My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11

My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 11,” Dabi Dance,” is the episode where Dabi officially revealed to be Toya Todoroki. A this point the manga has already revealed this truth, so people like me aren’t shocked. Early in the episode, Todoroki lands with a wounded Deku, Endeavor, and Bakugo. Tomura is badly damaged and is struggling to maintain control over his body. Nejire Hado and Shoto attack Tomura, while Ida saves the heroes from Gigantomachia.

Bakugo demands Ida put him down so he can fight. Meanwhile, Gigantomachia manages to grab Tomura. Endeavor is exhausted and one of his lungs are in bad shape. Suddenly, Dabi appears and reveals he’s Toya. Skeptic hacks into the broadcast systems of many television studios and explains in a doctored video that “he murdered 30 innocent people.” He tries to blame this on his father Endeavor and exposes his fathers abuse.

He tries to expose Hawks as a violent he claims that he actually killed Best Jeanist. He tells everyone that Hawks father “was a serial killer,” and “a villain.” Endeavor is understandably devastated, but Dabi leaps towards him igniting his own version of Prominence Burn. Before he can land the attack, Best Jeanist appears and captures all the villains. Toya’s media attack may have had an impact but he made a claim that Best Jeanist was dead. At some point the public will learn of Best Jeanist is alive and it will undermine Toya’s claims. Regardless, Endeavors abuse is true and the heroes will have to deal with that.

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