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Top 5 Studio Trigger Projects

Studio Trigger is a Japanese animation studio founded by two former Gainax employees Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka. The Studio Trigger is considered a successor to Gainax. Studio Trigger, Sanzigen, and Ordet joined the holding company Ultra Super Pictures. In 2018, Studio Trigger started a Patreon account that now raises $6,000 monthly. Since 2011, Studio Trigger a produced several high-quality anime series with a similar style to the Gurren Lagann series. 

Darling in the Franxx

science fiction romance series produced by Cloverworks and animated by Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures, Darling in the Franxx is set in a dystopian future. In the Franxx universe, young people are manufactured to defend civilization. The story follows ten pilots, focusing on the pair, Hiro and Zero Two. The series uses symbolism from the mythological Jian. The series was praised for its “coming of age elements,” however, some of its content was criticized for sexually innuendo and pacing. 


Promare is one of the three films produced so far by Studio Trigger. Co-produced with XFLAG, Promare is set after a “calamity known as the Great World Blaze.” Half of the human population is killed. Several humans developed pyrokinetic abilities becoming known as Burnish. The firefighting group, Burning Rescue battles against the Mad Burnish, a terrorist group. Despite having a story that’s similar to the Fire Force series, Promare was generally well-received. Its colorful visuals, storytelling, and style received rave reviews. 

Kill La Kill

The first series created by Studio Trigger, Kill La Kill is an original work from the company. Kill La Kill tells the revenge story of Ryuko Matoi, as she seeks to avenge her father. She attends Honnouji Academy, where she comes into conflict with Satsuki Kiryuin. Kill La Kill features fanservice for both genders, high-quality animation, action, humor, and a shocking twist towards the end. The series was described as “magical girl anime on speed.” 


SSSS.Gridman tells the story of Yuta Hibiki, a high school student with amnesia. He’s given the mission to fight against Kaiju by Hyper Agent Gridman. Together they merge to defeat the Kaiju, aided by the Gridman Alliance. SSSS.Gridman has an intriguing villain and is an interesting mystery. Based on the series Denko Choujin GridmanSSSS.Gridman was a surprise hit in 2018. 

Little Witch Academia

The Little Witch Academia series has spawned two moviesLittle Witch Academia and Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade, as well as a television series. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari enrolls in the magical school, Luna Nova Magical Academy. Determined to become a witch like her hero Shiny Chariot, Akko sets off to accomplish her dream. Akko is hard working but lacks magical abilities because of her non-magical bloodline. However, Akko’s belief in magic is second to none and she finally discovers her magical abilities. 

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Kill La Kill Episode 4 – Ryoku and Maki’s quest to avoid expulsion

Ryoku gets revenge on Maiko

Episode 4 – Dawn of a Miserable Morning

Kill La Kill Episode 4 is a clear change in tone from the previous episodes. Focusing on humor rather than the usual action. While Senketsu is being washed and pressed by Maki’s mother. Ryoku learns of “No-Late Day“, an event where school students must navigate a complicated and dangerous obstacle course. If they fail to reach school on time they’ll be expelled. Ryoku and Maki begin to make their way across the course where they encounter Maiko. She was “injured” while attempting the course. Meanwhile, Maki’s family all attempt to deliver Senketsu to Ryoku.

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The girls hijack an armored bus to avoid the traps, a mother opens fire on them with a machine gun as she nurses. They manage to make it to school with 15 minutes to spare, however, they are betrayed by Maiko. She reveals herself to be the “Disciplinary Committee Head of Trap Development” and steals Senketsu. Her main job was to surveil the student body and developing traps for them. Maiko hopes to overthrow Satsuki Kiryuin’s rule. She’s able to use Senketsu because of her “shamelessness.”

However, when she puts Senketsu on she becomes immobile due to the starchiness of Senketsu. Maiko sets off one final trap as she is defeat and expelled but Ryuko and Maki manage to get to school on time anyway. This episode’s goal was simply to humor the audience and personally I think they succeeded.


Kill La Kill Episode 3 – Satsuki Kiryuin wears her own Kamui

Episode 3 – Junketsu (Purity)

Kill La Kill Episode 3 is centered around one thing. Fan Service. Its clear fan service is going to be an integral part of the story and I’m fine with it. However, there’s a point when the fan service can become cheesy and over the top. I think Kill la Kill is aiming to push some boundaries with fan service, and I wonder how far they will go. Back to the story, we learn a little more information about the Goku uniforms. Each uniform possesses some percentage of “Life Fibers”.

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Life fibers give uniforms their power. One Star Goku Uniforms consist of 10% Life Fiber, Two Stars contain 20%, and Kamui uniforms are composed entirely of Life fibers. Satsuki puts on her very own Kamui called Junketsu (Purity). As a child, Satsuki fell in love with “beautiful” Kamui. Her father told her “it will be your wedding dress.” She is annoyed that Ryoku was the first to wear a Kamui. She takes the Junketsu without her mother’s permission, strips naked, and feeds Junketsu her blood.

The following day Satsuki challenges Ryoku. The ensuing battle is spectacular, Satsuki gets the better of this battle. She effortlessly overwhelms Ryoku, appearing to not even be trying. Maki proving to be this series comic relief interrupts the fight to tell Ryoku ” she should get completely naked”. During the battle, Ryoku learns to truly become one with Senketsu she must get over her shame regarding her appearance. The battle ends in a stalemate with Ryoku stating that she will stop Satsuki’s ambition.

