. Biscuit Krueger called Netero a “twisted individual”, sometimes giving hunters “impossible” tasks. He dedicated his life to martial arts and prayer. His goal in life was to “find a worthy adversary against whom he could fight with his all.”

Morel claims “if Netero cannot defeat an opponent, then no one in the entire Hunter Association can.” Netero is capable of unleashes punches as fast as the speed of sound. His speed is considered to be greater than any other character in Hunter X Hunter. By “clasping his hands,” Netero can strike his opponents with one of his Guanyin’s hands. The whole movement takes 0.1 seconds. Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva is his most powerful Nen ability. A single strike from bodhisattva is capable of sending Neferpitou a great distance without her being able to react. His 100-Type Guanyin also has a great deal of variety. Netero was considered to be “the world’s most powerful Nen user.”

Best Battle Moment:

Isaac vs. Meruem

1 – Whitebeard

Series: One Piece

Age: 72

Edward Newgate also known as Whitebeard. He was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and until his death was considered the “Strongest Man in the World.” He was an orphan and later a member of the infamous Rocks Pirates. Whitebeard would become known as one of the Four Emperors that ruled the seas. Whitebeard was so strong that he had the highest bounty of a living pirate and the second highest bounty of any pirate.

Whitebeards strength was greater than a giants. During the Summit War of Marineford, Whitebeard was able to “block a two-handed downward swing from the giant Vice Admiral John Giant with only one hand on his naginata.” He could move at incredible speeds, jump high enough to reach giants, and had tremendous pain tolerance. During the war he sustained a number of life threating injuries and continued to fight.

This doesn’t include what he could do with his devil fruit ability, Gura Gura no Mi. With it, Whitebeard could generate quakes and shockwaves. His devil fruit was considered to be the strongest in the Paramecia class. Sengoku suggested Whitebeard had the power to “destroy the world.” Whitebeard could use his power to “to shake, rupture, and tilt the landscape itself,” causing massive earthquakes and even tsunamis.

Top 10

Top 10 Most popular manga based on MAL

10. Fairy Tail

Manga vols. 63

Aug 2006 – Jul 2017

MAL Score: 7.67

Fairy Tail is a manga and anime series created by Hiro Mashima. Published in Shounen Magazine in 2006, the series released 549 chapters before ending in 2017. Fairy Tail focuses on Natsu Dragneel, a fire mage, as he searches for his dragon foster father, Igneel, with his guild. 

09. My Hero Academia

Manga vols. 28 (Current)

Jul 2014 –

MAL Score: 8.37

MHA has been published in English by VIZ Media under the Shonen Jump imprint. My Hero Academia is still publishing, having just finished its 291st chapter. In MHA the majority of the population has special abilities called “Quirks.” Most go on to become heroes, while, many become villains. The main protagonist Izuku Midoriya (Deku) is one of the few born without a Quirk. However, his life changes when he meets his idol, All Might. He inherits All Might’s Quirk and joins an academy for potential superheroes. 

08. Bleach

Manga vols. 74

Aug 2001 – Aug 2016

MAL Score: 7.66

Bleach was once considered one of the “big 3” manga series along with One Piece and Naruto. Having sold more than 90 million copies it’s one of the most successful manga series of all time. Bleach follows Ichigo as he invades Soul Society to rescue his friend Rukia from execution. 

07. Death Note

Manga vols. 12

Dec 2003 – May 2006

MAL Score: 8.73

Light Yagami is a brilliant high school student that finds a notebook called the “Death Note.” Inside the book, reads the message: “those whose names are written in it shall die.” Light tests this message and when he learns that it works he embarks on a killing spree under the name “Kira.” However, the mastermind detective “L” and the police aim to track him down. 

06. One Punch-Man

Manga vols. 22 (Current)

Jun 2012 –

MAL Score: 8.75

Saitama is an “ordinary” hero that trained for three years, gaining so much strength that he can defeat most enemies with one punch. However, he becomes bored with the ease with which he defeats the villains. He joins the Hero Association along with his pupil, Genos. They quickly rise up the ranks of the association. 

05. Tokyo Ghoul

Manga vols. 14

Sep 2011 – Sep 2014

MAL Score: 8.54

Ghouls are beings that feed on the human race. In response, the Commission of Counter Ghoul organization has been established. The CCG hopes to exterminate the monsters but they can blend into society posing as humans. Ken Kaneki becomes part Ghoul after he’s attacked by one on a date. As he makes peace with his transformation he finds himself at the center of the war between the Ghouls and CCG. 

