Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 11

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 11 introduces us to some interesting Devils and Fiends. Aki meets the Future Devil, a fun devil that dances while repeating “the future rules.” Aki isn’t so jovial. He’s a stick in the mud that only wanted to “form a contract.” While disappointed, the Future Devil moves on after pointing out Aki’s bad attitude. He Future Devil tells Aki to “stick his head in his gut,” so he can tell his future and determine what he will ask Aki for. After Aki sticks his head inside the Future Devil, the devil agrees to grant Aki his power. He will live inside Aki’s right eye. Why has he agreed? Apparently, the Future Devil saw his death and it’s “epic.”

Kishibe continues to train Power and Denji. The two have made progress and will only have to train once a week instead everyday. A small victories for Power and Denji. He reminds him that they need to “keep their heads cool and not forget what weapons they have.” The next training will be against the Snake Devil and the Katana Man. Later, Kishibe meets with Makima. He reveals that he’s starting to become attached to Power and Denji and his drinking is a coping mechanism for the death of many of his students. He goes on to accuses Makima of knowing the attack was going to occur and permitting it.

Of course, Makima denies this and claims that she “wants to save as many people as possible from the devils.” Kishibe seems cold claiming that he “he don’t care about her plans or how many of his dogs die as long as she is serving mankind’s interests.” This conflicts with his drinking and affection for Denji and Power. I believe he’s lying about not caring about his students but serious about allowing Makima to operate as long as she sides with humanity. This threat also suggest that Makima isn’t human at all. The only reasonable answer is Makima is a devil. However, she has contracts with devils, so maybe she’s something else.

The Special Division and police surround Katana Man and his allies. Kishibe reveals to Division 2 the weakness of the Special Division. It’s a clever way to introduce new characters: Beam, the Shark Fiend, who has the ability to “swim” through the surface of any substance and transform his head into a shark, then there’s Galgali, the Violence Fiend, wearing a gas mask that dispenses poison, Galgali is strong, then we have my favorite Princi, the Spider Devil, she’s the creepiest one and I like that for some reason, the last devil is, Angel Devil, a strange combination. Angel Devil has the ability to drain ones life force by touch. Personally, I think the Angel Devil seems out of place in this series. I can’t figure out why.

Aki tells Power and Denji to leave the zombies to the new fiends and they should split up and find the Snake Devil and Katana Man. Aki eventually encounters Akane who summons the Snake Devil then has it spit out the Ghost Devil it decapitated in its fight against Himeno. Armed with the Future Devil’s ability to “peek,” into the future, Aki is able to avoid a direct hit from the Ghost Devil. Unfortunately, his ability to see the future is limited. He’s eventually overwhelmed by the Ghost Devil and is about to be choke to death before the episode ends. Is this the epic death the Future Devil predicted? I doubt it. But the Snake Devil’s ability to “eat” other devils is interesting.

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