Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 010

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 010, sees Mob’s alternate self go on a rampage. Unconscious, Mob’s alternate personality ???, a manifestation of Mob’s psychic power. A consequence of Mob bottling up his emotions in order to appear normal, ??? is a destructive force. It first appeared during an altercation between Mob and Ritsu and three bullies. ??? erupted causing the bullies to crash into walls and bleed. However, Ritsu was injured as well, causing Mob to stop using psychic powers. ??? overwhelmed Teruki Hanazawa when he tried to choke Mob to death, and he appeared during the Keiji Mogami arc, destroying Mogami’s mental world.

??? begins to cause earthquakes as it tries to meet Tsubomi for the date. Teru tries to stop ??? as it walks through the forest. Teru is easily overwhelmed as ???, who throws Teru into an apartment complex. When ??? approaches, Teru warns it that there are innocent people still in the rubble. Teru fails to get through to ??? but he seems to make some kind of contact with the Mob within. ??? becomes enraged and explodes with psychic power destroying the surrounding area and endangering the civilians.

Teru uses his powers to rescue some of the civilians that are trapped. Afterward, Teru faints leaving ??? to rampage further. Mob’s friends recognize him as the news reports. In a aircraft above the town, prisoners including Toichiro Suzuki are tasked with stopping ??? in exchange for a reduced sentence. Suzuki knocks them all out and prepares to face ??? alone. ??? is Mob’s worst nightmare, a loss of control. He hasn’t accepted his powers and is always trying to suppress them. This causes his powers to fluctuate and eventual explode. It’s an unhealthy habit. I expect Mob’s friends will all try to stop ??? and eventually one of them, maybe Tsubomi will get hurt. Mob will need to calm ??? down, he’s the only one that can do it.

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