Kill La Kill Episode 6: Ryuko faces her latest test against Uzu


Episode 6 – Don’t Toy With Me on a Whim

Kill La Kill Episode 6, “Don’t Toy with me on a Whim” introduces a second member of Elite Four. In the previous episode, Nonon Jakuzure debuted. After discovering Aikuro’s connection to Tsumugu, Ryuko interrogates him to find out more. She manages to only get the name of his organization, “Nudist Beach” (and a close-up of his shining nipples). Uzu Sanageyama seeks permission from Satsuki to fight Ryuko. We are treated to a flashback of Lady Satsuki and Uzu when they were in the third year of middle school. Satsuki easily dispatches Uzu and his fellow gang members. She then invites him to attend Honnouji Academy to release his potential.

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Uzu transforms into a mecha uniform called Three-Star Ultima Uniform: Blade Regalia. Uzu can read all of Ryuko moves with his Secret Technique: Heaven’s Eye!. He then uses a second technique God-Speed Thousand Thrusts!, gaining the advantage. Ryuko with the help of Senketsu allows Uzu to cut off a piece of her uniform so she could blind him. She quickly capitalizes and uses her Finishing move: Thread Stripper!, and destroys his uniform.

Uzu isn’t done yet. He begs Satsuki for a second chance and she grants it. His new suit is the Three-Star Ultima Uniform: Blade Regalia Mk 2!, Ryuko assumes she can use her plan from their previous fight. However, Uzu asked Iori to “sew his eyes shut” so he’s no longer susceptible to her plan. Satsuki explains that by sewing his eyes closed Uzu acquired the “Minds Eye”. Ryuko is being thoroughly thrashed until Uzu’s uniform overheats giving her the opportunity to flee.

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