My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9

Bakugo gets to shine in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 9. With little time to think, Eraser Head cuts off the bottom part of his leg, preventing the Quirk killing drug from taking effect. Unfortunately, Eraser Heads Quirk cut off for a “split second” allowing Tomura to unleash his Quirks and attack Eraser Head. With his master in danger, Deku uses his Blackwhips Quirk to capture Tomura and drag him away. Shoto impales Tomura on a pillar of ice and Deku follows up with a powerful punch. It doesn’t have much effect.

Deku, Endeavor, Shoto, and Bakugo prepare to face Tomura head on. However, when Tomura attempts to use his Quirk, his body begins to fall apart. Deku notes that this is a lot like what happens to his body. Fracturing his bones and forcing his limbs to go limp. Tomura seems to lose a since of himself, asking what “time is it?” He shrugs off this odd moment and proceeds to try to use his Decay Quirk again.

Before he can Deku uses a combination of his Black Whip Quirk and the Float Quirk, he lifts Tomura and the remaining heroes into the air. Deku let off a barrage of massive and exhausting smashes, preventing Tomura from reacting. Bakugo releases that Deku is still in danger and together with Endeavor and Shoto they interfere. Endeavor grabs Tomura letting out a powerful Prominence Burn. However, Tomura still survives leaving Endeavor shocked. Suddenly, All For One awakens and uses River Stab Quirk against Deku, forcing Bakugo to protect his friend.

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