Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 004

Mob greets Mezato and asks why she didn’t meet him yesterday. She says “she forgot.” Apparently, she had a meeting with “the brass,” and after meeting the “true founder,” it was no longer necessary for Mob to be leader of the Divine Tree religion. Mob has no idea what she’s talking about. At the body improvement club meeting Tome Kurata mentions that she also had a meeting with the same group and has now decided to change the Telepathy Club to the “Salt MS branch of the Psycho Helmet Religion.” Tome tells them that they must pray 5 minutes a day and they’ll be blessed. 

After school Mob and Reigen discuss the events of the Psycho Helmet Religion gathering. The video of the event has amassed 2 Million views. Mob seems disinterested and doesn’t seem to notice how much he looks like the Psycho Helmet leader. Regardless, Reigen wants to discuss the cracks in property around town. He did some research and discovered that its cause was “plant roots.” The roots come from the Divine Tree and he enlists Mob in destroying it. 

Divine Tree offers goodies

In the city, the Divine Tree is used to create candy, cookies, croquettes, powder, and parfait. Unsurprisingly, consuming the food results in brainwashing. Teruki Hanazawa realizes this almost instantly and rushes to destroy the tree. However, it’s protected by a barrier. Teruki is then besieged by a flurry of vines. He manages to cut them off and encounters the fake Mob, who calls himself “God.” Once he states this, he seems to instantly take over Teruki’s mind. However, he fails. Angry, Teruki attacks the fake Mob. The brainwashing doesn’t appear to work on those with strong emotions. 

Toshiki Minegishi returns in this episode. A former member of the Ultimate 5, Toshiki is a powerful Esper who had an affinity for plants. So it makes sense that he’s concerned with the consequences of the Divine Trees roots. Minegishi is knocked out by root. Inside the Tree Teruki reveals that it’s Dimple who’s the imposter Mob. Dimple has been the comic relief in Mob Psycho after his defeat in season 1. I’ve forgotten how dangerous and selfish he was. Teruki decides to kill Dimple once and for all. Outside, Mob and Ritsu begin to notice the weirdness in the city. 

Ritsu and Reigen get brainwashed

They prepare for the people of the city to get in their way. Ritsu consumes a Divine Tree candy and he offers Reigen and Mob one. After he’s under control of the Tree and leads Mob and Reigen to the Civic center where they’re confronted by believers. Panicked, Mob and Reigen flee from the center and Reigen tells Mob that Ritsu was “brainwashed,” by the candy. Suddenly, an old man on a park bench tells them “resistance is futile,” and “Psycho Helmet sees all.”

Wherever they go they’re harassed and followed by believers. At some point, Reigen gets brainwashed. He argues in favor of leaving the believers under the control of the Psycho Helmet. Mob is left alone and he plans on talking to the Psycho Helmet himself. He approaches the Divine Tree as the believers chant that the “original Psycho Helmet,” has returned. 

Mob generally hates conflict and avoids it to the last minute. Basically his hesitation allows things to get worse. Luckily Mob is powerful enough to quickly handle the threat. I don’t expect this dynamic to change. However, Dimple may have control over Ritsu, and all of Mob’s friends creating a different kind of conflict for Mob. What do you think is Mob’s inaction part of the problem? Will Dimple finally get destroyed for good? How will Mob handle facing his friends?

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Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 002

Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears!

~ The Threat of a Hundred Demons!!~

In Mob Psycho 100 Episode 002 – the Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears! the Salt Middle School is preparing for a cultural fair. Mob, Inukawa, Niido, and Sagure are left to create the costumes for everyone in their class. Inukawa, Niido, and Sagure want to take the lazy way out and “just put white sheets” over everyone. Mob for his part wants to take the job more series but when put on the spot he freezes and begins to ramble. Ritsu is concerned that the event is too much and can cause too much noise.

Elsewhere, Reigen is concerned about promoting the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. Katsuya Serizawa wants to go to night school. Reigen is supportive. Suddenly, Amakusa Haruaki bursts in and loudly proclaims that he’s here to “hunt those that writhe in the night”. Reigen doesn’t understand him and asks him to wait outside because he has a meeting with a client. Haruaki is questioned by police while Reigen deals with the clients.

He returns much to Reigen’s disappointment. Haruaki is super serious which makes him hard to take seriously. His use of hyperbolic language like “vortex of madness,” doesn’t help things. Reigen snaps. He calls Haruaki annoying and a “dumbass,” who needs to get to the point or get out. Haruaki gets to the point. He’s come to Seasoning City to find Yokai. Haruaki is specifically searching for an evil demon horde that hopes to collect enough energy to resurrect the Great Yokai King. Still, Reigen refuses to help until Haruaki offers him money.

