Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 3: Does anything good come from living?

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 3, “Snake,” introduces use to the mercenaries and the leader “Snake.” The episode opens with Olmar complaining that nobody understands him. Olmar thinks that “everyone is laughing inside at him.” Olmar shows how privileged he is when he throws a tantrum claiming that he “wants to be killed,” since he’s a “nobody.” Olmar is clearly made insecure by the comforts his father’s wealth affords him. Fox decides that Olmar needs to become a man and the best way to do that is killing someone. Fox claims that killing someone will give him some confidence.

Thorfinn wakes up screaming. Clearly still haunted by his terrible childhood, he tell Einar that he doesn’t remember the dream. When they go to wash faces they encounter the woman from the first episode, Arnheld. Einar assumed that she was Ketil’s daughter but she’s a slave and Ketil’s personal assistant. Fox and Badger interrupt them and leads Thorfinn and Einar to Olmar. On the trip, Thorfinn explains to Einar that they’re “guests” who are the bodyguards of the farm. Einar immediately understands that they’re in danger.

Death has value because everyone fears it

At the mercenary camp, Einar learns that they intend for Olmar to kill him and Thorfinn. Fox sees them as only being property saying that “their lives aren’t theirs and their owner can do what he wants with them.” However, Olmar doesn’t own Thorfinn and Einar his father does. Fox accuses Olmar of “making excuses,” and questions if he’s “afraid.” Thorfinn seems not to care about any potential violence that may come his way. Einar for his part tackles Olmar while telling Thorfinn to flee. Thorfinn tells them to let Einar go and they can kill him.

His statement shocks some of the men. Fox asks him if he “understands what it means to be cut,” and Thorfinn responds “you will die.” Fox states that he and the other mercenaries are selling “death,” and “death has value because everyone fears it.” Thorfinn remains somber and stone faced. This seems to bother Fox who wants to see fear in Thorfinn. Fox begins to slice Thorfinn with his sword, creating shallow cuts. Fox cuts Thorfinn a number of times but gets no reaction. Snake watches from afar and is impressed by Thorfinn demeaner. Fox is about to cut Thorfinn’s eye out and Snake stops him.

Fox reaction to Snake instantly tells you how dangerous he is. Fox freezes when Snake makes his presence known. He even begins to coward, the confidence he expressed before disappears. Snake tells Fox to come closer to him and punches him in the face knocking him out. He then turns to Badger and asks him to explain the situation. My early impression of Snake is that he’s more honorable than you’re typical mercenary but I wonder how far that honor goes. Thorfinn’s demeanor has been horrifying so far. He sees no value in living and has nothing to live for. It’s sad to see, even though I know he’ll find something to make his life worth living.

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