Kill La Kill Episode 6: Ryuko faces her latest test against Uzu


Episode 6 – Don’t Toy With Me on a Whim

Kill La Kill Episode 6, “Don’t Toy with me on a Whim” introduces a second member of Elite Four. In the previous episode, Nonon Jakuzure debuted. After discovering Aikuro’s connection to Tsumugu, Ryuko interrogates him to find out more. She manages to only get the name of his organization, “Nudist Beach” (and a close-up of his shining nipples). Uzu Sanageyama seeks permission from Satsuki to fight Ryuko. We are treated to a flashback of Lady Satsuki and Uzu when they were in the third year of middle school. Satsuki easily dispatches Uzu and his fellow gang members. She then invites him to attend Honnouji Academy to release his potential.

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Uzu transforms into a mecha uniform called Three-Star Ultima Uniform: Blade Regalia. Uzu can read all of Ryuko moves with his Secret Technique: Heaven’s Eye!. He then uses a second technique God-Speed Thousand Thrusts!, gaining the advantage. Ryuko with the help of Senketsu allows Uzu to cut off a piece of her uniform so she could blind him. She quickly capitalizes and uses her Finishing move: Thread Stripper!, and destroys his uniform.

Uzu isn’t done yet. He begs Satsuki for a second chance and she grants it. His new suit is the Three-Star Ultima Uniform: Blade Regalia Mk 2!, Ryuko assumes she can use her plan from their previous fight. However, Uzu asked Iori to “sew his eyes shut” so he’s no longer susceptible to her plan. Satsuki explains that by sewing his eyes closed Uzu acquired the “Minds Eye”. Ryuko is being thoroughly thrashed until Uzu’s uniform overheats giving her the opportunity to flee.


Kill La Kill Episode 5: Ryuko Matoi becomes the target of Nudist Beach

Tsumugu Kinagase targets Ryuko in Kill La Kill Episode 5.
Tsumugu Kinagase targets Ryuko

Episode 5 – Trigger

Kill La Kill Episode 5, “Trigger,” introduces us to the rebel organization Nudist Beach. Tsumugu Kinagase is an assassin and anti-uniform Guerilla with his sights set on Ryuko. He is interrupted by the gardening club and promptly defeats them. Ryuko rescues Mako from the biology club by using her Finishing move: Thread Stripper. Ryuko can now alter the size of her scissor sword so that it’s pocket-sized. Senketsu criticizes Ryuko for becoming too cocky and explains that she can “immediately spot any change in your physiology” including her weight (as he criticizes her eating habits).

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Mako is then attacked by Tsumugu and he attempts to strip Ryuko of her Kamui. Aikuro stops him and they meet later to discuss his search for the “God robes”. Mako’s family provides their usual humor as they spy on Ryuko as she has a conversation with Senketsu. Ryuko and Tsumugu face-off but before they can complete the fight they are attacked by the ” gardening, rakugo and hyakunin-isshu clubs”.

Tsumugu manages to defeat Ryuko and the clubs, he tells her about a woman who once wore (I’m assuming) a god robe that appeared to have betrayed her. Mako continues to save Ryuko when she’s down with one of her rants. Tsumugu finally understands the bond between Ryuko and Senketsu. Nonon Jakuzure, one of the Student’s Council’s Elite Four. She’s responsible for regulating non-athletic groups. Nonon attempts to capture both Tsumugu and confiscate Senketsu. Tsumugu, Senketsu, and Ryujo manage to escape to Aikuro’s house.


Kill La Kill Episode 4 – Ryoku and Maki’s quest to avoid expulsion

Ryoku gets revenge on Maiko

Episode 4 – Dawn of a Miserable Morning

Kill La Kill Episode 4 is a clear change in tone from the previous episodes. Focusing on humor rather than the usual action. While Senketsu is being washed and pressed by Maki’s mother. Ryoku learns of “No-Late Day“, an event where school students must navigate a complicated and dangerous obstacle course. If they fail to reach school on time they’ll be expelled. Ryoku and Maki begin to make their way across the course where they encounter Maiko. She was “injured” while attempting the course. Meanwhile, Maki’s family all attempt to deliver Senketsu to Ryoku.

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The girls hijack an armored bus to avoid the traps, a mother opens fire on them with a machine gun as she nurses. They manage to make it to school with 15 minutes to spare, however, they are betrayed by Maiko. She reveals herself to be the “Disciplinary Committee Head of Trap Development” and steals Senketsu. Her main job was to surveil the student body and developing traps for them. Maiko hopes to overthrow Satsuki Kiryuin’s rule. She’s able to use Senketsu because of her “shamelessness.”

However, when she puts Senketsu on she becomes immobile due to the starchiness of Senketsu. Maiko sets off one final trap as she is defeat and expelled but Ryuko and Maki manage to get to school on time anyway. This episode’s goal was simply to humor the audience and personally I think they succeeded.


Kill La Kill Episode 3 – Satsuki Kiryuin wears her own Kamui

Episode 3 – Junketsu (Purity)

Kill La Kill Episode 3 is centered around one thing. Fan Service. Its clear fan service is going to be an integral part of the story and I’m fine with it. However, there’s a point when the fan service can become cheesy and over the top. I think Kill la Kill is aiming to push some boundaries with fan service, and I wonder how far they will go. Back to the story, we learn a little more information about the Goku uniforms. Each uniform possesses some percentage of “Life Fibers”.

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Life fibers give uniforms their power. One Star Goku Uniforms consist of 10% Life Fiber, Two Stars contain 20%, and Kamui uniforms are composed entirely of Life fibers. Satsuki puts on her very own Kamui called Junketsu (Purity). As a child, Satsuki fell in love with “beautiful” Kamui. Her father told her “it will be your wedding dress.” She is annoyed that Ryoku was the first to wear a Kamui. She takes the Junketsu without her mother’s permission, strips naked, and feeds Junketsu her blood.

The following day Satsuki challenges Ryoku. The ensuing battle is spectacular, Satsuki gets the better of this battle. She effortlessly overwhelms Ryoku, appearing to not even be trying. Maki proving to be this series comic relief interrupts the fight to tell Ryoku ” she should get completely naked”. During the battle, Ryoku learns to truly become one with Senketsu she must get over her shame regarding her appearance. The battle ends in a stalemate with Ryoku stating that she will stop Satsuki’s ambition.

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