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Kill La Kill Episode 2 – Ryuko gets served by Omiko Hakodate

Omiko Hakodate the two-star tennis club captain

Episode 02 – So Sexy She Might Pass Out

In Kill La Kill Episode 2, Ryuko confronts Satsuki Kiryuin, however, due to the fact that her uniform ” Senketsu” drinks her blood, Ryuko is forced to escape. She passes out and ends you in the care of “backroom doctor” Barazo Mankanshoku. The father of Mako, who comically states that “if you compare the number of people he’s killed versus those he’s saved, he’s killed more!” I found meeting Mako’s family to be the most humorous part of the episode. Mako’s family is quirky, cheerful, and inappropriate. Her mother Sukuyo Mankanshoku puts questionable ingredients in her “Mystery Croquettes,” her brother Mataro is a thief, and her father is a pervert. Mako herself is the most fun. She is full of over-the-top energy and at the same time can’t stop sleeping during class.

Aikuro Mikisugi proves to be rather inappropriate, strangely opening his shirt and pants to show off his body. He also provides Ryoku with insight about her uniform “Senketsu”, telling her that it’s a “Kamui” that requires blood. He gives her a glove that aids her in this regard. Kill La Kill seems committed to the fanservice. However, it extends to the men as well. That’s refreshing, but the sexualization of women is still different from men. Regardless, I think it’s a good decision for this series, even if I could do without all of the fanservice.

Ryuko and Omiko Hakodate have a tennis match

Ryuko returns from break points

This episode’s main villain is tennis club captain “Omiko Hakodate“, who just received her two-star Goku uniform. Like the boxing in the previous episode, this episode featured exaggerated tennis. Ryuko faces off against Omiko in an epic tennis match. Ryuko is at a disadvantage and quickly falls to 0 – 40 but using her scissor blade gets the upper hand and wins. Satsuki quickly appears in front of Ryuko and challenges her to a battle. She seems to overpower Ryuko, who escapes to battle at another time. Considering the fact that Satsuki crossed swords with Ryuko at the end of this episode I’m starting to think she’s not the strongest villain in the series. Despite being the main character, Ryuko loses often. She’s likely to win in the end but I’m surprised she fails as much as she does.

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Kill La Kill Episode 1 – Ryuko’s quest for revenge

Ryuko Matoi seek revenge for her father's in Kill La Kill Episode 1
Ryuko Matoi seek revenge for her father’s

Episode 01 – “If Only I Had Thorns Like a Thistle

A tale of revenge

Kill La Kill Episode 1 opens with a dramatic showdown between Ira Gamagori and student Suzuki. The main theme of Kill la Kill is simple, revenge. Ryuko Matoi is the main protagonist. She is a young girl who travels in search of the person that killed her father. Armed with a single red scissor blade she arrives at the Honnoji Academy. She believes her father’s murderer is in possession of the other half of the scissors. Honnoji Academy is a high school that’s ruled by a five-person student council, led by a President, Satsuki Kiryuin.

When Ryuko sees Satsuki she instantly instigates a fight. Her revenge is halted when Takaharu Fukuroda (Boxing Club Captain) interferes. After being thoroughly defeated by him she flees. While sulking in the rain she decries her defeat to her dead father. Ryuko (aided by homeroom teacher Aikurō Mikisugi) comes across a living school uniform named Senketsu, who forces itself onto Ryuko. Now with Senketsu, Ryuko returns to the school to stand up against Satsuki. She defeats Fukuroda, destroying his uniform in the process. She questions Satsuki again about the wielder of the other scissor blade.

Ryuko’s uniform leaves little to the imagination

A reason for fanservice

The character design of Kill la Kill is pretty simple. The school uses powerful uniforms known as Goku Uniforms. At first, they seem like standard Japanese school uniforms we’ve all seen before. However, the leaders of the Honnoji Academy student council seem to have more unique qualities. Ryuko’s Senketsu Unifrom clearly is designed with fan service in mind. A combination of metal and fabric ( what little it has ) is different from other uniforms in this series so far. The concept of the Goku Uniforms (instantly thought of Dragon Ball Z) isn’t the most unique but interesting.

Basically, there are four levels of uniforms identified by the number of stars. They range from no stars to three stars (only one to three have superpowers). Ryuko is armed with half of a scissor (obviously much cooler in anime than real life). Senketsu doesn’t appear to have any stars but we could assume it’s at least stronger than a two-star. After Ryuko defeats Fukuroda his uniform disappears as her sword destroys it and her uniform absorbs a strain from it. I’m guessing she’ll gain power from each student she defeats (and maybe more fabric).

Ryuko challenges Satsuki

Kill La Kill is the sucessor of Gurren Lagann

Trigger has my confidence when it comes to animation. As shown with Gurren Lagann, Imashi, and Nakashima clearly have the talent to create great animation and it shows. The same fluid quality animation that was used in Gurren Lagann is apparent here. The camera angles are dramatic and there’s a combination of moving animation with detailed stills. The abilities of some of the characters are interesting particularly Fukuroda (in this episode anyway). I’m hoping that this is a precursor to more unique abilities that add to what seems to be a promising anime.

Overall, Kill La Kill is entertaining, funny, violet, and a little sexy. The series has a rapid pace that can be too much to take in at first, causing confusion. However, once you re-watch the episode a few times it will make more sense. If this episode is any indication this series has a lot of potentials. It’s clear that Kill La Kill is inspired by Gurren Lagann‘s visual aesthetic (Ryuko and Simon are almost identical) this can only be a good thing. Hopefully, it lives up to my expectations and the excitement Kill La Kill Episode 1 created.