Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 3 begins with the aftermath of Power’s bloody slaughter of the Sea Cucumber’s Makima tells Power that when Public Safety kills a civilian hunter’s devil they commit a crime and are usually arrested. Power’s revealed to be the Blood Devil. She can use blood as a weapon and has a tendency towards aggression. When Makima questions whether Power might not be cut out for Devil Hunting duty, she lies and tells Makima that Denji ordered her to attack. It’s not a convincing lie. Makima tells them to be quiet and work together in such a manner that it suggests she has a weird control over Power. 

Rescue Meowy

While Denji gets himself a drink from the vending machine, Power encounters a cat. She tells Denji she hates humans but “enjoys only a cat’s company.” She then reveals that her pet cat Meowy was taken by a devil. Unfortunately, she was captured by Makima and hasn’t been able to rescue her cat. Using Denji’s lust for breasts, Power convinces him to help. Elsewhere, Makima meets with the higher ups. They mention that other countries have started using devils in the military. They hope that one day Japan’s only enemies will be devils. I wonder if they intend to kill off all the other humans or if they assume the other countries will leave Japan alone. 

At the outskirts of the city, Power points out an isolated house where the devil is keeping Meowy. As they walk towards the house, Denji wonders if she should be so close, especially if the devil is going to use the cat against her. Power claims to have “misspoke” when she mentioned this possibility earlier. Tension arises, as the two stop. Suddenly, Power creates a blood hammer and strikes Denji as he attempts to counter with his ax. She wins. Dragging the unconscious Denji inside.

Power’s betrayal and the Bat Devil

Inside is the Bat Devil. Missing his arm, Power and him agreed she’ll bring him a human in exchange for Meowy. The Bat Devil squeezes Denji hard enough to force him to spit up blood. While Denji’s blood tastes disgusting to the Bat Devil, it’s enough to restore its arm. The Bat Devil seeks other humans to “cleanse” itself of the vile taste, specifically children. Having fulfilled her end of the bargain, Power asks for Meowy back. The Bat Devil punishes her for bringing such a bad tasting human by swallowing Meowy and its cage. He grants Power the same fate. Obviously, by swallowing both of them they’ll still be alive. It’s up to Denji to save them. 

As the Bat Devil takes off towards the city, Denji latches on to its leg. Appalled, the Bat Devil tries to fling Denji off, but the latter transforms into the Chainsaw Devil and cuts off the Bat Devil’s arm. The two crash into a building and begin to fight. I’ve mentioned before the similarities between Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen, but one of the differences is how the civilians are directly affected by the conflict. In JJK, the Cursed Spirits cannot be seen by regular people and so are indirectly affected, 

Bat Devil vs Chainsaw Man

During the fight between The Bat Devil and Chainsaw Man, it’s not made clear if Denji actually cares about all humans or just women. When the Bat Devil tosses a car with a man inside. Denji tosses it back claiming he doesn’t “care about dudes.” The man survives by jumping out before the car explodes in the Bat Devils’ face. 

The battle between the two is unsurprisingly impressive; the animation specifically when the Bat Devil shoots a sonic shockwave, was beautifully rendered. The power system hasn’t been fully flushed out yet we got some small information. First, Chainsaw Man can retract his chainsaws at will. Secondly, Makima notes that Devils get their power from how much their names are feared. The Devil’s power scale is based on the amount of fear their name induces. Makima finds the Chainsaw Devil to be interesting for this reason and I happen to agree. 

Do you think Makima has some sort of strange control over Power? Will Power learn to like humans? Just Denji? Or will she hate humans forever? Does Denji seem too forgiven? What do you think about the possibility of military based Devils. Is there a Nuclear Bomb Devil? 

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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Episode 03

In Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War – Episode 03, Ichigo and the others are shocked how easily Quilge Opie defeated the Tres Bestias. Opie comments on the oddness of seeing a Shinigami and Arrancar together. Quilge reveals that Yhwach considers Ichigo to be a “Special War Power.” According to Yhwach, there were 5 war powers. Ichigo Kurosaki has the “Latent Ability,” Kenpachi Zaraki has “Fighting Strength,” Ichibe Hyosube has “Wisdom,” Sosuke Aizen has “Reiatsu,” and Kisuke Urahara has “means.”  These qualities are considered to be “exceptional.” 