04. Naruto

Manga vols. 72

Sep 1999 – Nov 2014

MAL Score: 8.07

Naruto is one of the greatest manga series ever created. Created by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto has sold over 220 million copies, ranking fourth all-time. Naruto Uzumaki is an orphan ninja from Konoha. He dreams of becoming Hokage (the best ninja in the village). Having been shunned by the village, Naruto originally becomes a mischievous troublemaker. Over the series, Naruto becomes the ninja he hopes to become, gaining the love and admiration of the village that once hated him. 

03. Berserk

Manga vols. 40 (Current)

Aug 1989 – 

MAL Score: 9.34

Guts is a former mercenary seeking vengeance after being betrayed by a former friend. Guts had a terrible childhood and set out on a mission that is filled with horrors and misfortune. Guts battles monstrous demons, cutting them down with his massive sword. Berserk is a harsh series that’s not for the faint of heart. 

02. One Piece

Manga vols. 97 (Current)

Jul 1997 – 

MAL Score: 9.09

The last of the “Big 3,” One Piece is considered by many to be the greatest manga series of all time. As of 2017, One Piece is the highest selling manga series with over 430 million copies sold. Gol D. Roger is about to be executed by the World Government before they kill him he confirms that a treasure called “One Piece,” exists somewhere on the Grand Line. This act inspires a new generation of Pirates. One such pirate is Monkey D. Luffy, who aims to get a crew, sail the seas searching for the One Piece, and becoming Pirate King in the process. 

01. Attack on Titan

Manga vols. 32 (Current)

Sep 2009 – 

MAL Score: 8.64

Hundreds of years ago humanity was attacked by massive creatures called Titans. These “Titans” eat humans whenever they can. Unable to combat the new threat humanity sought safety behind massive walls. Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert grow up in this new environment. However, what was once a peaceful life becomes a horror when a Titan burst through one of the walls. After losing his mother, Eren promises to eradicate the Titans from Earth. 

Source: MAL


Top Five Downer Endings in Anime & Manga

Most fans of anime and manga expect a happy ending. The big bad gets defeated and most if not all of our heroes survive. However, ever once in a while, an anime and manga series will shock us with a downer ending. Of course, many of these series generally have dark tones so those endings shouldn’t be shocking. However, most of us are trained to expect a good ending no matter what. A downer ending ranges from sad to tragic. So what are my top 5 favorite downer endings?

5. Lust contemplates her existence (Fullmetal Alchemist)

In episode 35 of Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 series), ‘Reunion of the Fallen,’ Lust begins to question her existence. Where does she come from and what would happen to her when she dies? She sees a man from her past, Lujon. She taught him alchemy to save his village from a mysterious disease. Turns out that the disease was created by Envy. The Homunculi hope that by giving Lujon a fake philosopher’s stone he will search and make a real one for them to steal. When Lujon admits that he loves Lust, she kills him considering him “worthless.” Without his stone, the villagers all die from the disease and Lujon’s wife dies in his arms.

4. Tokyo Ghouls tragic ending

The Anteiku staff are destroyed by the CCG. Touka and Nishiki are forced to abandon their loved ones. Yoshimura is captured by his daughter Eto and will be used as a “donor” for Dr. Kanou’s experiments. Juuzou and Kuroiwa are maimed, Shinohara is left brain dead. Hide goes missing, Kaneki, Amon, Takizawa, Koma, and Irimi are assumed dead. Tsukiyama is comatose. Kaneki is betrayed by two of his allies, Uta and Itori, who take pleasure in Kaneki’s demise.

3. Battle Royale Continues

Battle Royale takes place in a fascist alternate-timeline Japan. The government random chooses high school classes and sends them to a isolated island. Armed with weapons, and under the treat of death they are forced to kill each other until only one remains. This is called “the Program.”After all the death and mayhem, Shuya and Noriko survive. They escape to America, but all of there friends are dead. They are haunted by memories of the battle royale and their relationship become strained. Finally, despite the failure of this edition of the program, the system remains intact. Meaning that future high school students will continue to go through the program.

