Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 5


G1Ken has a nightmare about the events of the previous episode, he awakes in a cold sweat. The next day he’s working in the coffee shop, Mr.Yoshimura tells him that Kaya will take over and he should see Toka. Toka “sickness” is due to her friend feeding her human food at school the previous day. Hinami is with her and she makes coffee while Ken help Hinami with her reading.

Toka’s friend Yoriko knocks on the door. She is concerned about her and made her something to eat. She see’s Ken and jumps to a conclusion, becoming angry. Toka eats the food even though it will make her sick. Meanwhile, Shu is still obsessed with eating Ken. He figures out a way to accomplish this though its not entirely clear how.

G2While Ken is walking home he hears a commotion and spots Nishiki Nishio being beaten in an alley. He interrupts them and they tell him to basically get lost as they are going to “cannibalize” him. One of them attacks Ken, who effortless defeats them off screen. He returns Nishiki to his home where his girlfriend clearly aware of the fact that he’s a ghoul is waiting.

Ken asks his girlfriend why she’s with him knowing he kills humans. She says “as long as her doesn’t kill her parents or friends, she turns a blind eye”. She then asks Ken “what she can do to help Nishiki”. He response is that if he doesn’t eat flesh he’ll be in trouble. He offers to help, she’s relieved but on her way home she is kidnapped by Shu.

G3Ken finds a rose and a note inviting him to dinner with himself and Kimi. Nishiki arrives at Kens door and is told about Kimi’s abduction. He along with Ken arrive to save her. Shu proclaims that he wants to “eat Kaneki while he eats Kimi”, both Ken and Nishiki are disgusted. He attacks Ken and Nishiki easily dominating them until Toka arrives. Toka and Shu begin to fight, and Ken joins the battle. Shu breaks Ken’s arm then puts his fist into his stomach tasting the blood.

He uses his Kagune to pierce Toka’s abdomen. Shu notices a “ugly” scar on Kimi’s shoulder, Nishiki has a flashback to when his sister is killed and he meets Kimi. It’s revealed that the scar is due to Kimi feeding herself to him after his fight with Ken. Nishiki tries to stop Shu but is brutally beaten and stabbed. Ken and Toka come up with a plan, Toka should eat a piece of Ken’s shoulder. After witnessing this Shu becomes enraged, claiming that Ken “belongs to him”.



Episode 6


G22This episode picks up right where the last one left off. Toka rampages toward Shu striking him with her Kagune. Shu becomes excited at the prospect of fighting Toka at her top level. He tries to take a bite of Kimi to heal himself, but Nishiki stops him long enough to allow Toka to defeat Shu. After Shu dies Nishiki finally reaches Kimi only for Toka to tell him that she must die.

Ken tries to reason with Toka, he fails but when Kimi remarks on “how pretty” Toka’s wings are she leaves wondering “how am I . . . pretty”. Following morning thing seem pretty good. Nishiki begins to work at Anteiku, Hinami makes an outburst over wanting to she her father. We shift to her father, he gives the pliers to Yamori. He attacks Dr.Fueguchi knocking him through a wall.

G23The Doves arrive and engage the Yamori in battle. Hinami continues to be upset about her father and makes up with her mother. Meanwhile, the doves fight Yamori as he effortlessly dodges their attacks. Yamori breaks their weapon and escapes. Dr. Fueguchi however is killed by the Doves. The Doves begin searching for Mrs. Fueguchi and Hinami.

While walking home from the book store, Hinami smells her father. She follows the scent only to find the Doves waiting. Mr. Mado asks if he could “have a moment of Mrs. Fueguchi’s time”. She attacks them with her wings and instructs Hinami to run back to Anteiku. She runs calling for her “Big Brother”, “Big Sister”then finally her Mom.


These two episodes featured a lot of good action. The story has been expanded a little bit. Nishiki as a character has evolved, becoming more in sympathetic. His relationship with Kimi is interesting, and at the same time I think that their relationship has inspired both Ken and Toka. Their relationship has also expanded the potential for what human and ghoul relationships could be like.

The battle between Toka and Shu was epic, Toka’s Kagune was cool. The Kagune haven’t been explained much yet, however it seems like her Kagune has some electric aspects to it? In the next episode we are introduced to the “Jason” from the first episode Yamori. He clear is a major player in this series, and considering the fact that “Jason” seems to be a class there’s likely more like him.

Hinami has become the heart of this series so far. Her love of her father was touching and it was sad to know that he died. The Doves were cruel to use a part of his body to attract his wife, but it was a good plan. Mrs. Fueguchi’s winged like Kagune managed to be both elegant and creepy. I don’t know if she’ll die but in this series it’s likely.



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