Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 9: Gojo gets sealed

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 9, “The Shibuya Incident – Gate Open,” sees Geto’s plan to capture Gojo reach it’s completion. When Gojo gets to show off his power it’s a sight to behold. The strongest Sorcerer in the modern era, begins to adapt to the plan. Gojo faces Jogo and Hanami after removing his blindfold and targets Hanami first. Gojo grabs Jogo arm and flips over him. He then rips Jogo’s arm off, as he kicks Hanami into a wall. Hanami notices that Gojo has shut off his Limitless ability concludes that they no longer need to use domain amplification. This is a major mistake. Hanami isn’t able to use innate technique and domain amplification simultaneously leaving itself vulnerable to Gojo’s plan. When Gojo fights he can become feral and his treatment of Hanami is brutal.

Gojo rips the branches (eyes) of Hanami out of its body. Elsewhere, Choso, who keeps his distance from Gojo, continues to use Piercing Womb, decapitating several civilians. His attack fails as Gojo reactivates Infinity. Distracted by Choso, Jogo and Hanami try to use domain amplification once more. Gojo warns them that “this is a bad idea because he can counter by strengthening his cursed technique.” He targets Hanami again, pinning the curse spirit against the wall. Jogo attempts to distract Gojo by threatening to kill innocent civilians but it doesn’t matter. Gojo crushes Hanami exorcising it.

The sealing of Gojo

Geto’s plan to seal Gojo requires him to be in range of the Prison Realm for at least one minute. Jogo begins to panic, as Gojo begins to casually chase him. Jogo flings civilians at Gojo but they comically get stuck in Gojo’s Infinity. Mahito joins Jogo and Choso bringing with him a train full of transfigured humans. The three try to overwhelm Gojo with the transfigured humans trying to kill the civilians creating chaos. They assume that Gojo will not use his Domain Expansion: Unlimited Void because it will kill the innocence. However, Gojo has a different plans. Gojo opens his domain for 0.2 seconds. His hope is that non-sorcerers could survive being within his domain for this long.

Everyone on B5F is paralyzed. Gojo uses this opportunity to focus on killing the transfigured humans. He succeeds, killing over a thousand of them in 299 seconds. As we’ve seen with Gojo’s fight with Toji, one of the ways to “defeat,” Gojo is to exhaust him. Geto finally makes use of the Prison Realm tossing it behind Gojo. Geto reveals himself, distracting Gojo long enough for the Prison Realm to capture him. Despite what he’s seeing, Gojo knows this isn’t his former friend. Geto reveal that he’s a curse user that can “transplant his brain into other people to control them.” Elsewhere, Yuji is shocked when Mechamaru appears in his ear, revealing that Satoru Gojo “has been sealed.”

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