2. In Devilman Crybaby humanity becomes extinct

The 2018 adaptation of Devilman by Go Nagai, follows Akira Fudo. He becomes a “devilman,” after he makes the demon Amon’s power his own. With this new power, Akira hopes to protect humanity and his love ones. He fails though. He loses everything. His girlfriend Miki is murdered and brutally dismembered by a mob. His best friend turns out to be Satan (Ryo). Akira is killed. Then God destroys Earth. The entire series is dark, but you did think Akira would win at the end.

1. Griffith becomes Femto (Berserk)

In the Berserk, Griffith betrays his Band of the Hawk and Guts. After a year of torture he’s rescued by Guts. Using the Crimson Behelit he summons the Godhand. Transporting everyone to Hell. Griffith sacrifices the Hawks. Guts and Casca remain. As she is attacked by demon Guts tries to save her, but his arm gets caught in a demon teeth. Reborn as the demon Femto, Griffith sexual assaults Casca in front of Guts. Who then cuts off his own arm to try to save Casca. However, he’s dog-piled by more demons, that claw his right eye out. The anime ends here, while the manga continues. Berserk has one of the most depressing endings.

Do you have any anime or manga endings you think belong on this list?

Top 5 Story-Breaker Powers in Anime or Manga

Lists · Top 20

Top 20 Anime from the 2010’s (Part 1)

I intended to keep this list short at ten, however, I just couldn’t leave out the many top anime from 2010-2019. If the late 80’s and 90’s are known as the greatest era of anime, the 2010’s should be known as the most prolific. With that said, let’s get to the list.

20. Dororo (2019)

Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru clash

Studio: MAPPA | MAL: 8.23 | Genre: Samurai, Historical

Dororo would rank higher if it wasn’t for the dramatic dip in animation quality throughout the series. However, despite that, Dororo remains one of the best anime of the decade. The series focuses on the orphan girl, Dororo and the samurai she befriends Hyakkimaru. The child of the power hungry Lord Daigo Kagemitsu, Hyakkimaru body sacrificed to demons. Born with no limbs, nose, eyes, ears or skin, Hyakkimaru is saved by a doctor. Armed with prosthetic limbs with weapons embedded within them, Dororo and Hyakkimaru, aim to defeat demon to restores his body. Dororo explores whether the sacrifice of the few is ever acceptable if it benefits the many.

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19. SSSS.Gridman (2018)

Yuta and the Girdman Alliance
Yuta and the Girdman Alliance

Studio: Trigger | MAL: 7.31 | Genre: Mecha

After the disappointing Darling in the Franxx, I was surprised with SSSS.Gridman. Based on Denkou Choujin Gridman (1993), Gridman follows Yuta Hibiki. A high school freshman who wakes up in the home of his classmate Rikka Takarada. With no memory, Yuta hears a mysterious figure calling to him from an old computer. He’s the only one that can see and hear he figure and the giant Kaiju’s outside. Yuta starts to wonder if he’s going insane. Tasked with the mission giving to him, he merges with Gridman to fight against the Kaiju. SSSS.Gridman is a series with gorgeous animation, an intriguing story and several complex characters. One day I’ll give Darling in the Franxx a second look, but right now of the two SSSS.Gridman is the superior series.

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18. Tokyo Ghoul (2014)

Ken Kaneki after his surgery

Studio: Pierrot | MAL: 7.93 | Genre: Horror

I rarely watch horror anime, but I heard so much about Tokyo Ghoul I had to give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed. Based on the best-selling manga of the same name, Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken Kaneki as he is forced into the world of ghouls by Rize Kamishiro. Set in an alternate world where ghouls (humanoid beings that eat human flesh) live in secrecy. Half-ghouls can be born or created artificially. They’re usually stronger than pure blooded ghouls. After experimental surgery, Kaneki becomes a hybrid of a ghoul and human. He’s taken in by ghouls that manage the coffee shop “Anteiku”. He must struggle to find out where he fits in a world when the societies of the ghouls and humanity are in conflict.

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17. Devilman Crybaby (2018)

Devilman Crybaby, Netflix

Studio: Science SARU | MAL: 7.94 | Genre: Supernatural

If somewhat graphic sex, ultra violence and gore are off putting to you then Devilman Crybaby isn’t for you. However, if you want an anime series that will push your boundaries, Devilman is your best choice. The sensitive Akira Fudou is asked by childhood friend Ryou Asuka to aid him with uncovering devils. To Akira’s shock, Ryou takes him to a Sabbath, a party full of debauchery. During the party, demons possess the party goers including Akira. Merged with the devil Amon, Akira becomes the Devilman.

