No Guns Life Episode 4: Recap & Review

In Season 1, Episode 4 of No Guns Life, Cunningham being rude to Anne and Ende, meanwhile, Tetsuro remains in the body of Juzo.
Cunningham being rude to Anne and Ende

Season 1, Episode 4: Trigger

Tetsuro learns a lesson

Tetsuro in the poisoned body of Juzo isn’t much of a challenge for Cunningham’s bodyguards. When his face is exposed he becomes excited at the prospect of harming Juzo. He orders Anne and Ende to “prove their worth.” Cunningham believes that “value is everything for a gear.” Ende transforms into her spider form. During the conflict, Cunningham realizes that it’s Tetsuro inside the body of Juzo. He’s overjoyed as Tetsuro isn’t able to fully use the body of Juzo. He orders Anne to capture Tetsuro. Anne struggles with what she feels she has to do. Frustrated with Anne’s hesitation, Cunningham shoots Ende with drugged bullets.

I just don’t want to be a tool

The drugs cause Ende to go berserk. She seriously wounds Anne and forces Tetsuro from Juzo’s body. Dying, Anne pleads with Tetsuro to “save” Ende. He tries to use Harmony on her, but it fails due to overuse. Juzo regains control of his body, he explains that he was conscience the entire time Tetsuro was in control. Juzo orders Tetsuro to use his “gun” head to stop Ende. He shoots, destroying Ende’s extensions in a beam of light. After, this confrontation, Juzo and Tetsuro must leave the Kyusei Pit as their no longer safe. Meanwhile, Mary Repairs Ende’s extensions. She’s also aims to find a remedy to the comatose children.

Like I predicted, Juzo wasn’t pleased with Tetsuro’s little stunt. He tells him that he’s forbidden from ever using Harmony on him again. By robbing Juzo of his free will he is no different from Beruhren Corp. Forcing others into becoming a tools. However, not only does Juzo acknowledge the difference in degree, between what Beruhren does and what Tetsuro did, he understands that it was also unintentional. It’s a subtle, but meaningful distinction he makes. I think it’s the only reason that he didn’t abandon Tetsuro completely. However, the trust between them is not good.

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Fate Grand Order Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode 5 :Recap and Review

Enkidu's joy at fighting Gilgamesh
Enkidu’s joy at fighting Gilgamesh

Season 1, Episode 5: Gilgamesh’s Travels

Enkidu and King Gilgamesh meet again

King Gilgamesh shows up to give Ritsuka, Merlin, Mash and Ana their assignment personally. The mission, “survey the water quality of the Persian Gulf.” Their basically expected to retrieve seawater. Merlin and Ana remain behind, but Gilgamesh tags along. As he walks through a village her greets the villagers. He seems very pleasant. The reason he seems to tagging along is largely due to boredom. He demands that Ritsuka and Mash “entertain him” with tales of their past adventures. Gilgamesh is amused by the stories. They arrive at the observatory. Ritsuka introduces himself and they retrieve the jars of water. When Mash and Ritsuka take a break, the King remains behind.

While waiting on a beach, something heads towards them at high speeds. Mash activates her shield. It’s Enkidu. However, Mash doesn’t believe that it Enkidu. Mash charges toward Enkidu, while blocking and dodging chains. Dr. Romani tells them that the fighting style is a “specialty” of Gilgamesh. Enkidu says that it is the most “optimal” way to fight. Mash is overwhelmed and drops her shield. Before Enkidu can manage to land a devastating blow, Gilgamesh blocks his attack. Enkidu seems to have an adverse reaction to seeing Gilgamesh. Enkidu attacks, but King Gilgamesh blocks it with ease.

King Gilgamesh verses the impostor Enkidu

Mash tells King Gilgamesh that this Enkidu is a fake. The battle between Gilgamesh and Enkidu is epic as is typical for this series. However, the fighting seems to always be secondary to the conversation that accompanies it. Usually there’s no sense of urgency when watching these conflicts. From a cool standpoint there worth watching, the just never seem to match to the story. Regardless, Gilgamesh parts the sky, attacking Enkidu with thunder. Simultaneously, Enkidu attacks with chains, grabbing Gilgamesh’s leg. While going in for the “kill,” Enkidu appears to glitch. The attack misses it’s mark, leaving a crater. Enkidu flees. Unexpectedly, King Gilgamesh admits that “if he [Enkidu] had intended to do so, all of them would have died.”

