Toyko Ghoul

Episode 3


Ohys-Raws-Tokyo-Ghoul-03-MX-1280x720-x264-AAC.mp4_snapshot_06.45_2014.07.18_23.42.07-1024x576We start this episode in a doctors office, as one of the patience’s is leaves he is violently throw back threw the door. The “Jason” we saw in episode one ask for the Doctor replace what he lost during his fight with Rize. At the coffee shop the old ghoul (Mr. Yoshimura) is teaching Ken to make coffee. He explains that Anteiku isn’t “just an ordinary coffee house”, that it’s where ghouls of the 20th ward come together.

Hide appears to have forgotten most of what happen during the “accident”, Toka warns Ken that if Hide finds out about them she’ll kill him. After Hide leaves a woman (Mrs. Fueguchi) and her daughter (Hinami), she asks for Mr. Yoshimura and Toka tells Ken they must watch over them. Toka asks Ken if he has been made aware of the “Box carriers”, he’s clearly ignorant of them.

Tokyo-Ghoul-episode-3-review-mado-cruelWe quickly transition to the “Box Carrier” headquarters. They discuss current developments and are clearly enemies of ghoul society. Mr. Yoshimura teaches Ken about “eating”, and gives him unidentified cubes to curb his hunger. He sends Ken with Mr. Yomo to go “food shopping”, he ask him what they are doing he doesn’t answer. They arrive at red car on the highway, known as a place where people commit suicide.

Meanwhile, a ghoul hunts someone in an alley only to be defeated by Mr.Mado. He asks the ghoul if he has seen the pliers before, he doesn’t know and is killed. Mr. Yoshimura is quickly made aware of the inspectors called “Dove’s”. He tells her to help Ken get a mask the next day. At the mask shop we are introduced to Mr. Uta, a mask maker. Ken asks Toka about the masks she tells him they’re so a inspector doesn’t recognize their faces.

tokyo-ghoul-0301Hinami asks Ken about himself and they bond over Takasuki books. Meanwhile, one of the ghouls that “escaped” the Doves arrives looking for the doctor from earlier. He his taken out by the inspectors that used him as bait. Back at the coffee house Hinami greets everyone and a rather colorful guy enters.


The was a “quiet” episode, meaning that much hasn’t happen in terms of action. The introduction of the “Dove’s” added another layer of complexity to the Tokyo Ghoul universe. It isn’t clear but they seem to have some sort of super ability if they are going to take on the ghouls. However, they mostly defeated low level ghoul’s. I would predict that fighting against stronger foes would require more.

It’s wasn’t made entirely clear what the masks look like. I can’t imagine that wearing a masks like the ones featured in the episode can help the ghouls hide from the doves. Maybe there’s some magic or something that makes them more effective? Well see, though I have seen images of Ken in a mask but its far from discrete.



Episode 4


ererreThe colorful guy enters the coffee house and Toka seems displeased. He quickly notices Ken and his aroma, Toka warns Ken that he’s “one of the parasites”. Next Toka is eating lunch at school when her friend feeds her some food. She pretends to enjoy it then throws it up in the bathroom. Meanwhile, Ken is introduced to the gourmet from earlier in the coffee, Tsukiyama Shu.

Shu and Ken talk about his love of books, Ken feels that they are similar. They agree to meet at a coffee shop later. Mr. Yomo offers to train Ken on the days he works, he takes Ken to a bar to meet, Itori. Itori is a pretty red headed female ghoul with a delightful personality. She mentions that there’s another ghoul with just one eye (like Ken). She says that a half human ghoul is superior to a full ghoul.

bghghKen asks her about Rize, she tells him that the “rumor” is that someone killed Rize. Then the next day he asks Shu about Rize, he flashback to a encounter when Rize insults him. He becomes enraged and breaks a glass accidentally cutting Ken. He weirdly takes the bloody napkin and begin sniffing it in the bathroom, comparing it to discovering a star.

We move to Ken showering at Shu’s residence and it’s quickly revealed that Ken has been tricked. Ken is attacked by a “scrapper”, his attacks have no effect. The drugged coffee begins to take effect on Ken and the Scrapper (Taro) begins to choke him. He releases some of his ghoul strength and breaks free. It is reveal to the audience that he is a one eyed ghoul. Shu decides that instead of eating Ken, they feast on Taro instead.


This episode was interesting, the introduction of Tsukiyama Shu was enjoyable. It was pretty obvious that Shu was going to try to eat Ken. How he was going to go about it was a mystery. The party was weird, my first question was how would all those people eat just one person?

Shu as a character was flamboyant and a bit strange. His hungry for gourmet “food” is his most “appealing” quality. Clearly, he’s going to try to eat Ken again but he outed himself as a cannibal during this episode. I’m guessing he won’t be able to trick Ken a second time.



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