Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul JasonEpisode 11

High Spirits

Jason tortures Ken as his friends find away to free him. Meanwhile, the Dove’s mobilize over one thousand troops to protect the citizens. Mr.Banjo tells Ken to “hang in there” as he wait for an opening to save him. We get some back story on Jason. He was arrested by CCG and subjected to the same torture he’s inflicting on Ken. During his torture he created an alternate personality to protect himself.

DerrtThe CCG and Anteiku face of in a gun battle, as Toka and the other infiltrate their headquarters. The CCG seem to be holding their own, but they are no match for the stronger ghouls. Mr. Amon faces the “Bin Brothers” as Shu, Renji and Uta face an unknown ghoul. Mr. Amon defeats the two S class Bin Brothers as Toka faces Ayato.

124556The CCG continue to advance taking over the Anteiku headquarters. While, on the roof they see the “one eyed owl”. This episode was amazing as always. I really liked the fact that the CCG wasn’t just easily slaughtered by the Anteiku. At the beginning of the series I though that the CCG wouldn’t stand a chance against the Ghouls. They’re still at a disadvantage but they can at least challenge them.

5566Episode 12


Ken still is being tortured by Jason. He “dreams” of Miss Rize and learns to except his ghoul side. As Jason tortures him he tells him that he was an experiment. Ken has a series of flashbacks that help him accept himself. Eventually Jason gives Ken a choice to choose which one his “saviors” he should kill first.

9uuuKen doesn’t want to be responsible for choosing which one lives or dies. He offers himself but Jason kills Haru anyway, then he kills her boyfriend. This is the finally straw as Ken finally attacks Jason. Ken’s hair changes to white he dominates Jason, who can’t manage to hurt him. Ken pins Jason down and apparently eats him.

KenI couldn’t love this episode more, nothing was tied up and I don’t even care. Ken’s transformation was great, I was surprise that his hair color changed (though that doesn’t really matter). His brutal treatment of Jason was much deserved. It appears Ken will be using enemy ghouls as a food source for now on. This episode left me wanting more and I can’t wait to see the next episode.

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