Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 11

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 11 reveals the circumstances that lead to Ichigo’s parents meeting. Ichigo’s mother has been an absent figure in Bleach since its beginning. His mother Masaki Kurosaki was a Echt Quincy, who died protecting him from a Grand Fisher. Tite Kubo seems to have modeled the Quincy after Nazi’s, based on their uniforms, the use of the German language for their techniques, and the culture they have. I’m specifically referring to the obsession with “pure blood.” In Bleach, the Quincy call the pure blood “Echt,” meaning “real,” and the “mixed” Quincy are called “Gemischt.”

We get a shallow showing of this culture but it appears that the Gemischt are relegated to a service role, acting as maids and attendings. Meanwhile, the Echt occupy a more privilege positions and engage in arranged marriages. Masaki Kurosaki was engaged to Ryuken Ishida the father of Uryu Ishida. Ichigo’s father Isshin Kurosaki tells him the truth his mother was a Quincy. In a flashback we get to see a younger Isshin and his time as the Captain of the Tenth Division. Rangiku Matsumoto was his Lieutenant and the adorable Toshiro Hitsugaya is his third seat.

Isshin’s battle with White

Hitsugaya informs Isshin that a incident in Naruki City where Shinigami where disappearing. Isshin rushes off to investigate. Meanwhile, Aizen, Gin, and Tosen conspire in secret. They have been experimenting on members of the Gotei 13. They are also searching for Shinji Hirako and the other Vizards. They release the Hollow named White. Ironically it’s mostly black, but has white hair. White slaughters two Shinigami and attack Isshin.

Isshin notes that while White is a Hollow it fights like a Shinigami. He releases his Shikai, Engetsu. However, Aizen attacks Isshin by slashing him across the back. Isshin instantly realizes that it must be a Zanpakuto but Aizen is cloaked and cannot be detected. Isshin is how too injured to use Bankai and becomes overwhelmed by White. Suddenly, Masaki appears and uses her Heilig Pfell. Unfortunately, White is too fast and she deactivates her Heilig Bogen, leaving herself open for White to bite her. When it does she takes the opportunity to shoot it point blank in the head.

White corpse prepares to explode, Isshin steps in to take the brunt of the explosion. He saves Masaki. Ryuken and Katagiri watch for a distance, but conclude they won’t be needed anymore.

5 thoughts on “Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 11

      1. Hm, considering how young he was when she died, and how he’s always been a bit more of a brawler than a precise killer, she probably didn’t teach him much. Maybe she just didn’t get much of a chance to.

  1. I think this episode had me see Ichigo’s dad from another perspective. Plus Toshirou when he’s young was already savage and adorable. I love how we had been given the chance to fully discovered Ichigo’s parents first met. Now, can’t wait to learn more about them and what exactly happened that our MC haven’t learn yet.

    1. I wish they didn’t wait so long. It always seemed strange that no one mentioned that Ichigo’s father was a former Captain, especially Isshin himself.

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