Kill La Kill Episode 3 – Satsuki Kiryuin wears her own Kamui

Episode 3 – Junketsu (Purity)

Kill La Kill Episode 3 is centered around one thing. Fan Service. Its clear fan service is going to be an integral part of the story and I’m fine with it. However, there’s a point when the fan service can become cheesy and over the top. I think Kill la Kill is aiming to push some boundaries with fan service, and I wonder how far they will go. Back to the story, we learn a little more information about the Goku uniforms. Each uniform possesses some percentage of “Life Fibers”.

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Life fibers give uniforms their power. One Star Goku Uniforms consist of 10% Life Fiber, Two Stars contain 20%, and Kamui uniforms are composed entirely of Life fibers. Satsuki puts on her very own Kamui called Junketsu (Purity). As a child, Satsuki fell in love with “beautiful” Kamui. Her father told her “it will be your wedding dress.” She is annoyed that Ryoku was the first to wear a Kamui. She takes the Junketsu without her mother’s permission, strips naked, and feeds Junketsu her blood.

The following day Satsuki challenges Ryoku. The ensuing battle is spectacular, Satsuki gets the better of this battle. She effortlessly overwhelms Ryoku, appearing to not even be trying. Maki proving to be this series comic relief interrupts the fight to tell Ryoku ” she should get completely naked”. During the battle, Ryoku learns to truly become one with Senketsu she must get over her shame regarding her appearance. The battle ends in a stalemate with Ryoku stating that she will stop Satsuki’s ambition.

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