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The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 5 : Recap and Review

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 5. The Ten Commandments, Derieri and Monspeet are unconscious after Elisabeth uses her powers on them.
The Ten Commandments, Derieri and Monspeet unconscious

Season 1, Episode 5: Emotional Maelstrom

Elisabeth uses her powers to save Derieri and Monspeet

In episode 5 of Seven Deadly Sins, we continue the trail given to Diane and King by the Ten Commandments, Gloxinia and Drole. Sent back 3,000 years in a past Britannia, they joined the battle between the Goddess Clan and Demon Clan. In the previous episode, Derieri and Monspeet became Indura. Meanwhile, Gowther and Melascula worked behind the scenes of the Holy war. Elisabeth interfered in the conflict between Derieri, Monspeet and Ludociel. Elisabeth’s mysterious power erupts. Instead of killing them, she wants to “save,” them. However, their darkness resists her light. Ludociel doesn’t accept Elisabeth’s plan to save the demons.

He orders Sariel and Tarmiel to join him in killing Meliodas and the other Ten Commandments. However, they help Elisabeth instead. Bolstered by their aid, she is successful in reversing the effect of Indura. Ludociel tries to kill the now motionless Derieri and Monspeet. However, Diane and King stop him. Despite the end of the battle with the Indura, Ludociel contacts Nerobasta to call Mae. However, when she snaps out of it, she realizes that Growth and Melascula are in front of the gate of Heaven. They plan on making the Gate of Heaven into a Gate of the Demon Realm.

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Episode 5. The real Gowther, the Ten Commandment, Selflessness
The real Gowther, the Ten Commandment, Selflessness

The real Ten Commandment, Gowther appears

Nerobasta calls to her fairy, giant and human allies. However, the humans have a different plan. They have joined forces with the demons and plan to help them kill the fairies and giants off. While, Diane and King are rushing to the Gate of Heaven, they encounter Gowther. What frustrates me about this arc is that, Diane and King know that their in the past and inside the bodies of Gloxinia and Drole. Yet, their constantly talking as if they’re themselves. It’s not that anyone will find out who they are but it is annoying that they seem to forget that this is a trail. Telling Gowther seems even dumber. Gowther turns out to be a Ten Commandment in this time but a member of the Seven Deadly Sins in theirs.

While the fairies are begin massacred, Gowther attacks Diane and King. He needs to prevent them from reaching the gate, until the Demon gate can be formed. Melascula is shocked at what she created. He tricked her into creating the gate to the Demon Realm’s prison. The real Gowther is inside and used the opportunity to escape. This episode ends with the real Gowther stating that he plans to say “goodbye” to this world.

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Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 15: Recap and Review

Sho Kusakabe learning about Shinra's Adolla Link
Sho Kusakabe learning about Shinra’s Adolla Link

Season 1, Episode 15: The Blacksmith’s Dream

Vulcan’s dream to return the animals to life

Episode 15 of Enen no Shouboutai, begins with Yona and Arrow, Knights of the Ashen Flame debriefing Sho Kusakabe on Shinra. They inform him that Haran has been “martyred.” Arrow notes that Shinra’s Adolla Link was connected to the demon. Sho claims that he “want’s it (Adolla Link) at any cost.” Sho says that next time her will go. Meanwhile, Oda deals with forensic scientists, Viktor Licht. He’s been assigned to Company 8’s lacking forensic team. We already know that Licht has a connection to Joker. Things get off to a rocky start when he fails to salute with the proper hand.

Licht creepy grabs Shinra’s feet, hoping to touch the feet that produce the Adolla Link. Top of his class, Viktor Licht, headed the “applied pyrokinesiology lab” at Haijima Heavy Industries. Viktor isn’t humble, admitting to his own “brilliance.” Princess Hibana questions why he’s at Company 8. Viktor begs to be allowed to join them. Besides, Company 8 doesn’t even have an engineer. The don’t but they have an idea who they should recruit, Vulcan. He’s been difficult to recruit so far. It seems unlikely that a small company like the eighth, right?

Yu and Lisa
Yu and Lisa

Who’s the crackerjack engineer, Vulcan?

A “God of Fire and the Forge,” Vulcan is profoundly skilled. He does have a hatred for Haijima and the Special Fire Force for their association. However, Oda is sure that Shinra, Arthur and Iris can get him to join. He tells them to go in street clothing but don’t mislead him. Hibana is certain that this is waste of everybody’s time. Vulcan lives in a junkyard. When Shinra and Arthur introduce themselves, Vulcan throws soda cans at them. Vulcan tells them that he won’t help Fire Soldiers. However, his apprentice, Yu agrees to listen to their pitch. Due to his disdain of Haijima, they used their influence to stop his suppliers. Yu notes that there’s a deeper reason for his hatred.

However, before he can tell them, Shinra vouches for Company 8’s difference. Yu allows them inside Vulcan’s home. There they meet Lisa and witness Vulcan in action. He swings his wrenches like drumsticks, beating on his machine. He then kicks it into a wall. Vulcan explains that “if a machine would break that easily . . . it’s no different than a defective unit.” After some hi-jinks as he realizes that Shinra, Arthur and Iris are inside, a guess arrives. Outside, Vulcan and the 3rd Company Captain Giovanni meet. Giovanni stopped the supply line to pressure Vulcan to join them. Vulcan accuses Giovanni of murdering his father and grandfather. Giovanni mocks Vulcan’s dream.

