My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 17

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 17 focuses on Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) has become one of the more interesting characters in anime. He’s a hero but was once a monstrous abuser. He was obsessed at with being the No. 1 hero failing to surpass All Might. Realizing he will never best All Might, decided he was going to engineer a hero to pass All Might and represent his families legacy. Enji obsession caused him to become a cold and calculating. He decided that producing a child that had a superior Quirk than his own, was the best way to achieve his goal.

If he could merge a ice user Quirk with his fire Quirk then raise this child to be just like him, he would have the “perfect successor.” Shoto Todoroki would become this successor but before Shoto came his mother was chosen for her Quirk. Rei Todoroki is a minor character in the series, so much so I don’t think she spoken more that a few words. Their marriage was what the series calls a Quirk Marriage, which were arranged for the primary purpose of creating “custom children.”

The cost of a Quirk Marriage

Rei and Enji have four children, Toya Todoroki (Dabi) – Quirk (Blueflame), Fuyumi Todoroki – Quirk (Frost), Natsuo Todoroki – Quirk (Frost), and Shoto Todoroki – Quirk (Half-Cold Half-Hot). Once Shoto was born, Endeavor abused and or ignored his other children. He often kept Shoto from spending time with his siblings. In the episode it is revealed that Toya possessed superior fire power to his father but had a inferior resistance to fire, but resistance to ice and cold. Enji is enraged at the news.

At home, Toya has accepted his fathers views completely. He’s inspired to surpass All Might even if his father tells him not to. It’s interesting that Endeavor abandons the dream of seeing Toya surpass All Might but encourages him to focus on making friends, telling him “there is more than hero’s life in this world.” However, his ideology has infected Toya’s mind too greatly. He refuses to stop and begins calling his father by his hero name, Endeavor. In a shocking moment he then tries to attack Shoto, who’s still an infant in his mothers arms.

The tragedy of the Todoroki family

It’s this moment that causes Endeavor to segregate his children. Again Endeavor behavior causes a problem but his response to it make some since. The issue is he treated all his kids like they were a threat to Shoto. Toya knows that his father doesn’t “want” them and blames him, as he should. As a result, Toya begins lashing out at his siblings and mother. It’s horrible to see Toya slowly lose his mind as he fails to gain his fathers approval.

Toya’s argument that his mother is as responsible for this situation as his father is understandable but not accurate. Endeavor is at the center of this tragedy. He wanted a child he could use as the embodiment of his ambition. As a result, he dehumanized his children and their mother. Toya suffered the most. Endeavor is entirely responsible for how Dabi became who he is. Dabi is still responsible for his actions but he wouldn’t have become a villain without his father.

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