As such Ichigo must be defeated. Quilge orders his Jagdarmee to attack Ichigo. Quilge uses his Heilig Pfeil, as he confirms that they’re indeed Quincy. At the Seireitei, the Gotei 13 grapple with their old enemy the Quincy. Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi admits that he’s yet to find out where the Wandenreich are located. Back in Hueco Mundo, Ichigo prepares to battle Quilge more seriously. He gives Nel to Orihime. Ichigo assures Quilge that his Heilig Pfeil is “much stronger than Uryū’s.” Quilge doesn’t believe this is possible but he doesn’t elaborate why. 

The power of Volistandig

After receiving a message from Yhwach, Quilge activates his Quincy: Volistandig. When Yhwach hears that Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo, he gets excited and orders an invasion of Soul Society. Back to the fight between Ichigo and Quilge, he shows off his powers including the ability to use Sklaverei, a basic ability to absorb Reishi. He begins absorbing the surrounding area including Orihime’s Soten Kisshun. Before he can go further he’s punched by Ayon. The Tres Bestia survived. Ayon dominates Quilge, bashing him repeatedly, causing Quincy to cough up blood. 

In Karakura Town, Ishida discovers that his father is keeping secrets regarding Quincy, specifically Yhwach and his mother. At the same time, we learn from Hidetomo Kajoumaru why the conflict between Quincy and Shinigami began. When Quincy kills hollows they destroy the soul leaving nothing. This creates an imbalance of souls between Soul Society and Earth. When asked to refrain from such activities, the Quincy refused, causing the Shinigami to choose genocide. 

Bazz-B blows a hole in Izuru

Quilge manages to endure the onslaught from Ayon using Blut Vene. He then uses Sklaverei to strip Ayon to the bone. He then absorbs Ayon into his body, causing two large eyes similar to Ayon’s appear on his wings. Quilge uses Sklaverei to absorb Mila Rose, Sung-Sun, Nel, Loly, Menoly, and even Sabo’s Fullbring. However, Ichigo stops him with his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu. Meanwhile, the Wandenreich invades Soul Society through the eruptions of giant blue pillars. Bazz-B blows off Izuru Kira’s right arm and leaves a massive hole in his torso, making him Wandenreich’s first victim. 

I’m indifferent to Ichigo’s battle with Quilge. As a manga reader I know the outcome of this arc, but I’ve never cared for this fight. It only serves the purpose of keeping Ishigo out of Soul Society. Regardless, I’m interested in the invasion largely because I’m assuming that it will be elaborated on (especially the fights) and I want to see this conflict animated. So what do you think? Is Ichigo’s fight pointless? Are you a manga reader? Do you think the Shingami were correct to commit genocide against the Quincy? If not, what could they have done? 

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Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 003

In Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 003, Mob saves Tsubomi from a potentially embarrassing situation and is over the moon that she thanks him and says “see you later.” One his way home, Mezato asks him if he wants to go to a gathering for the Psycho Helmet Religion. He’s not interested. A moment later, Tome appears reminding Mob of his to help her look for a telepath. Suddenly, Mob has become a ladies man according to Emi. Mob clearly loves the idea of becoming more popular with the ladies, but quickly becomes deluded. 

The Divine Tree becomes an attraction. Tourists come to stay in hotels with views of the Tree, merchants begin selling merchandise named after the Tree, and finally several religious organizations begin to gather underneath the broccoli Tree. The Tree has become a “symbol of some god,” and the believers prepare for the arrival of a Deity. Their belief becomes energy that feeds the Divine Tree increasing its size. 

Mob the New God?