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16. Inuyashiki (2017)

Ichiro Inuyashiki becomes an electromechanical cyborg

Studio: MAPPA | MAL: 7.79 | Genre: Sci-Fi

Generally anime focuses on teenagers as the main protagonists. Inuyashiki takes a departure from this trope focusing on a 58 year old protagonists. Personally, I think that Inuyashiki looks more like an 80 year old. Regardless, he’s going through a tough time. His family doesn’t appreciate him (they seem to hate him), he has back problems and to top things off he learns that he has stomach cancer. With three months left to live, Inuyashiki becomes distraught. While standing in a nearby field he is transformed into a cyborg by mysterious extraterrestrials. Saved from his death sentence, Inuyashiki finds purpose in being a hero, rescuing citizens from the psychopathic Hiro.

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Tokyo Ghoul Root A

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 1 -4Episode 01

Faith (Shin Kou)

The world attacks and kills each other. We each try to justify ourselves by saying it’s only right. But there is no reason that allows one to kill somebody. The act of taking a life amounts to… evil.


I’m clearly failing as a blogger and an Otaku, having NO idea that the second season of Tokyo Ghoul was out. The second season of Tokyo Ghoul, is dubbed “Tokyo Ghoul Root A“. Apparently, it’s an “anime-only story created and approved by the original manga author (Ishida Sui)”. The episode begins with Hideyoshi riding his bike toward Aogiri’s home base. Meanwhile, Owl faces off against the Ghoul Investigators. Yukinori orders Amon to stay out of the fight, yet he refuses. They use new Quinque, the Arata prototypes.

Toka fights against Ayato and he dominates her, and violently bits off her Kagune. In the battle against Owl, Iwao and Yukinori attempt to use new armor.They state that the armor “is incredible since the gear they had ten years ago would have cost their lives“. Shu repeatedly stabs Noro, then Uta stabs him with his hands holding him in place as Renji kicks off the top of his torso. However, none of their attacks appear to have much effect. Noro leaves as he receives a message on his mobile device, ignoring Renji, Shu and Uta.

Tokyo Ghoul Ep 1 -3While fighting Owl, Yukinori and Iwao push their prototypes, using hidden abilities. The Arata Prototypes begin digging into their flesh, devouring their bodies in exchange for more power. Meanwhile, the fight between Ayato and Toka appears over until Toka calls for her father. Enraged, Ayato attempts to kill her but Kaneki saves her. He begins to face off against Ayato, Kaneki easily bests Ayato in close combat. Noro grabs Ayato, and flees. The aftermath of the battle has resulted in hundreds of casualties from both sides. Kaneki tells Toka he’s joining Aogiri, the episode ends with Kaneki leaving with Aogiri.

The series picks up right after the previously, literally. The problem with this is that a new viewer would be lost without some sort of primer. The fight between Owl and the CCG wasn’t particularly interesting, save the use of the new Arata prototypes. How much power can they gain using them and at what point do they become indistinguishable from the Ghouls they hunt. Noro is an interesting character,his healing ability appears impossible to defeat though I don’t think it will remain that way.

TG1The big dramatic change in this story (compared to the manga), is that Kaneki joins Aogiri. I find Kaneki’s psychological change a little too dramatic. It remains to be scene why he did this, maybe there’s more to his decision. Personally, I prefer the animation from season one. I haven’t been reading the manga (I probably should start), but I’ve been reading that this season of Tokyo Ghoul is missing a lot of the details that the manga provided. Overall, this episode was missing some important details but I give it a few more episodes to provide them.

Other Reviews (Spoilers):


Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul JasonEpisode 11

High Spirits

Jason tortures Ken as his friends find away to free him. Meanwhile, the Dove’s mobilize over one thousand troops to protect the citizens. Mr.Banjo tells Ken to “hang in there” as he wait for an opening to save him. We get some back story on Jason. He was arrested by CCG and subjected to the same torture he’s inflicting on Ken. During his torture he created an alternate personality to protect himself.

DerrtThe CCG and Anteiku face of in a gun battle, as Toka and the other infiltrate their headquarters. The CCG seem to be holding their own, but they are no match for the stronger ghouls. Mr. Amon faces the “Bin Brothers” as Shu, Renji and Uta face an unknown ghoul. Mr. Amon defeats the two S class Bin Brothers as Toka faces Ayato.

