Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 9


Tokyo9.1Amon remembers being assigned to control division one and how he become partners with Mr. Mado. They first investigate a elderly ghoul named “Applehead”. Amon finds Mr. Mado to be rather strange and questions his methods. Together they question the old woman and Mr. Mado concludes that she ‘couldn’t possibly be a ghoul”. Amon becomes annoyed by Mr. Mado’s investigation style and storms off.

While walking away he sees the old woman walking across the street and helps her. As they walk down a dark alley Amon notices blood leaking out of her luggage, and she attacks. Mr. Mado quickly kills her, we flash forward to the present 49 days after Mr.Mado’s death. Meanwhile, a news report says that crime is increasing in the 11th Ward. We learn that Hinami moves in with Touka, and recovers from her parents death.

Tokyo9Ken discusses Rize “overtaking” him with Miss Itori. She reveals that much isn’t known about Rize, as she “just showed up” one day. She suggests that he go looking for information in the 11th Ward, he considers doing so the following day. While walking home Ken is picked pocketed by a odd person singing. While at work Hide and Ken are discussing his being rob when the conversation turns to Hide’s assumption that there’s a “ghoul organization” in the 20th ward.

He believes that due to “remarkably fewer predatory cases”, he assumed that ghouls were working together. He shifts the conversation to the book he’s reading and leaves. Meanwhile, we are introduced to two new investigators Mr.Hoji and 2nd Grade Takizawa Seido. They will be over seeing the 20th division, while Amon will go to the 11th. Touka wonders where the family of the bird and Mr. Mado are. She flashes back to her family, her younger brother and her father.

Tolyo9.2Hide is sitting drinking when he over hears the “Jason” talking about Rize, and the 20th ward is invaded by ghouls looking for her. I liked this episode (what else is new), I enjoyed that they skipped the personal turmoil that both Amon and Hinami, but still acknowledged it. A lot of new characters were introduced (although I think the new investigators are going to be slaughtered). I assumed that Touka’s brother had died but the fact that he’s still alive will be interesting for the emotional Touka.





Episode 10


Tokyo10.1The branch of control is being attacked by a “band of ghouls”, called Aogiri Tree. Mr. Yomo states that the leader of the Aogiri Tree is the “one eyed king”. Meanwhile, at the coffee shop several ghouls arrive looking for Mr. Yoshimura. Their leader asks about Rize and reveals himself to be Banjou Kazuichi from the 11th Ward. He smells the scent of Rize on Ken, and assumes that they are together.

The investigators gather to discuss the attack on the 11th Ward district’s control, no survivors were left. Back at the coffee house Banjou asks what happened to Rize and Ken lies and tell him “shes gone”. Banjou tells Ken “if he sees her again, to tell her to run”. He explains that Aogiri Tree, took over the 11th ward. He is interrupted by Ayato, Touka’s brother.

Tokyo10.4Meanwhile, at the Doves headquarters they prepare for war between ghouls and Humans. During the brief they are interrupted by the strange theft from the previous episode. The theft is introduced as “Shinohara-san’s protege, Suzuya Juuzou”. He apologizes for her lateness, Yamori decides to kidnap Ken and Touka attempts to stop him. He brother interferes and she is defeated easily.

Yamori brutally abuses Ken as Banjou watches helplessly, eventually he interferes saving Ken’s life. Mr. Yoshimura  finds his coffee shop destroyed and with Ken kidnapped and decides to close up shop. Amon chooses one of Mado’s “effects”, Hide is clearly investigating ghouls himself. Everyone gathers at the coffee shop, Mr. Yoshimura states that they will likely never “see Kaneki again”.

Tokyo10.5He states that he was always going to rescue Ken, and that they all must risk their lives to save him. Just as he finishes Shu arrives to help. This episode got me excited for whats to come. I’m eager to see if Mr. Yoshimura will fight, and if he does how strong he is. I wonder how Banjou will react once its revealed that Rize is dead and Ken has he organs. The new investigator (which I thought was a girl), is clearly crazy which should make him a fun character. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Toyko 10.6

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