Tokyo Ghoul

Episode 2


rte4tKen is still in disbelief about what has occurred, refusing to consume human flesh as he still considers himself “human”. Toka continues to abuse him and she concludes that he’s nothing more than a half breed. She’s stopped by her “manager”, an older ghoul. He give’s Ken some coffee and Ken notices that it has tastes good.

The older ghoul tells him that it’s the only thing that ghouls and humans can both taste. He then give’s him a package of what I’m assuming is human flesh. When Ken leaves Toka asks why the old ghoul help and he explains that Ken is the student that had Rize organs transplanted into him. He’s unsure whether Ken is transforming into a ghoul.

qwertgvcWhile at home Ken’s stomach begins to growl and he begins to hallucinate losing control. His friend Hide calls during this event and it seems to stop his urges temporarily. The following day Ken returns to school and his friend Hide is there. Hide takes Ken to his house where his brother is making out with some girl. They interrupt them and Ken and Nishiki quickly recognize each other.

While looking for the notes for Ken, Nishiki believes they’re at his house. Hide, Ken and Nishiki all decided to go together. While walking home Nishiki offers to buy Ken and Hide a snack. He purchases one for himself and eats it to the surprise of Ken. Ken notes that Nishiki blends into human society easily. Just as they are walking down a dark alley Nishiki kicks Hide down another alley.

lkhgfNishiki begins choking Ken and accuses him of trying to eat Hide. Ken states that he’s “not like him”, after he pierces Ken’s abdomen leaves him on the floor bloody. Then he heads over to Hide unconscious body appears to Vomit on him? While stepping on Hide head he challenges Ken, threatening to kill Hide. Before Nishiki can kill Hide, Ken remembers his past with Hide goes berserk.

He quickly overwhelms Nishiki almost killing him. Ken’s hunger once again takes over and he prepares to eat Hide. Toka interferes and prevents him from killing him. Ken wakes up at the coffee shop with the old ghoul. He shows him that Hide is alright but confesses to giving Ken human flesh to eat. He tells Ken to “accept what he is”, but Ken begins to cry as he feels all alone. The old man tells him that he’s the only one who is apart of both worlds.


It’s only been two episodes and Tokyo Ghoul is already getting better. The overall theme of Ken being a literal lynchpin between the Ghoul and Human worlds appears to be a likely overarching theme for this series. It appears that the coffee introduced may be some used as some sort of figurative or even literal symbol of coming together between the two species, much like Ken.

Ken going berserk was typical for an anime but very enjoyable. Nishiki seems sadistic but I didn’t get the feeling that he wanted to really hurt Hide. It’s going to be interesting to see how Hide fits into this story. Will humans start using “transplants” to get ghoul powers? I’m excited for this series, and I still need to get caught up.


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