Mezato calls Mob. She thinks it would be great if Mob became the Deity the religious seem to desire. Despite the fact, Mob inspired the religion in the first place he doesn’t have it in him to lead, and would find worship uncomfortable. Mezato tries to manipulate him by suggesting he’ll become more popular with the ladies. Dimple appears to manipulate Mob. He dispels Mob’s delusion regarding Tsubomi and wants to join forces to take advantage of the Religious. Dimple warns him if he doesn’t take it, someone else will and they’ll take all the Divine energy for themselves. Mob tells Dimple he’s “no different,” from those men and probably should get over his schemes. 

Mob is slowly becoming full of himself. When he shares his intention to go to the meeting with Reigen, the latter sees an opportunity to make some money. He gives Mob some money to go and buy himself something nice to wear. On his way to the store he runs into Hanazawa. He helps Mob find some stylish clothes. Hanazawa tries to point out to Mob that roots have been spouting around town. Mob isn’t paying attention. In a previous post I’ve noted that Mob Psycho 100 focuses on everyday life and treats psychic powers as if they’re nothing special. However, I think this episode complicates this argument.

Fake Mob appears

Mob wants to be normal, he doesn’t notice supernatural events happening around him. Eventually, the supernatural will become a threat to the innocent. Mob is one of the few who can stop these threats but he rather go on dates. Hanazawa acts as a foil for Mob. He loves being psychic and is aware of the supernatural threats surrounding them.

The next day, the auditions begin. The Testimony of the Earth, The Dragon’s Sign, Teachings of Green, and the Rising Sun Spiritual Union all seek control. While Mob waits patiently for Tome to return his calls, an imposture claims to be the “creator of the Divine Tree.” The fake Mob tells the crowd to continue to pray to the Divine Tree causing an uproar. He then shows them a “miracle” making a small broccoli tree appear. 

Mob seems to be going through some changes this episode. Do you agree? Is he becoming more cocky? Coming out of his shell? The fake Mob looked like he was made out of roots or something. Do you think Dimple is responsible? Something else? Will Mob eventually learn to balance the supernatural aspects of the world with the ordinary?

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 3: Hawks kills Twice

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 3, “One’s Justice,” does something that’s rare for a Shonen anime, make the hero seem villainous and grant the villain sympathy. Twice has always been a fan favorite villain. With his comedic demeanor, dramatic flare, and genuine love of his friends, Twice undermined what we expect from villains.

His mental instability brought on by his Quirk and the sense that he’s not certain he’s the real one. Twice revealed that he was a lonely man who used his clones to substitute for friends. The League of Villains was a refuge for him. Finally being accepted he was able to develop friendships with Himiko. However, his desperation for friends leads him to trust too easily. As a consequence, he can be conned by others that wish to manipulate him.

Overhaul was the first one to use him. This resulted in the death of his friend Kenji Hikiishi (Magne). He blamed himself for it and never wanted to put his friends in danger again. In this episode, he’s devastated when he learns Hawks is a double agent. Having failed again he becomes infuriated. Hawk for his part is guilty of using Twice’s trusting nature against him. While his larger goal of stopping Tomura and the PLF from harming the innocent is admirable using Twice to do it was cruel.

Twice heroic end

At the same time it was the smartest plan. Twice may not like it but he is the weakest link and Hawks should have used him. Regardless, the episode does result in Hawks looking like the heartless one. Twice becomes emotional, lashing out at Hawks. He’s kinda pathetic, outclassed by Hawks, and desperate to save his friends. With Dabi distracting Hawks, Twice spots Himiko and Mr. Compress being chased by Eel Boy. He corners them with his Eel Quirk, which allows him to “sprout giant eel-like appendages out the back of his hands.”

He can use them to attack and restrain his opponents. Eel Boy captures Mr. Compress and Himiko, telling them he won’t allow them “to wrong society.” Suddenly, Twice appears. He stabs Eel Boy in the back of head then several more times. As Himiko and Mr. Compress escape, Twice begins to crumble. Turns out Twice was already killed by Hawks on the balcony, his clone was all he could do to save them. As he crumbles in Himiko’s arms, he apologizes, while Himiko hugs and thanks him for saving her.

