Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 011

In Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 011, Ritsu senses the presence of ??? and rushes to find Mob. He assumes that Mob had a negative response to Tsubomi’s rejection but learns Mob was in an accident. ??? destroys the Smile Mart that Sakurai and Koyama were employed at. Suzuki arrives and commends them for “making an honest living.” He decides to handle ??? himself. He unleashes a barrage of punches but he only manages to bloody his own knuckles. Suzuki is shocked at the gap between his power and ???. Who then pushes Suzuki through the ground. Sho rescues his father. Suzuki decides to try to drain the energy from Mob and wait for him to “run out of gas.”

While franticly searching for Mob, Ritsu remembers what Mob use to be like. He says Mob was willing to let his emotions show and was willing to show his powers when they were children. He finds a naked and unconscious Teru. Elsewhere, Suzuki and Sho attack Mob together. Unfortunately, Mob just absorbs this energy. ??? prepares to obliterate Suzuki and Sho but the Mob inside fights it. Sensing an opportunity, Suzuki decides he’s going to sacrifice himself buy absorbing enough energy that will cause him to explode. However, he remembers his family and flees with Sho. They decide to refrain from using there powers anymore.

Mob vs ???

??? encounters the Body Improvement Club who astutely understand that Mob isn’t in control. They try to help but of course they’re easily defeated. One of them manage to speak to Mob and trigger the Mob within. Ritsu saves him from being seriously injured. Ritsu appeals to ??? and the internal Mob begins to panic as he reaches 95%. Mob begins to recall their childhood but before he can harm Ritsu, he reaches 100%. Ritsu tries to destroy the bouquet of flowers but ??? puts up a barrier. ??? send Ritsu flying into the sky and Ritsu passes out. A news report claims there’s another tornado with Mob and ??? at the center.

Outside, Reigen and Katsuya prepare to head into the tornado. Inside the tornado, Mob and ??? have a conversation where they argue over which one of them is the “real” Mob. They message here is predictable (accept yourself) and I expect Mob to do just that. This arc is a way to bring all old characters back into the series. I look forward to seeing how everything ends.

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