Kill La Kill – Episode 02: Recap and Review

Kill La Kill

Episode 02 – So Sexy She Might Pass Out


Due to the fact that her uniform ” Senketsu” drinks her blood, Ryuko is forced to escape. She passes out and ends you in the care of “backroom doctor” Barazo Mankanshoku. Barazo Mankanshoku is the father of Mako, who comically states that “if you compare the number of people he’s killed versus those he’s saved, he’s killed more!“. I found meeting Mako’s family to be the most humorous part of the episode. This episode’s main villain is tennis club captain “Omiko Hakodate”, who just received her two star goku uniform. Like the boxing in the previous episode, this episode featured exaggerated tennis (I’m a huge tennis fan).

Aikuro Mikisugi, proves to be rather inappropriate, strangely opening his shirt and pants to show off his body. He also provides Ryoku with insight about her uniform “Senketsu”, telling her that it’s a “Kamui” that requires blood. He gives her a glove that aids her in this regard. Ryuko faces off against Omiko in an epic tennis match. Ryuko is at disadvantage and quickly falls to 0 – 40 but using her scissor blade gets the upper hand and winning. Satsuki quickly appears in front of Ryuko and challenges her to a battle. Satsuki seems to overpower Ryuko, who escapes to battle at another time. Considering the fact that Satsuki crossed swords with Ryuko at the end of this episode I’m starting to think she’s not the strongest villain in the series.


  • Tennis I love Tennis
  • Insight on the inequality in the society
  • Mako’s funny family


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