Did you feel sorry for Twice? Did you think Hawks killing him was too far? Unnecessary? Has you r opinion of the heroes shifted? Or is Dabi full of it?

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Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 2

It’s nuts or nothing

Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 2 gives us a general sense of Makima. She’s manipulative and domineering. She tells Denji that he should “only” answer her using “yes,” and “woof”. For Makima Denji is a “dog” that should be obedient otherwise he’s useless and should be “put down.” In fact Makima threatens to kill or have Denji killed a number of times in this episode. Denji’s relationship with Pochita contrasts greatly with his relationship with Makima. 

Despite this, Makima is able to use Denji’s hunger and his lust to her advantage. When Denji asks “what type of guys she likes” Makima responds (in unconvincing fashion) “Denji” type guys. However, in the first episode we learned that despite Denji’s appearance and behavior he’s actually capable of making his own decisions. At least when he wants to. Right now he’s obsessed with food, boobs, and Makima. 

At Devil Hunter headquarters in Tokyo, Makima introduces Denji to Aki Hayakawa, a hunter that started working three years ago. They get off to a poor start. Denji wants to work with Makima and Aki assaults Denji in an alleyway. Aki claims he’s trying to “be nice” and spare Denji from dying. He doesn’t believe Denji actually wants to fight devils and would likely get himself killed. I think he’s right. 

However, Denji has different ideas. Aki gets kicked in the nuts for his violent attempt to convince Denji to quit. Personally, I found the moment to be a bit juvenile and a little funny. Plus Aki had it coming. 

I don’t have any friends

The first mission Aki and Denji attempt together is one regarding a fiend. A Fiend is a devil that has possessed a human corpse. Aki wants to see Denji transform into the Chainsaw Devil but Denji just decapitates the fiend. It would have been overkill to transform and likely to frighten the cops outside. Furthermore, Denji states that he doesn’t want to make the Fiend suffer, so he gave him a painless death.

Aki finds this offensive. His entire family was killed by a devil and the police are protecting their families. To Aki, Denji isn’t taking the threat of Devils and Fiends seriously. Denji’s motivation reminds me of Tanjiro’s from Demon Slayer. He’s willing to kill them but has a soft spot for some. Tanjiro has met “good” demons like Tamayo and Denji had Pochita. 

When Aki leaves, Denji admits that he “ just wanted to keep the blood away from the porn magazines on the ground.” Denji had nothing. So to him, getting to bathe daily, eat good food, and hang out with a “hot chick (Makima),” makes his life perfect. He’s a simple man. But something’s missing. A goal. Denji decides his goal is to try to touch a woman’s boobs. 

My name is Power

Denji is given a partner. Her name is Power and she’s a Fiend. Makima explains that Public Safety Devil Extermination Special Division 4 is an “experimental” unit. Without results the “higher ups,” will dissolve the team resulting in Denji and Power being killed. Power is blood crazed and she’s eager to kill devils. She finally smells blood and takes off. The Sea Cucumber Devil is attacking Nerima Station. Power leaps off a building and mashes it with a hammer made from her blood and laughs while covered in its blood. 

I definitely think Power is the most interesting character introduced so far. I’m intrigued by the fact she’s a Fiend. I really want to know how that happened. The power system seems to be more fluid so far. I wonder how specific and limited it becomes if it does at all. So far the Devils haven’t been too difficult to defeat. I don’t expect that to remain the standard but other than the Zombie Devil the rest don’t really stand out except for their design. 

So what did you think of episode 2? Do you think Makima is as manipulative as I do? Is the humor of this series too juvenile? Are the Devil too weak? How did you like Power? 

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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War – Episode 02

In Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War – Episode 02, “Foundation Stones,” we get a brief glimpse into Yhwach’s personality. At the end of the last episode, Yhwach severed Luders Friegen’s right arm for bickering in his presence. Luders is understandably in pain. He’s lying down on the floor when Yhwach tells him that he “does not need to strain himself by attempting to sit up.” At first Luders is pleased but Yhwach claims that if he doesn’t need to stand he doesn’t need legs. Yhwach doesn’t have much sympathy for his subjects and are largely just tools for him. They seem to tolerate his brutality but they don’t have a choice.