124556The CCG continue to advance taking over the Anteiku headquarters. While, on the roof they see the “one eyed owl”. This episode was amazing as always. I really liked the fact that the CCG wasn’t just easily slaughtered by the Anteiku. At the beginning of the series I though that the CCG wouldn’t stand a chance against the Ghouls. They’re still at a disadvantage but they can at least challenge them.

5566Episode 12


Ken still is being tortured by Jason. He “dreams” of Miss Rize and learns to except his ghoul side. As Jason tortures him he tells him that he was an experiment. Ken has a series of flashbacks that help him accept himself. Eventually Jason gives Ken a choice to choose which one his “saviors” he should kill first.

9uuuKen doesn’t want to be responsible for choosing which one lives or dies. He offers himself but Jason kills Haru anyway, then he kills her boyfriend. This is the finally straw as Ken finally attacks Jason. Ken’s hair changes to white he dominates Jason, who can’t manage to hurt him. Ken pins Jason down and apparently eats him.

KenI couldn’t love this episode more, nothing was tied up and I don’t even care. Ken’s transformation was great, I was surprise that his hair color changed (though that doesn’t really matter). His brutal treatment of Jason was much deserved. It appears Ken will be using enemy ghouls as a food source for now on. This episode left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see the next episode.


Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 9


Tokyo9.1Amon remembers being assigned to control division one and how he become partners with Mr. Mado. They first investigate a elderly ghoul named “Applehead”. Amon finds Mr. Mado to be rather strange and questions his methods. Together they question the old woman and Mr. Mado concludes that she ‘couldn’t possibly be a ghoul”. Amon becomes annoyed by Mr. Mado’s investigation style and storms off.

While walking away he sees the old woman walking across the street and helps her. As they walk down a dark alley Amon notices blood leaking out of her luggage, and she attacks. Mr. Mado quickly kills her, we flash forward to the present 49 days after Mr.Mado’s death. Meanwhile, a news report says that crime is increasing in the 11th Ward. We learn that Hinami moves in with Touka, and recovers from her parents death.

Tokyo9Ken discusses Rize “overtaking” him with Miss Itori. She reveals that much isn’t known about Rize, as she “just showed up” one day. She suggests that he go looking for information in the 11th Ward, he considers doing so the following day. While walking home Ken is picked pocketed by a odd person singing. While at work Hide and Ken are discussing his being rob when the conversation turns to Hide’s assumption that there’s a “ghoul organization” in the 20th ward.

He believes that due to “remarkably fewer predatory cases”, he assumed that ghouls were working together. He shifts the conversation to the book he’s reading and leaves. Meanwhile, we are introduced to two new investigators Mr.Hoji and 2nd Grade Takizawa Seido. They will be over seeing the 20th division, while Amon will go to the 11th. Touka wonders where the family of the bird and Mr. Mado are. She flashes back to her family, her younger brother and her father.

Tolyo9.2Hide is sitting drinking when he over hears the “Jason” talking about Rize, and the 20th ward is invaded by ghouls looking for her. I liked this episode (what else is new), I enjoyed that they skipped the personal turmoil that both Amon and Hinami, but still acknowledged it. A lot of new characters were introduced (although I think the new investigators are going to be slaughtered). I assumed that Touka’s brother had died but the fact that he’s still alive will be interesting for the emotional Touka.





Episode 10


Tokyo10.1The branch of control is being attacked by a “band of ghouls”, called Aogiri Tree. Mr. Yomo states that the leader of the Aogiri Tree is the “one eyed king”. Meanwhile, at the coffee shop several ghouls arrive looking for Mr. Yoshimura. Their leader asks about Rize and reveals himself to be Banjou Kazuichi from the 11th Ward. He smells the scent of Rize on Ken, and assumes that they are together.

The investigators gather to discuss the attack on the 11th Ward district’s control, no survivors were left. Back at the coffee house Banjou asks what happened to Rize and Ken lies and tell him “shes gone”. Banjou tells Ken “if he sees her again, to tell her to run”. He explains that Aogiri Tree, took over the 11th ward. He is interrupted by Ayato, Touka’s brother.

