Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16: Recap and Review

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 16 focuses on the battle between Panda and Mechamaru. Before that, we get to the climax of the fight between Aoi and Yuji. The episode ones with the quote from the “artistic community.” It is said that, “If someone doesn’t have an eye that can judge quality, they can create nothing of value with their hands.” It’s implied that this is true of Jujutsu and that Yuji has the “eye.” Yuji counter’s Aoi’s attacks. Yuji can see through the offense of Aoi and is “growing” as they fight. However, Aoi can still get the best of Yuji. Todo Aoi appears to be a violent and brainless, but he’s proving (at least when fighting) that he’s smart. He’s capable of analyzing the problem’s with Yuji’s Divergent Fist. Yuji leaves behind Cursed Energy because of his “superhuman speed.”

Yuji’s attack is good enough for low-level sorcerer but not a special grade. Like Todo, Yuji is a brawler. He also has intelligence (again when fighting). He quickly deduces that “he must apply Cursed Energy at the exact moment his attack hits.” Aoi teaches him to that “flowing Cursed Energy is something most Sorcerer’s do consciously.” It’s important for Yuji to stop trying to “speed up” his energy flow. Yuji beings to make his cursed energy flow throughout his entire body. Aoi and Yuji prepare to fight, as his new best friend Aoi hopes to lead Yuji to greatness.

Panda is not a Panda

As Nobara and Panda corner Momo, Mechamaru shoots Panda from behind. He feints dying. Meanwhile, Momo decides to “teach” Nobara a listen. When Mechamaru appears, Panda gets up and punches him. It’s revealed that Panda is a mutated Cursed Corpse. Mechamaru is a “puppet.” It’s being controlled by a man named Kokichi. He reveals he has a Heavenly Restriction, an ability that “grants him great levels of Cursed Energy in place of his useless body.” Kokichi is jealous of Panda’s freedom. He attacks with full-power Ultimate Cannon. Pandasurvives. He emerges from the smoke to reveal his Gorilla Mode.

In a flashback, Yaga informs Panda he had an “older brother and sister.” He was born with three cores, meaning that he needs to be hit in all three to be defeated. In his Gorilla Mode, Panda is a powerhouse. He strikes Mechamaru, sending him flying. Panda uses an unblockable “Drum Beat” ability. In close combat, Panda has the advantage. On the roof, Mechamaru distracts Panda by throwing a tile at him. He takes this opportunity to strike at Panda’s core with his elbow boosters. Panda faked the location of the core. He strikes Mechamaru with his palm, destroying the head of the puppet.

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  1. Very “Kankuro” type of fighting style. I like the references “Jujutsu Kaisen” has to other Battle Shonen manga. And I like how Panda is kind of like a Boss in a video game- you need to strike at his 3 cores to be defeated.

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