Vulcan’s machine the projected his dream

Vulcan’s dream to resurrect the animals

Shinra offers Company 8’s help. For some reason, Iris begins randomly pressing buttons. The incompetence of Shinra, Arthur and Iris has a charming effect on Vulcan. He offers to show them something to make their trip worth it. He shows them a machine that projects images of sea creatures in the ocean, elephants and birds. Vulcan’s dream is to bring the now extinct animals back to life. However, he doesn’t have the technology to do so. We learn that Lisa lost her parents to an Infernal. Homeless, Vulcan took her in. She informs them that Vulcan’s father and grandfather both turned into Infernals at the same time.

However, he doesn’t believe that it was random. He thinks that Giovanni has something to do with it. Formerly, an apprentice of Vulcan’s, Giovanni then went to work for Haijima. Vulcan’s family has always had a bad relationship with Haijima. As Lisa head inside, Shinra’s Adolla Link sense’s Giovanni’s intent to kill Vulcan. This episode exceeded my expectations. The end result, Vulcan joining Company 8, is obvious. However, Fire Force complicated the recruitment enough. Vulcan will certainly bring Yu and Lisa along. However, Company 8 is going to continue to prove to be a problem for Haijima. How will they react? I’m excited to see what Giovanni is capable of.

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Blade of the Immortal – Episode 5: Recap and Review

Eiku's torso being pinned to a tree
Eiku’s torso being pinned to a tree

Season 1, Episode 5: Act Five – Song of the Bugs

What’s the value of immortality?

While at an inn resting, Manji encounters Eiku Shizuma. Disguised as a monk, he offers to help Manji find Anotsu. Eiku claims he’s unarmed, but Manji claims that he(Eiku) killed more than 128 men (Manji’s number). Eiku claims that he “admires” Anotsu ambition. He feels that Anotsu, has created a magnificent school with Itto-ryu. Eiku is aware of Manji’s “immortality.” He claims that a man named Taito Magatsu, told him of Manji’s “swordplay and of your immortal body.” Manji rudely dismisses Eiku and tells him to “get lost.” Manji and Eiku attack each other. It turns out that Eiku is “immortal” too. However, unlike Manji he’s been alive for 200 years. He’s had five wives, many children and friends, but they all have died. He laments that his immortality is “cruel.”

Nothing in the world is immortal

Before he leaves Manji to ponder his offer, he reminds Manji that “nothing is immortal.” He suggest that “tonight” Manji will learn what he means. What Manji learns is that Eiku has poisoned him or more importantly the sacred worms inside him. Rui runs to find help. She conveniently meets the old woman. However, this woman isn’t the one that gave Manji immortality. Eiku Shizuma forces her to help him kidnap Rui by kidnapping her grandson. Rui forgives the old lady and tells her to flee. Rui asks Eiku if there’s a cure. He says that there is not. He leaves Rui to go and murder the old lady and her grandson. Rui is understandable horrified. After 200 years, Eiku has become nihilistic. After he explains the reason he became that way, he offers to share his sacred blood with her.

Eiku the immortal
Eiku the immortal

Manji verses Eiku Shizuma

Eiku temps Rui with his blood. However, before she can accept his blood Manji arrives. It turns out that Eiku didn’t kill the child but did murder the old woman. While, Rui holds the baby, Manji and Eiku battle. Eiku pours the poison on his sword providing a new threat to Manji. Succumbing to the still lingering effects of the poison, Manji begins to spit up blood. However, before Eiku can kill him, Rui distracts him. When he turns his back, Manji takes advantage. He cuts Eiku into pieces, leaving his torso pinned to a tree. Before he dies, Eiku tells Rui that Anotsu will leave for Kaga in half a month. Once again, Manji is bested by another warrior. He admits that he allowed himself to die, as he was tired of living. This episode has interesting things about the value of immortality.

While pointing out that “no one” is actually immortal, Eiku challenges both Rui and Manji’s view of immortality. Having lived so long, Eiku Shizuma became bitter. He has watch so many people he loved die and comes to hate life. However, he had the means to kill himself and didn’t. That might be a flaw in the story. Furthermore, Manji’s whole point in joining Rui is to end his own immortality by doing good. I felt that Eiku murdering the grandmother was completely unnecessary. He had already held her grandson hostage proving that he was a monster. I also don’t get why he left the grandson alive. It’s probably for the best that Rui didn’t become immortal, but a small part of me though she should do it. However, it’s possible Eiku would have killed her for doing do considering he was making a case how miserable he was.

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