In Karakura Town, Yuki allows Shino, Orihime, Sado, and Ishida listen to the urgent message from 12th Division 3rd Seat Akon. He explains the events from the previous episode, specifically the deaths of 116 people, one Shinigami, and Lieutenant Chojiro Sasakibe. Yuki and Shino are horrified that anyone could bypass Soul Societies defenses and kill Sasakibe. The next day, Ichigo is patrolling when he encounters Nel Tu. She tells him that “something terrible has happened in Hueco Mundo.” It turns out Yhwach and his Wandenreich invaded Hueco Mundo. It’s revealed that Tier Harribel ruled Hueco Mundo and was defeat by the Wandenreich and is now a prisoner of Yhwach.

Battle in Hueco Mundo

Of course Nel doesn’t need to ask Ichigo for aid he’s eager to help. However, Uryu isn’t allowed to help Arrancar and Hollows. Ichigo head to Hueco Mundo with Kisuke Urahara, Orhime, Sado, Pesche, and Nel Tu. They arrive and witness burning sands filled with bodies of Arrancar. The head of the hunting party the Jagdarmee, Quilge Opie, announces a selection competition for the captured Arrancar. The competition will determine which of them live or die. Opie will stab each Arrancar and for them to beg for their lives. By having the Wandenreich attack and oppress the Arrancar (former villains) Tite Kubo shows how evil and deprave they are.

Arrancar villains from the past appear and attack Opie. Loly Aivirrne, Menoly Mallia, and Harribel’s three Fraccion, Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun. Loy and Menoly are quickly dispatched but the three Fraccion put up a greater fight. After defeating some Jagdarmee, the turn their efforts one Opie himself. He tells them to surrender and join Yhwach if they want “happiness.” They predictably refuse. Opie dominates the three Fraccion off scene shocking Ichigo.

As the combatants prepare for war, the Wandenreich show themselves to be a brutal occupying force. Do you think they are worst than Aizen and the Arrancar? Are they too cartoonishly evil? How do you feel about Yhwach?

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Mob Psycho 100 – Season 3 Episode 002

Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears!

~ The Threat of a Hundred Demons!!~

In Mob Psycho 100 Episode 002 – the Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki Appears! the Salt Middle School is preparing for a cultural fair. Mob, Inukawa, Niido, and Sagure are left to create the costumes for everyone in their class. Inukawa, Niido, and Sagure want to take the lazy way out and “just put white sheets” over everyone. Mob for his part wants to take the job more series but when put on the spot he freezes and begins to ramble. Ritsu is concerned that the event is too much and can cause too much noise.

Elsewhere, Reigen is concerned about promoting the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. Katsuya Serizawa wants to go to night school. Reigen is supportive. Suddenly, Amakusa Haruaki bursts in and loudly proclaims that he’s here to “hunt those that writhe in the night”. Reigen doesn’t understand him and asks him to wait outside because he has a meeting with a client. Haruaki is questioned by police while Reigen deals with the clients.

He returns much to Reigen’s disappointment. Haruaki is super serious which makes him hard to take seriously. His use of hyperbolic language like “vortex of madness,” doesn’t help things. Reigen snaps. He calls Haruaki annoying and a “dumbass,” who needs to get to the point or get out. Haruaki gets to the point. He’s come to Seasoning City to find Yokai. Haruaki is specifically searching for an evil demon horde that hopes to collect enough energy to resurrect the Great Yokai King. Still, Reigen refuses to help until Haruaki offers him money.

Mob and Serizawa battle the Yokai horde

Mob appears and he joins Haruaki, Reigen, and Serizawa on the hunt for the Yokai. However, he’s preoccupied with the costumes he’s responsible for. As Mob’s explosion progress towards 31% they investigate an abandoned building. At this point Reigen is still uncertain if Haruaki is serious or just delusional. Reigen notices the walls are “slimy,” and the entrance closes behind them. Whatever it is something has tapped them.

