Vinland Saga Season 2, Episode 4: Live and Do What?

Snake calls his subordinates “idiots,” for their stupidity after attacking slaves. Suddenly, Snake gets serious and attacks Thorfinn with intent to kill. Thorfinn is triggered, instantly reminded of Askeladd, he reacts and delivers a swift kick that Snake blocks. Snake comments that it seems that Thorfinn’s body wants him to live. As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews Thorfinn appears to have given up on life. Regardless, I predicted that Thorfinn will eventually find something that matters to him.

Pater tends to Thorfinn’s wounds which are shallow. According to Pater, Ketil doesn’t “know what to do” with the mercenaries. If the farm is so peaceful, then the mercenaries become restless, looking for danger. Einar continues to be enraged by the dismissive nature that many on the farm has towards the lives of slaves. Einar and Thorfinn come into conflict in this episode, sort of. Thorfinn says that “it can’t be helped as the strong kill the weak.” Thorfinn’s nihilism bothers Einar. Despite being told that he can have the day off, Thorfinn goes to work cutting down trees.

Einar joins him and asks him if he has ever been to war? Thorfinn confirms not only that he’s been to war but he’s killed too many people. To Einar, Thorfinn reminds him of the men that killed his family. While sleeping, Thorfinn has another nightmare. Einar begin chocking him. He eventually stops and wakes Thorfinn from his nightmare. Thorfinn asks him “why he keeps waking him up” ? Einar tells him that they still have something to live for. Einar may turn out to be part of the reason Thorfinn finds something to grant him a new lease on life.

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