Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 7

The 7th episode of Chainsaw Man, The Taste of a Kiss, concludes the Eternity Devil Arc and exposes some questionable sexual behaviors of Himeno. The episode opens with Denji hacking away at viscera of the Eternity Devil. Despite this, Denji is constantly being bitten by various heads gnawing at his body. As he bleeds he loses power. When Denji’s arm Chainsaw’s retract he being to bite and drink the blood of the Eternity Devil. After each assault from Denji, the Eternity Devil feels pain, something that Denji takes joy in causing.

Denji enjoys it so much that he appears to be insane. Himeno recalls a conversation with Kishibe about the “sanity” of a devil hunter. He claims that if a devil hunter is too “sane,” they’re more likely to die. He has a point. Facing death, especially from monstrous beings like Devils wouldn’t be something that “normal” people would choose to do. Kobeni seems to be a prime example of what happens when a normal person tries this job. Although she no longer seems sane to me. Denji continues to attack the Eternity Devil and eating its blood. This goes on for three days.

Eternity Devil gives up

Eventually, the Eternity Devil gives up and begs Denji to kill it. The devil hunters leave the hotel exhausted. The episode quickly pivots to a group dinner were all of Division 4 gather. Himeno and Denji flirt throughout and it ends with a vile moment of Himeno vomiting in Denji’s mouth. Personally, I have an aversion to vomit (like most people I assume) and had to skip that part. I’m troubled by the ending. Himeno takes Denji home and he’s seem out of it and she’s still drunk. When he asks for water she gives him beer (Denji’s 16) out her mouth. She then asks him if “they should do it.”

I’m not that offended by underage drinking (some might be though) but Himeno is sexually inappropriate. I tried to find out how old she is but I’m sure she’s older. I doubt they’ll have sex, Himeno will sober up. That said I think Chainsaw Man is more concerned with sex than most anime. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing. The series seems to be implying that sex isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, specifically with the groping (Denji was disappointed) and the kiss (well you know how that ended). I’m not sure were this series is headed but I’m mildly interested. Just no more vomit.

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