Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 007

Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 – Episode 007Transmission 1 ~Winter Break~,” begins a new arc, the Telepathic Mini-Arc. Tome announces that the Telepathy Club will disband after graduation. She’s disappointed that they haven’t be able to “contact aliens.” The lack of response from the other members causes Tome to dissolve the club. Mameta, Saruta, and Haruto go to Mob’s house to get him to help contact UFO’s telepathically. Unfortunately, Mob can’t use telepathy.

Ritsu mentions that a couple of siblings, Daichi and Kaito can use telepathy but only between them. They can combine their powers to “attract another telepath,” by making a signal. Mob decides to help. Mob acts as an amplifier, attracting Takenaka, a former member of the telepathy club. He downplays his powers at first but eventually admits that he’s a telepath. He exploited his powers and decided that he shouldn’t use his powers. Mob managers to convince him to help them out.

Reigen get roped into the plan. Takenaka over sleeps but makes it just in time. Tome meets up with the guys and they wait for the UFO’s at Mt. Mudboat. After the intense and heartbreaking end to the last arc, a silly one is refreshing. Including the other characters in this arc is fun, most of the secondary or tertiary haven’t been important and I hope they get more time. Tome in particular has been a constant in the series and I have found her to be hilarious. She’s a real believer in the supernatural but I doubt she’ll get to see real aliens. Ghosts are not out of the question though.

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