Tokyo10.4Meanwhile, at the Doves headquarters they prepare for war between ghouls and Humans. During the brief they are interrupted by the strange theft from the previous episode. The theft is introduced as “Shinohara-san’s protege, Suzuya Juuzou”. He apologizes for her lateness, Yamori decides to kidnap Ken and Touka attempts to stop him. He brother interferes and she is defeated easily.

Yamori brutally abuses Ken as Banjou watches helplessly, eventually he interferes saving Ken’s life. Mr. Yoshimura  finds his coffee shop destroyed and with Ken kidnapped and decides to close up shop. Amon chooses one of Mado’s “effects”, Hide is clearly investigating ghouls himself. Everyone gathers at the coffee shop, Mr. Yoshimura states that they will likely never “see Kaneki again”.

Tokyo10.5He states that he was always going to rescue Ken, and that they all must risk their lives to save him. Just as he finishes Shu arrives to help. This episode got me excited for whats to come. I’m eager to see if Mr. Yoshimura will fight, and if he does how strong he is. I wonder how Banjou will react once its revealed that Rize is dead and Ken has he organs. The new investigator (which I thought was a girl), is clearly crazy which should make him a fun character. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Toyko 10.6


Tokyo Ghoul

tkg7Episode 7


The censorship is ruining this great series. I’m hoping they release it on blue ray unedited because it getting to be too much.

We start with Hinami’s mother being killed by Mado of the Doves organization. Ken only manages to prevent Hinami from witnessing her mother gruesome murder. Touka is told the news the following day, and isn’t pleased when she is told not to attack the doves. Ken is saddened by his inability to succeed in aiding Hinami’s mother.

bnjlTouka stalks and kills on of two of the Dove inspectors. Mr. Amon and Mr. Mado manage to save the other and attack Touka. She is wearing a mask to conceal her identity and Mado taunt’s her about killing Hinami’s mother, calling her “weak “. Touka takes the bait and attacks him head on. He “reviews” the differences between “types” of ghouls, noting that Touka has high speed but low stamina.

Mado asks Touka for Hinami’s location and she retreats not without being hurt. Ken offers to help she takes him to get a mask. This series plays with your emotions and allegiances. While I never sided with the Doves I did at least feel sorry for the two lower lever inspectors.


hhjEpisode 8


Mr. Mado prepares for a confrontation with Touka and Hinami, using “pieces” of Hinami’s mother to draw Hinami out of hiding.  Hinami finds the bag with her mother in it and screams. Hinami cry’s in Touka’s arms before Mr.Mado appears. Ken simultaneously battles Amon.Mr. Mado uses his weapon on Touka but it gets caught and she’s able to hurt him.

Meanwhile, Ken is having a hard time fighting Amon. Amon and Touka both wonder why their friends had to be killed. Mr. Mado releases Hinami’s mother’s Kagune hurting Touka with them. Ken realizes that he is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between humans and ghoul. Mr.Mado taunts Hinami about killing her parents, as Ken allows Amon to attack him without defending himself.

hhjjjjjHe aims to “break the chain of grief”, Ken decides to bites Amon and use his kagune. Ken begins to lose control and he begs Amon to run. Meanwhile, Mr. Mado aims to finish Hinami and Touka when she releases her kagune. Together they both defeat and kill Mado, he references the “one eyed ghoul”. Touka removes the glove of Mr. Mado and is shocked to see a ring on his finger. Amon finds Mr.Mado and is devastated.

The mirrored feelings of Amon and Touka is telling of the entire series. Both sides have similar or the same view of each other but fail to see the common ground. Ken felt that he could help but failed to sway Amon until he ironically gave up and decided to fight him. In telling Amon to run away he at least created doubt in Amon’s mind, but all that may be for nothing due Mr. Mado’s death.



Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 5


G1Ken has a nightmare about the events of the previous episode, he awakes in a cold sweat. The next day he’s working in the coffee shop, Mr.Yoshimura tells him that Kaya will take over and he should see Toka. Toka “sickness” is due to her friend feeding her human food at school the previous day. Hinami is with her and she makes coffee while Ken help Hinami with her reading.

Toka’s friend Yoriko knocks on the door. She is concerned about her and made her something to eat. She see’s Ken and jumps to a conclusion, becoming angry. Toka eats the food even though it will make her sick. Meanwhile, Shu is still obsessed with eating Ken. He figures out a way to accomplish this though its not entirely clear how.

