Kill La Kill Episode 5: Ryuko Matoi becomes the target of Nudist Beach

Tsumugu Kinagase targets Ryuko in Kill La Kill Episode 5.
Tsumugu Kinagase targets Ryuko

Episode 5 – Trigger

Kill La Kill Episode 5, “Trigger,” introduces us to the rebel organization Nudist Beach. Tsumugu Kinagase is an assassin and anti-uniform Guerilla with his sights set on Ryuko. He is interrupted by the gardening club and promptly defeats them. Ryuko rescues Mako from the biology club by using her Finishing move: Thread Stripper. Ryuko can now alter the size of her scissor sword so that it’s pocket-sized. Senketsu criticizes Ryuko for becoming too cocky and explains that she can “immediately spot any change in your physiology” including her weight (as he criticizes her eating habits).

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Mako is then attacked by Tsumugu and he attempts to strip Ryuko of her Kamui. Aikuro stops him and they meet later to discuss his search for the “God robes”. Mako’s family provides their usual humor as they spy on Ryuko as she has a conversation with Senketsu. Ryuko and Tsumugu face-off but before they can complete the fight they are attacked by the ” gardening, rakugo and hyakunin-isshu clubs”.

Tsumugu manages to defeat Ryuko and the clubs, he tells her about a woman who once wore (I’m assuming) a god robe that appeared to have betrayed her. Mako continues to save Ryuko when she’s down with one of her rants. Tsumugu finally understands the bond between Ryuko and Senketsu. Nonon Jakuzure, one of the Student’s Council’s Elite Four. She’s responsible for regulating non-athletic groups. Nonon attempts to capture both Tsumugu and confiscate Senketsu. Tsumugu, Senketsu, and Ryujo manage to escape to Aikuro’s house.

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