Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155: Yuri Itadori is exposed by Hakari

In the last chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, Kirara spotted Panda and Fushiguro outside of Kinji Hakari’s location, resulting in a battle. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155, “Fever” begin with Hakari explaining how much he loves “fever.” It’s what “people get high on,” when they make mistakes. Without people cannot fall in love. The most direct way to deal with fever is to gamble. Hakari believes that life itself is a gamble and everyone does it. He hope to gain “control over Japan,” by controlling the fever through the fight club. With the reveal to the public that cursed spirits are real and the pressure on Jujutsu Headquarters, Hakari plans to take advantage of the chaos.

He expects the Jujutsu regulations to change and wants to force them to acknowledge the fight club. Suddenly his phone rings. He ignores it and offers Itadori a drink. Yuji refuses alcohol as he’s underage. When Hakari asks if he knows Gojo can’t “drink either,” Yuji ruins the plan by pretending he has no idea who Gojo is. Hakari asks him if he’s a Jujutsu High spy and attacks with his Cursed Technique. He creates two doors, attempting to catch Yuji in-between them. Yuji dodges, trying to explain himself. However, Hakari manages to crush Yuji neck in two more doors. He explains that when he gets a call from Kirara it means “somethings up.” Yuji head buts him and demands Hakari listen.

We need to convince Kirara

Elsewhere, Megumi and Panda try to convince Kirara they mean no harm. Megumi explains they need Hakari’s cooperation with dealing with the recent Jujutsu terror attacks. Panda explains why they came into conflict with the higher ups in the first place. Panda says that the more “conservative” faction of Jujutsu High prefer more conventional Jujutsu like Nobara Kugisaki’s Straw Doll Technique over the modern techniques that feature technology like cursed video tapes. Megumi reveals that Gojo was sealed and that’s why they need them. Kirara doesn’t appear to believe them but Megumi thinks they must convince Kirara if they’ll have any chance to meet Hakari.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155 reminds us of something Gojo always stated, the Jujutsu High leaders are too conservative. What specifically made them conservative was never explained until now. I wonder what actually is consider modern cursed techniques. For example the Zenin Families inherited technique, projection sorcery, appears to turn opponents into flat screen tv’s. For specifically the technique “divides one second into twenty-four frames of animation using the user’s field of view as the projection angle of view.” Furthermore, how does cursed tools fit in. Yoshinobu Gakuganji use of an electric guitar could be too modern. I don’t expect this conflict to get too violent and believe Yuji will convince Hakari to join them. I’m really excited to see Kirara and Hakari’s techniques.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 153: Yuji and Megumi join an underground fight club

Jujutsu Kaisen returns after Gege Akutami hiatus due to illness. After the fall of the Zenin Family and the rise of Maki, the Perfect Preparation arc shifts. In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 153, “Underground Fight Club,” Megumi and Yuji search for Kinji Hakari. According to Master Tengen, Hakari is a bookie for an underground fight club at the abandoned multistory parking garage. Kinji Hakari was first seen in chapter 11 of the manga. Yuji and Megumi change out of their school uniforms so Hakari won’t flee. Kinji Hakari had a falling out with the authorities from Jujutsu High and is suspended. He’s important due to his strength, which Yuta Okkotsu claims is greater than his.

When our duo arrives at the parking garage, they’re meet with hostility from a bouncer. He feints a strike at Megumi’s face but the latter doesn’t even flinch. He asks “who told him about the club,” Megumi lies, claiming that he killed “him” before getting his name. This is obviously a lie, but it lines up with the disappearance of someone named Kondo. Megumi and Yuji are entering into an environment that they’re unfamiliar. There’s so much they don’t know, they risk being exposed as frauds. Regardless, Yuji concludes that he should “keep his lips sealed,” which is the best decision.

Panda and Yuji put on a show

The first rule of fight club

The boss takes an instant dislike to Megumi and demands Yuji fight. This obviously works to their advantage, as Yuji is the superior fighter. Megumi hopes to be able to sneak around while Yuji gains Hakari’s trust. Megumi is hoping to get Hakari’s cooperation before his sister, Tsumiki deadline to declare participation passes. Yuji notes they have nine day left. The fight club has two rules. First no cursed techniques (spectators can’t see them), second “no running away, because spectators can’t you if you run. In addition to this, the fight club has two kinds of matches, scripted and unscripted. The scripted ones are fixed by the boss, Yuji will be participating in a unscripted match.

His opponent is Panda. The last time we saw Panda he was weeping over the corpse of Masamichi Yaga. He’s seems to be in good spirits. He and Yuji give a show. They deliver high octane battle, while having a conversation. Panda knows Hakari, but the latter is avoiding him. Yuji “wins” becoming a crowd favorite quickly and Hakari takes notice. He wants Yuji to become a scripted fighter. So far Megumi’s plan is working. Can Yuji keep up the ruse? Panda mentioned Hakari’s partner Third Year Kirara Hoshi is “a problem.” I wonder how strong she is. The authority surrounding Jujutsu High are corrupt, so Hakari coming into conflict with them isn’t actually a sign he’s a bad guy.


Jujutsu Kaisen Episode 16: Recap and Review

Jujutsu Kaisen episode 16 focuses on the battle between Panda and Mechamaru. Before that, we get to the climax of the fight between Aoi and Yuji. The episode ones with the quote from the “artistic community.” It is said that, “If someone doesn’t have an eye that can judge quality, they can create nothing of value with their hands.” It’s implied that this is true of Jujutsu and that Yuji has the “eye.” Yuji counter’s Aoi’s attacks. Yuji can see through the offense of Aoi and is “growing” as they fight. However, Aoi can still get the best of Yuji. Todo Aoi appears to be a violent and brainless, but he’s proving (at least when fighting) that he’s smart. He’s capable of analyzing the problem’s with Yuji’s Divergent Fist. Yuji leaves behind Cursed Energy because of his “superhuman speed.”

Yuji’s attack is good enough for low-level sorcerer but not a special grade. Like Todo, Yuji is a brawler. He also has intelligence (again when fighting). He quickly deduces that “he must apply Cursed Energy at the exact moment his attack hits.” Aoi teaches him to that “flowing Cursed Energy is something most Sorcerer’s do consciously.” It’s important for Yuji to stop trying to “speed up” his energy flow. Yuji beings to make his cursed energy flow throughout his entire body. Aoi and Yuji prepare to fight, as his new best friend Aoi hopes to lead Yuji to greatness.

Panda is not a Panda

As Nobara and Panda corner Momo, Mechamaru shoots Panda from behind. He feints dying. Meanwhile, Momo decides to “teach” Nobara a listen. When Mechamaru appears, Panda gets up and punches him. It’s revealed that Panda is a mutated Cursed Corpse. Mechamaru is a “puppet.” It’s being controlled by a man named Kokichi. He reveals he has a Heavenly Restriction, an ability that “grants him great levels of Cursed Energy in place of his useless body.” Kokichi is jealous of Panda’s freedom. He attacks with full-power Ultimate Cannon. Pandasurvives. He emerges from the smoke to reveal his Gorilla Mode.

In a flashback, Yaga informs Panda he had an “older brother and sister.” He was born with three cores, meaning that he needs to be hit in all three to be defeated. In his Gorilla Mode, Panda is a powerhouse. He strikes Mechamaru, sending him flying. Panda uses an unblockable “Drum Beat” ability. In close combat, Panda has the advantage. On the roof, Mechamaru distracts Panda by throwing a tile at him. He takes this opportunity to strike at Panda’s core with his elbow boosters. Panda faked the location of the core. He strikes Mechamaru with his palm, destroying the head of the puppet.