G2While Ken is walking home he hears a commotion and spots Nishiki Nishio being beaten in an alley. He interrupts them and they tell him to basically get lost as they are going to “cannibalize” him. One of them attacks Ken, who effortless defeats them off screen. He returns Nishiki to his home where his girlfriend clearly aware of the fact that he’s a ghoul is waiting.

Ken asks his girlfriend why she’s with him knowing he kills humans. She says “as long as her doesn’t kill her parents or friends, she turns a blind eye”. She then asks Ken “what she can do to help Nishiki”. He response is that if he doesn’t eat flesh he’ll be in trouble. He offers to help, she’s relieved but on her way home she is kidnapped by Shu.

G3Ken finds a rose and a note inviting him to dinner with himself and Kimi. Nishiki arrives at Kens door and is told about Kimi’s abduction. He along with Ken arrive to save her. Shu proclaims that he wants to “eat Kaneki while he eats Kimi”, both Ken and Nishiki are disgusted. He attacks Ken and Nishiki easily dominating them until Toka arrives. Toka and Shu begin to fight, and Ken joins the battle. Shu breaks Ken’s arm then puts his fist into his stomach tasting the blood.

He uses his Kagune to pierce Toka’s abdomen. Shu notices a “ugly” scar on Kimi’s shoulder, Nishiki has a flashback to when his sister is killed and he meets Kimi. It’s revealed that the scar is due to Kimi feeding herself to him after his fight with Ken. Nishiki tries to stop Shu but is brutally beaten and stabbed. Ken and Toka come up with a plan, Toka should eat a piece of Ken’s shoulder. After witnessing this Shu becomes enraged, claiming that Ken “belongs to him”.



Episode 6


G22This episode picks up right where the last one left off. Toka rampages toward Shu striking him with her Kagune. Shu becomes excited at the prospect of fighting Toka at her top level. He tries to take a bite of Kimi to heal himself, but Nishiki stops him long enough to allow Toka to defeat Shu. After Shu dies Nishiki finally reaches Kimi only for Toka to tell him that she must die.

Ken tries to reason with Toka, he fails but when Kimi remarks on “how pretty” Toka’s wings are she leaves wondering “how am I . . . pretty”. Following morning thing seem pretty good. Nishiki begins to work at Anteiku, Hinami makes an outburst over wanting to she her father. We shift to her father, he gives the pliers to Yamori. He attacks Dr.Fueguchi knocking him through a wall.

G23The Doves arrive and engage the Yamori in battle. Hinami continues to be upset about her father and makes up with her mother. Meanwhile, the doves fight Yamori as he effortlessly dodges their attacks. Yamori breaks their weapon and escapes. Dr. Fueguchi however is killed by the Doves. The Doves begin searching for Mrs. Fueguchi and Hinami.

While walking home from the book store, Hinami smells her father. She follows the scent only to find the Doves waiting. Mr. Mado asks if he could “have a moment of Mrs. Fueguchi’s time”. She attacks them with her wings and instructs Hinami to run back to Anteiku. She runs calling for her “Big Brother”, “Big Sister”then finally her Mom.


These two episodes featured a lot of good action. The story has been expanded a little bit. Nishiki as a character has evolved, becoming more in sympathetic. His relationship with Kimi is interesting, and at the same time I think that their relationship has inspired both Ken and Toka. Their relationship has also expanded the potential for what human and ghoul relationships could be like.

The battle between Toka and Shu was epic, Toka’s Kagune was cool. The Kagune haven’t been explained much yet, however it seems like her Kagune has some electric aspects to it? In the next episode we are introduced to the “Jason” from the first episode Yamori. He clear is a major player in this series, and considering the fact that “Jason” seems to be a class there’s likely more like him.

Hinami has become the heart of this series so far. Her love of her father was touching and it was sad to know that he died. The Doves were cruel to use a part of his body to attract his wife, but it was a good plan. Mrs. Fueguchi’s winged like Kagune managed to be both elegant and creepy. I don’t know if she’ll die but in this series it’s likely.




Toyko Ghoul

Episode 3


Ohys-Raws-Tokyo-Ghoul-03-MX-1280x720-x264-AAC.mp4_snapshot_06.45_2014.07.18_23.42.07-1024x576We start this episode in a doctors office, as one of the patience’s is leaves he is violently throw back threw the door. The “Jason” we saw in episode one ask for the Doctor replace what he lost during his fight with Rize. At the coffee shop the old ghoul (Mr. Yoshimura) is teaching Ken to make coffee. He explains that Anteiku isn’t “just an ordinary coffee house”, that it’s where ghouls of the 20th ward come together.

