Kill La Kill Episode 4 – Ryoku and Maki’s quest to avoid expulsion

Ryoku gets revenge on Maiko

Episode 4 – Dawn of a Miserable Morning

Kill La Kill Episode 4 is a clear change in tone from the previous episodes. Focusing on humor rather than the usual action. While Senketsu is being washed and pressed by Maki’s mother. Ryoku learns of “No-Late Day“, an event where school students must navigate a complicated and dangerous obstacle course. If they fail to reach school on time they’ll be expelled. Ryoku and Maki begin to make their way across the course where they encounter Maiko. She was “injured” while attempting the course. Meanwhile, Maki’s family all attempt to deliver Senketsu to Ryoku.

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The girls hijack an armored bus to avoid the traps, a mother opens fire on them with a machine gun as she nurses. They manage to make it to school with 15 minutes to spare, however, they are betrayed by Maiko. She reveals herself to be the “Disciplinary Committee Head of Trap Development” and steals Senketsu. Her main job was to surveil the student body and developing traps for them. Maiko hopes to overthrow Satsuki Kiryuin’s rule. She’s able to use Senketsu because of her “shamelessness.”

However, when she puts Senketsu on she becomes immobile due to the starchiness of Senketsu. Maiko sets off one final trap as she is defeat and expelled but Ryuko and Maki manage to get to school on time anyway. This episode’s goal was simply to humor the audience and personally I think they succeeded.

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