Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 009

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 009, “Mob 1 ~Moving~,” Tsubomi has been the object of Mob’s and every boys affection. Mob being his usual awkward self has struggled to ask Tsubomi out on a date. Worst he and his class has learned that Tsubomi is moving soon. When Mameta informs Mob that he’ll have rivals for Tsubomi. Mob asks for advice. The Body Improvement Club offers rather useless advice. Tenga tells him to “grow a pair,” Musashi tells him that Tsubomi will be “impressed” by Mob’s new and improved body.

He then asks the former Telepathy Club members their opinions. However, Takenaka tells Mob that they’re not appropriate to give advice. Tome intervenes and tells Mob to get a hair cut. Outside, there’s a line of line of boys asking Tsubomi out. She turns each of them anyway. Mezato tells Mob not to bother, he’ll only get rejected too. She doesn’t get why boys even like Tsubomi. She asks Mob why he likes Tsubomi.

After school, Mob tells Reigen that he doesn’t have an answer. Serizawa, who knows even less about dating, is envious of Mob’s flirtation with Tsubomi. Mob is still uncertain why he likes her, he only knows that he does. Reigen gives Mob the stereotypical advice to Mob: be yourself. Mob runs into Teru, who tells Mob to buy her a gift. He suggests flowers. Unfortunately, for Mob he doesn’t have any money. At home, Mob just calls Tsubomi at home. He sets up a meeting the following day. As he heads for the date, he’s hit by a truck after saving a kid.

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