My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 8 Creati encourages the other young heroes to work together to stop Gigantomachia. The plan to put him to sleep with a sedative she creates. Juzo Honenuki (Mudman) soften the land hoping to trap the giant, meanwhile, Mineta uses his sticky Pop Off’s to create a net. Suddenly, Gigantomachia comes rushing towards them with Mt. Lady holding on to dear life. Gigantomachia runs directly into the trap and falls.

Hanta Sero (Tape), Jurota Shishida (Beast), Rikido Sato (Sugar Rush), and Ibara Shiozaki (Vines) all try to pull Gigantomachia at once. It’s not enough. While the giant is distracted, Mezo Shoji (Dupli-Arms), Yuga Aoyama (Navel Laser), Reiko Yanagi (Poltergeist), Denki Kaminari (Electrification) climb on his back to attack on the villains. Denki tries to use his electricity but Mr. Compress uses the last of his debris to knock Denki out.

Gigantomachia vs the UA students

The heroes finally get Gigantomachia mouth open and they toss multiple canisters of the sedative towards his mouth. Gigantomachia blows them and the canisters away giving Dabi a opportunity to use his blue flame. The flames cover the forest, but the heroes aren’t afraid. Mt. Lady grabs Gigantomachia and forcible holds open his mouth. Pinky shielded by her acid armor, get close to Gigantomachia. The giant releases that he’s been “wasting time,” trying to bulldoze through the heroes. He needs to stop “wasting his time on insects.”

It’s not enough. While Pinky releases that Gigantomachia was the man that attacked her years ago, he tosses Mt. Lady once again. Before he can attack Pinky, Red Riot interferes saving her and grabbing her canister. He successfully climbs up the giants arm and tosses the canister into its mouth. The sedative will take time to take effect. Angry, Gigantomachia adds some armor and prepares to kill the heroes. Elsewhere, Tomura seems to be reaching his limit.

One of the things I love about Tomura is his unhinged faces. It unsettling but appealing at the same time. He withstands another Endeavor attack but before he can reach the number one hero, Gran Torino interferes. Running on fumes, Tomura’s seems to be like a wild animal. After a flashback, showing Shimura’s agony as she gives up custody of her son, Kotaro, Tomura impales Gran Torino. Deku becomes enraged and rushes to attack Tomura. The villain pushes past Deku to target Eraserhead with the Quirk-killing drug. He manages to get the shot off before the episode ends.

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