When they venture further in the building their finally attacked by a “Yokai”. Haruaki spring to action, unsheathing his Holy Blade Kusanahi-no-Dai-Hannya-Kagemitsu that costed him 7 million yen. It breaks when he strikes the Yokai. Serizawa cuts it in half with a set of business cards he turns into a sword. The rest of the Yokai begin to attack.

The four generals of the Hundred Demons and the Great Yokai King appear. Mob and Serizawa battle the Yokai without much difficulty. Mob who hadn’t stopped thinking about the haunted house gets inspiration from the encounter. Together with his classmates they construct costumes based on the Yokai. The haunted house wasn’t a hit but it wasn’t a disaster either.

This episode continues to show Mob progressing as a young man. He was overwhelmed by the expectation and responsibility he had regarding the haunted house. Not only did he encourage his classmates to do more he succeeded in his goal, as Reigen notes he “solved the problem on his own.” This may seem small but the fact that the students weren’t that impressed with his efforts was realistic. What really mattered was Mob’s sense of accomplishment.

What are your thoughts on this episode? Did you think Mob progressed? What did you think of Yokai Hunter Amakusa Haruaki? I thought he was lying or delusional at first but the Yokai were real. Were you surprised? Do you think he’ll return? Like and comment.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2: Mirko verses the High-End Nomu

Mirko has become one of the most popular My Hero Academia heroes. She’s got a cool design, a fiery personality, and a powerful Quirk. As a manga reader, I couldn’t wait to see this fight animated. My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2, “Mirko, the No. 5 Hero,” centers on the top hero and it doesn’t disappoint. Before we get to the main event, Endeavor, Eraser Head, Rock Lock, Crust, and X-Less attempt to follow Mirko further into the lab. However, they’re stopped by a horde of Nomu. Outside, Bakugo becomes agitated, wanting to engage in fighting Villains instead of evacuating. 

Deku, Uravity, Ingenium, and Shoto head out to locate people to evacuate. Inside the hospital, Crush activates his Shield Quirk, trapping a Nomu in the passageway. At Gunga Mountain Villa, Team Edgeshot attacks. Cementoss uses his Cement Quirk to split the Villas entrance in half. It’s an impressive show of force. Skeptic panics as the heroes rush in.

An unnamed Vice Commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front stepped forward stating that “this happened because they were waiting for Tomura.” Using a taser he charges himself up using his Amplivolt Quirk. He releases his Supreme Discharge: Thundernet but Chargebolt absorbs the electricity with Electrification, acting as a lighting rod. 

Mirko vs the High Ends

Mirko pursues Dr. Garaki and Tomura but is stopped by Five High-Ends. Nomu has five tiers: Lower-tiers, Middle-Tier, Upper-Tier, Near High-End, and High-End. The High-End Nomu has up to six different Quirks. They rival the strength of Pro Heroes, they can think on their own and retain their original personalities. This allows them to deduce certain aspects of a fight. Despite this, Dr. Garaki has chosen the most “battle-crazed” Villains to create the Nomu. 

Dr. Garaki sends all Five High-Ends to stop Mirko and the other heroes. The High-Ends are excited to let loose and go “wild,” and kill the heroes. Mirko is excited as well for a fight, providing an interesting contrast. She shares the mindset of many of the Nomu, but they have different goals. The Nomu attack together. Ribby uses her tentacles but Mirko dodges them. Eleph swings at Mirko with his trunk. Mirko eventually gets trapped in Ribby’s tentacles but she tears through them with her Ultimate Move: Luna Ring

With great speed and athleticism, Mirko barrels towards Ribby, who inflates its back with spikes. At the same time, Robot uses a spatial distortion Quirk on her arm. Mirko ignores him and while her arm twists she uses another Ultimate Move: Luna Fall. Without hesitation, Mirko flips and gets Robot in a scissor hold. She avoids his eye beams and uses her Ultimate Move: Luna Tijeras. The powerful move decapitates Robot in epic fashion. She tells them that she won’t lose to mindless Nomu. 