Hide appears to have forgotten most of what happen during the “accident”, Toka warns Ken that if Hide finds out about them she’ll kill him. After Hide leaves a woman (Mrs. Fueguchi) and her daughter (Hinami), she asks for Mr. Yoshimura and Toka tells Ken they must watch over them. Toka asks Ken if he has been made aware of the “Box carriers”, he’s clearly ignorant of them.

Tokyo-Ghoul-episode-3-review-mado-cruelWe quickly transition to the “Box Carrier” headquarters. They discuss current developments and are clearly enemies of ghoul society. Mr. Yoshimura teaches Ken about “eating”, and gives him unidentified cubes to curb his hunger. He sends Ken with Mr. Yomo to go “food shopping”, he ask him what they are doing he doesn’t answer. They arrive at red car on the highway, known as a place where people commit suicide.

Meanwhile, a ghoul hunts someone in an alley only to be defeated by Mr.Mado. He asks the ghoul if he has seen the pliers before, he doesn’t know and is killed. Mr. Yoshimura is quickly made aware of the inspectors called “Dove’s”. He tells her to help Ken get a mask the next day. At the mask shop we are introduced to Mr. Uta, a mask maker. Ken asks Toka about the masks she tells him they’re so a inspector doesn’t recognize their faces.

tokyo-ghoul-0301Hinami asks Ken about himself and they bond over Takasuki books. Meanwhile, one of the ghouls that “escaped” the Doves arrives looking for the doctor from earlier. He his taken out by the inspectors that used him as bait. Back at the coffee house Hinami greets everyone and a rather colorful guy enters.


The was a “quiet” episode, meaning that much hasn’t happen in terms of action. The introduction of the “Dove’s” added another layer of complexity to the Tokyo Ghoul universe. It isn’t clear but they seem to have some sort of super ability if they are going to take on the ghouls. However, they mostly defeated low level ghoul’s. I would predict that fighting against stronger foes would require more.

It’s wasn’t made entirely clear what the masks look like. I can’t imagine that wearing a masks like the ones featured in the episode can help the ghouls hide from the doves. Maybe there’s some magic or something that makes them more effective? Well see, though I have seen images of Ken in a mask but its far from discrete.



Episode 4


ererreThe colorful guy enters the coffee house and Toka seems displeased. He quickly notices Ken and his aroma, Toka warns Ken that he’s “one of the parasites”. Next Toka is eating lunch at school when her friend feeds her some food. She pretends to enjoy it then throws it up in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Ken is introduced to the gourmet from earlier in the coffee, Tsukiyama Shu.

Shu and Ken talk about his love of books, Ken feels that they are similar. They agree to meet at a coffee shop later. Mr. Yomo offers to train Ken on the days he works, he takes Ken to a bar to meet, Itori. Itori is a pretty red headed female ghoul with a delightful personality. She mentions that there’s another ghoul with just one eye (like Ken). She says that a half human ghoul is superior to a full ghoul.

bghghKen asks her about Rize, she tells him that the “rumor” is that someone killed Rize. Then the next day he asks Shu about Rize, he flashback to a encounter when Rize insults him. He becomes enraged and breaks a glass accidentally cutting Ken. He weirdly takes the bloody napkin and begin sniffing it in the bathroom, comparing it to discovering a star.

We move to Ken showering at Shu’s residence and it’s quickly revealed that Ken has been tricked. Ken is attacked by a “scrapper”, his attacks have no effect. The drugged coffee begins to take effect on Ken and the Scrapper (Taro) begins to choke him. He releases some of his ghoul strength and breaks free. It is reveal to the audience that he is a one eyed ghoul. Shu decides that instead of eating Ken, they feast on Taro instead.


This episode was interesting, the introduction of Tsukiyama Shu was enjoyable. It was pretty obvious that Shu was going to try to eat Ken. How he was going to go about it was a mystery. The party was weird, my first question was how would all those people eat just one person?

Shu as a character was flamboyant and a bit strange. His hungry for gourmet “food” is his most “appealing” quality. Clearly, he’s going to try to eat Ken again but he outed himself as a cannibal during this episode. I’m guessing he won’t be able to trick Ken a second time.