Tokyo Ghoul

tkg7Episode 7


The censorship is ruining this great series. I’m hoping they release it on blue ray unedited because it getting to be too much.

We start with Hinami’s mother being killed by Mado of the Doves organization. Ken only manages to prevent Hinami from witnessing her mother gruesome murder. Touka is told the news the following day, and isn’t pleased when she is told not to attack the doves. Ken is saddened by his inability to succeed in aiding Hinami’s mother.

bnjlTouka stalks and kills on of two of the Dove inspectors. Mr. Amon and Mr. Mado manage to save the other and attack Touka. She is wearing a mask to conceal her identity and Mado taunt’s her about killing Hinami’s mother, calling her “weak “. Touka takes the bait and attacks him head on. He “reviews” the differences between “types” of ghouls, noting that Touka has high speed but low stamina.

Mado asks Touka for Hinami’s location and she retreats not without being hurt. Ken offers to help she takes him to get a mask. This series plays with your emotions and allegiances. While I never sided with the Doves I did at least feel sorry for the two lower lever inspectors.


hhjEpisode 8


Mr. Mado prepares for a confrontation with Touka and Hinami, using “pieces” of Hinami’s mother to draw Hinami out of hiding.  Hinami finds the bag with her mother in it and screams. Hinami cry’s in Touka’s arms before Mr.Mado appears. Ken simultaneously battles Amon.Mr. Mado uses his weapon on Touka but it gets caught and she’s able to hurt him.

Meanwhile, Ken is having a hard time fighting Amon. Amon and Touka both wonder why their friends had to be killed. Mr. Mado releases Hinami’s mother’s Kagune hurting Touka with them. Ken realizes that he is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between humans and ghoul. Mr.Mado taunts Hinami about killing her parents, as Ken allows Amon to attack him without defending himself.

hhjjjjjHe aims to “break the chain of grief”, Ken decides to bites Amon and use his kagune. Ken begins to lose control and he begs Amon to run. Meanwhile, Mr. Mado aims to finish Hinami and Touka when she releases her kagune. Together they both defeat and kill Mado, he references the “one eyed ghoul”. Touka removes the glove of Mr. Mado and is shocked to see a ring on his finger. Amon finds Mr.Mado and is devastated.

The mirrored feelings of Amon and Touka is telling of the entire series. Both sides have similar or the same view of each other but fail to see the common ground. Ken felt that he could help but failed to sway Amon until he ironically gave up and decided to fight him. In telling Amon to run away he at least created doubt in Amon’s mind, but all that may be for nothing due Mr. Mado’s death.


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