So what do you think? Is Mirko one of the best My Hero Academia heroes? Do you think she’ll survive? Do you find yourself preferring the fight in the hospital than the Villa? Like and Comment


Chainsaw Man Season 1 Episode 1 Review

Dog & Chainsaw

Chainsaw Man has been the manga series I’ve been hyped to see as an anime the most. Written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the first part of the series was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from December 2018 to 2020. The second part of the series began this July. As of October 2022, Chainsaw Man has sold over 16 million copies. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Dog and Chainsaw, opens with Denji and his adorable pet chainsaw devil dog, heading to “work”. He calculates how much money he made from various “odd jobs”, 60,000 a month for cutting down trees, 1.2 million for one sold kidney, 300,000 for his right eye, less than 100,000 for one of his “nuts.” Despite this Denji still owes 38,040,000 yen. To pay off these debts Denji and Pochita hunt devils for profit. 

Denji and Pochita kill the Tomato Devil off screen and are awarded 400,000 yen. However, after paying interests, a finders fee, admin fee, management costs, and bills  Denji is only left with 1,800 yen. Denji is constantly in a precarious state of poverty due to his massive debt and despite risking his life receives very little money for his efforts. His boss sees him as a compliant worker he can use but it seems like he’s mistaken. 

His driver offers Denji 100 yen to eat his cigarette. It’s a moment that appears to represented Denji’s desperation and his compliance but after they leave Denji spits the cigarette out. I think we’re meant to see this as proof Denji has a mind of his own and the old man is wrong. In a flashback, we see how they meet. At Denji’s father’s grave site, the old man tells him his father’s debt now belongs to him and he should do anything possible to pay it by the next day. 

Denji and Pochita’s deal

Suddenly, Pochita appears behind Denji. Injured, Pochita collapses. Denji offers it his blood in exchange for Pochita’s help. The next job they pursue is in an abandoned factory. The old man acts strangely. Denji is stabbed from behind and it’s revealed that the Yakuza have sacrificed themselves for power to the Zombie Devil. In doing so they have become his slaves and he orders them to kill Denji.

Naturally Denji tries to flee but is caught and brutally stabbed, and then he and Pochita are chopped up. We get a flashback from Pochita’s perspective. We learn that devils can take over dead bodies and Denji asks Pochita to take his body and live a normal life and have a normal death. Pochita fuses with Denji becoming his heart. In a trance-like state, Pochita tells Denji that it will give him its heart in exchange for Denji showing it his dream.

The Zombie Devil is shocked to see Denji still alive and orders the zombie to “eat him.” As the pile on top of Denji he transforms into his Chainsaw form for the first time. He chops up some zombies then launches himself at the bewildered Zombie Devil. He gouges out one of its eyes. Afraid the Devil starts tossing zombie Yakuza at Denji hoping to keep the newly formed Devil away but Denji merely hacks through them. Once he reached the Zombie Devil he sawed him in half. He then turns to the yakuza zombie, after all if they’re all dead he can’t owe them anything.

Denji joins Public Safety

The morning after, a woman and two men arrive. The young woman approaches Denji and notices that he “smells” different. As Denji’s about to pass out he tells the young woman to “hug him.” She does and he returns to his human form. She offers him two options: death or a job with Public Safety. Denji may have escaped on debt but he seems to have accepted another. 

I think the hype surrounding Chainsaw Man was accurate. At first I thought it was too similar to Jujutsu Kaisen but the series might stand apart from other Shonen. Each series has its own art style and Chainsaw Man has a more grotesque feel to it. I am talking specifically about the devils. The Zombie Devil is just a floating torso with an exposed brain and organs. There’s something wrong about it but it’s still cool. 

While the use of hellspawn like devils isn’t particularly new for anime and the manner in which devils come to exist is similar to Jujutsu Kaisen’s cursed spirits I always love how different writers play with the lore and their design. At the end of the day, Chainsaw Man is a Shonen anime and action is important.

