Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 8: Gojo gets ready to battle

In Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, Episode 8, “The Shibuya Incident” the enemies have lowered a series of curtains to separate the sorcerers into groups and isolate Gojo from the rest. He arrives on BF3 of the Hikarie Building which is filled with hundreds of trapped civilians. Gojo deduces some of the enemies plans and decides to play along. At B5F Hanami, Jogo, and Choso are waiting. Gojo mocks them, telling Jogo “not to come up with any excuses for when he loses again.” So far what makes the Shibuya arc so interesting is how detailed the plans are. This is what Geto and the others must do to even have a chance to seal Gojo, not even kill him. Gojo’s arrogance is understandable but also leads him into a dangerous situations in terms of getting capture. He’s assumed that they are trying to kill him so won’t be prepared to avoid their trap.

Team Mei Mei appears

Elsewhere, Team Mei Mei, which features Yuji, Mei Mei, and her weird brother Ui Ui. Together Ui UI and Mei Mei give off incest vibes as Ui Ui worships his sister too much. It’s not to be taken seriously though and is played for laughs. They are diverted to another location where Yuji heads off to fight the Grasshopper curse spirit. Yuji is eager to find Mahito and hopes to find the curse spirit in the subway. The Grasshopper curse is a grade 2 cursed spirit. Born from humanity’s fear of the grasshopper plague. This curse is annoying constantly repeating how “clever,” it is. Yuji easily defeats it overwhelming it with his strength. Mahito notes that the Grasshopper curse has been exorcised and a “decently strong sorcerer,” must be present.

At the Fukutoshin train line, Hanami blocks of several entrances. However, Gojo tells it that he won’t run, so it’s not necessary. Jogo forces the civilians on the train track, surrounding Gojo. The plan is to prevent Gojo from using his full strength. Geto needs Gojo to be stalled for 20 minutes. As Choso, Jogo, and Hanami begins to attack they kill some civilians causing panic. Hanami and Jogo attack Gojo together activating domain amplification, this technique allows them to neutralize any technique, including Limitless. However, Gojo teleports behind them. Gojo mocks them one more time before removing his blindfold. I can’t wait for Gojo to let loose. I wonder how he’ll adapt to the limits the curse have put on him.

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