Mob and Serizawa battle the Yokai horde

Mob appears and he joins Haruaki, Reigen, and Serizawa on the hunt for the Yokai. However, he’s preoccupied with the costumes he’s responsible for. As Mob’s explosion progress towards 31% they investigate an abandoned building. At this point Reigen is still uncertain if Haruaki is serious or just delusional. Reigen notices the walls are “slimy,” and the entrance closes behind them. Whatever it is something has tapped them.

When they venture further in the building their finally attacked by a “Yokai”. Haruaki spring to action, unsheathing his Holy Blade Kusanahi-no-Dai-Hannya-Kagemitsu that costed him 7 million yen. It breaks when he strikes the Yokai. Serizawa cuts it in half with a set of business cards he turns into a sword. The rest of the Yokai begin to attack.

The four generals of the Hundred Demons and the Great Yokai King appear. Mob and Serizawa battle the Yokai without much difficulty. Mob who hadn’t stopped thinking about the haunted house gets inspiration from the encounter. Together with his classmates they construct costumes based on the Yokai. The haunted house wasn’t a hit but it wasn’t a disaster either.

This episode continues to show Mob progressing as a young man. He was overwhelmed by the expectation and responsibility he had regarding the haunted house. Not only did he encourage his classmates to do more he succeeded in his goal, as Reigen notes he “solved the problem on his own.” This may seem small but the fact that the students weren’t that impressed with his efforts was realistic. What really mattered was Mob’s sense of accomplishment.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you think Mob progressed? What did you think of Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki? I thought he was lying or delusional at first but the Yokai were real. Were you surprised? Do you think he’ll return? Like and comment.

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Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 001

Future ~Career Paths~

Mob Psycho 100 has always tried to argue that psychic powers don’t make you special. Mob specifically has embodied this theme. He’s never been eager to show off his powers; instead he hopes for a more mundane life, making friends, gaining muscles, and dating. So far he’s only managed to make friends but this episode opens with Mob and his classmates are tasked with filling out a career path survey for school. 

Mob has no idea what his future is. While he’s working for Reigen at the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. Mob has never dreamed of using his psychic powers for profit. Tome Kurata plans to “go to school that studies UFO’s,” Haruto Kijibayashi wants to work for a game company, and Mameta Inukawa wants to be a “plain old office worker.” 

Reigen believes that Mob’s calling is to be a “spirit consultant”, but Mob just sees it as a part time job. Mob asks him if he “wanted to run a spirit consultation office” when he was in high school. Reigen claims that he did everything he wanted in his old job so he needed to do something else. Surprisingly, Katsuya Serizawa has taken a job at the Spirits and Such Consultation Office, he’s still awkward and desperate to please Reigen. While this is a similar dynamic to one he had with Toichiro Suzuki, I trust that Reigen won’t take advantage of him like Suzuki did. 

Roaches, smoke, and despair

Reigen begins a consultation with a new client who claims to have purchased a totem at an antique store and it’s causing him problems. Reigen of course senses nothing but Mob warns him that “bad things are swirling within it.” Serizawa successfully exercises it. Elsewhere, the broccoli tree from last season has remained in the middle of Seasoning City. Some people have formed the Psycho Helmet Religion and come to worship the tree, calling it the Divine Tree

Mob, Serizawa, and Reigen meet with a weird client. Her claims that an evil spirit caused him a number of unfortunate consequences. The client keeps a discussing home and it’s filled with garbage and full of roaches which scare Reigen. He leaves Mob and Serizawa to speak with the client. Who tells them he has nothing but loneliness and despair. Serizawa can relate. He recounts his experience with being a shut in. He acts as a cautionary tale of sorts for Mob. 

The broccoli Tree from Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 remains
The broccoli Tree from Mob Psycho 100 Season 2 remains

Don’t go with the flow

He says he “just went with the flow,” and “kept choosing the easy way out.” He wasted fifty years of his life and has nothing to show for it. While he’s speaking the neighborhood begins to fall asleep as a spirit appears. It encourages Reigen to stop working too hard and “just go to bed.” Together Mob and Serizawa exorcized the spirit together. After the exorcism, Serizawa and Mob have small meltdowns. They are concerned that they won’t overcome their current obstacles.

Reigen tells Mob the real reason he quit his old job was because he got “bored,” and started spirit consulting on a “whim.” He says whatever you do “doesn’t have to be work.” Mob seems encouraged. This episode’s main point seems to be that the pressure to make choices, especially regarding careers, can be suffocating, but you never know what life will bring. 

What do you think? Was deciding your future career difficult? I still have no idea and I’m 35. How did you like the first episode? Not enough action? Do you think people will start eating the broccoli tree? 

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