The power system and fighting styles are obviously not going to be revealed in the first episode but the impression I’ve gotten is that Chainsaw Man is going more for gore. Which means a lot of blood, decapitations, and eviscerations. Chainsaw Man’s combat feels like combat found in older anime, brutal and unforgiven. Denji doesn’t seem to know how to fight like most Shonen. He just swings wildly. I like it. It remains to be seen if this remains true, but I’m loving the bloody gore this series has presented so far. 

So did Chainsaw Man live up to the hype for you? What do you think of the gore? Too violent? How cute is Pochita? I didn’t mention the animation but MAPPA does it once again. Are they officially the standard for the industry? Let me know what you think. Like and Comment.

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Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War – Episode 01

Bleach was a member of the Big 3, the top three manga Shonen series along with Naruto and One Piece. Personally, I didn’t care for Bleach (at least initially) and when I tried to read the manga the first time I hated Tite Kubo’s art style. After seeing Bleach consistently on top of sales charts and some art specifically around the 22nd volume, I decided to give the series another go. I wasn’t disappointed. I will admit however, that the Thousand Year Blood War Arc was a let down (I’ll explain why later in the season).

The Bleach anime however was underwhelming. The animation wasn’t that great (except for a number of episodes) and there were too many fillers arcs. I often watched the episode only after seeing the quality of animation. Despite this I was excited for the return of the Bleach anime. Hopefully, the quality of animation is consistent and high. I wonder if the series will expand on the fights or even add content especially regarding some of the characters Bankai reveals. Either way I’m going to give Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War anime a chance.

Reintroducing Bleach

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War episode 01 reintroduces us to the Bleach world and the main characters. This arc will cover the invasion of Soul Society by the Wandenreich, a Quincy empire lead by the tyrant, Yhwach. 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi asks 3rd Seat, Akon, the status of the Shutara Scale. Hollows have begun to disappear at high rates cause alarm. If this continues the boundaries between the Human World and Soul Society will collapse. Mayuri is certain that the Quincies are the only ones capable of such a feat.

In the Human World, two Shinigami, Ryunosuke Yuki and Shino Madarame begin the patrol. There purpose in this story is to remind us what Shinigami’s do and to be used as fodder to show off the power of Orihime Inoue, Ichigo Kurosaki, Uryu Ishida, and Sado. Yuki and Shino separate. The former encounters a Hollow and leads it on a chase throughout Karakura Town. He frantically calls Shino until he witness her being held bloodied and unconscious by a massive hollow. He hesitates to act and is quickly knocked out by the hollow that was chasing him.

Ichigo to the rescue

Ichigo and his friends each get to show their abilities. Orihime saves both Yuki and Shino with her Soten Kisshun. Yasutora Sado uses his Fullbring, Brazo Izquierda del Diablo to destroy several hollows, Uryu blows half of them up with his Licht Regen, and finally Ichigo activates his Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, and wipes out the rest with Getsuga Tensho. Later Ichigo encounters the Quincy, Ebern, who provokes him into using his Bankai. Ebern becomes excited and attempts to steal his Bankai. He’s shocked that it didn’t work.

In Soul Society, Yumichika Ayasegawa and Ikkaku Madarame investigate the disappearances that occurred in the 64th district. They’re not sure what happened but Madarame suggests they “abducted each other.” Elsewhere, Captain Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto encounters seven masked Quincies who public declares war. Yamamoto isn’t concerned but his lieutenant, Chojiro Sasakibe is impaled to the wall by a Reishi javelin. This seems to anger Yamamoto who attacks the intruders. However, the Quincy escape in the shadows. Chojiro wasn’t a character of much significance in the Bleach series so his death didn’t really matter to me.

If you read the manga like I have then there’s nothing new in this episode. That said, the animation so far is impressive. Like My Hero Academia, I think starting a season with action is a good way to start. I didn’t mind the slower start from Mob Psycho 100 but I’d admit I prefer action. So did you like Bleach before? What did you think of the Thousand Year Blood War?

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