One Piece Chapter 1026: Momo bites Kaido, Luffy inspires, and Orochi lives.

As Onigashima heads toward the Flower Capital, Luffy and the newly matured Momonosuke fight Kaido. In One Piece Chapter 1026 “Tennozan: Turning Point,” Momo and Kiado cloud the skies creating thunderstorms. Kiado attacks with Blast Breath. At this point Momo is too frighten to do much but dodge. Luffy hammers Kaido with Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. Recalling his Kaido’s brutal attack on his mother, Momo bites Kaido. Luffy strikes Kaido once again.

Meanwhile, at the Treasure Repository Dome, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi revert from their Sulong forms after the clouds begin covering the moon. Perospero and Jack gloat. After biting Kaido, Luffy asks Momo if “anything in the world still feels scary?” He tells Momo to stop Onigashima. Luffy announces that he will “definitely beat Kaido.” The allied forces cheer hearing Luffy. Kaido transforms form his dragon form and he and Luffy clash with Haki. When they do they split the clouds, revealing the moon.

Nekomamushi and Inuarashi are able to return to their Sulong form. They both use Oden One-Sword Style: Grinning Cat Claw and Decapitating Dog Fleche, respectively. Perospero and Jack are both defeated. Kurozumi Orochi is a witness to their defeat. I still think Orochi has multiple lives and each head (down from nine to seven) represents one life. Unfortunate for him, he also seems to be weak. His only means of survival is to scheme. With Kaido’s betrayal, he might join the alliance.


My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 23: The death of Tenko Shimura

My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 23, “Tenko Shimura: Origin,” focuses on the tragic story of the Shimura family. Tomura remembers his childhood. As a 5 year old, Tomura then Tenko, is abused by his father Kotaro. His father enforced the rule to “never talk about heroes.” He forces Tenko to sit outside alone without food. While his wife and her parents question his behavior they never stop Kotaro. Tenko is manifesting his Quirk, Decay. However, his constant itching is assumed to be allergies.

One day his sister Hana shows him a picture of their father with his mother, Nana. She claims to be cheering for him to become a hero, much to his joy. However, when his father finds out he’s furious. Hana lies. Telling her father that Tenko forced her to show him. Tenko is heart broken to be betrayed by his sister. While Hana’s deception is understandable, from Tenko’s perspective it’s traumatizing. His situation is made worst as his father grabs him he begs his family to he him. All they can do is watch. Kotaro tells Tenko that “heroes are people who save strangers only to hurt their families.” Then he slaps him.

Tomura begins to remember

He doesn’t have an itch anymore

Kotaro rereads the letter from his mother. She acknowledges that she can’t “do anything motherly,” and understands if he hates her. It’s unfair to argue the Kotaro was abused but I think he would argue he was. His abandonment by his mother caused him to become bitter and become consumed by hatred. A hate he takes out on the son who admires the hero. Tragically, Kotaro is successful in removing his sons admiration for heroes as he grow to despise them and hopes to rid the world of them.

Tenko is justified in his hatred of his father and his useless family. However, he’s cursed with a Quirk that can only be destructive. His Decay ability finally emerges when he’s petting his dog, Mon. By killing his only support (his dog), Tenko panics. He assumes a villain killed Mon. Watching the tragedy unfold was heartbreaking. As Tenko recounts this moment, he kills his entire family from the most innocent, Mon to the most guilty Kotaro. By the time he murders his father he’s no longer Tenko Shimura.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 159: Hiromi Higuruma’s sense of judgement

At the end of my last review of Jujutsu Kaisen I assumed Hiromi Higuruma was a soul less mass murdered. It turns out he’s not or at least he use to have morals. In Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 159, “Judgement,” Gege Akutami explores the corruption in the justice system. Higuruma was a public defender, struggling to represent clients against a rigged system. The chapter presents Higuruma as “never changing.” A public servant is disadvantaged in a court that pits independent defense lawyers against the better funded and staffed public prosecutors. Higuruma claims he’s always had a strong sense of right and wrong. He understands the law isn’t impartial, it’s unfair and real people suffer.

Baring witness to this system and it’s consequences takes a toll on public defenders too. Why do they bother? Is there any hope? I’ve heard Japan has a near perfect conviction rate and Gege Akutami claims “99.9 % of criminal trails end in a guilty verdict.” While, that statistic is an exaggeration the point still stands, Higuruma’s clients were “branded guilty from the start.” Outside of court the lives of Higuruma clients aren’t much freer. The police illegally question them and crime is so common that Higuruma suspects that the murder weapon was just “lying around.” His client, Keita Oe works a live-in job for a shady non-profit. They make their employees work without wages, while paying them rent. Their not allowed to own cats, call the police or ambulances.

Oe is found guilty after a appeal

Hiromi Higuruma calls a retrial

Higuruma manages to get Oe an innocent verdict. He’s certain it will be appealed. It is and Oe is convicted and giving life imprison. Overwhelmed, Higuruma calls court into session after an petition for a final ends in disappointment. He claims they’re having a “retrial” as a curse spirit appears behind him. As we know, curses are created from negative human emotions. The criminal court is certainly a perfect source of negative emotions. I suspect that Higuruma will become like Light Yagami from Death Note, using the curse spirit to exact his own justice. Of course this would require Higuruma to have the ability to manipulate curses like Suguru Geto. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 159 introduces another interesting character with Hiromi Higuruma. It’s possible Yuji will be able to reach him and finally provide some justice.


My Hero Academia Chapter 324: Ochaco steps up to defend Deku and the honor of heroes

After the end of Paranormal Liberation War Arc the faith the public had in heroes declined. This was the goal of Dabi. Once he exposed his father, Endeavor, as an abusive man, the image of the number one hero was tarnished. Endeavor’s downfall appears to have resulted in the civilians blaming the heroes for failing to stop the villains. Things are made worst when All For One (in Tomura’s body) breaks criminals out of Tartarus. With the increase in crime and violence in society, the publics fear only increased. In My Hero Academia Chapter 324, ” A Young Woman’s Declaration,” Ochaco Uraraka makes the case for greater sympathy for heroes, specifically Deku.

Deku begins to cry in My Hero Academia Chapter 324.
Deku begins to cry.

Everyone is hurting

Looking at the crowd, Ochaco asks the crowd to look at the exhausted Deku. A man in the crowd asks if she wants them to fight too? After decades of All For One beginning the “Symbol of Peace,” society has gotten too comfortable and took heroes for granted. Ochaco makes clear that only the heroes will be expected to exhaust themselves. She pleads with them and admits that she and other heroes can’t provide reassurances for everyone’s safety. She argues when heroes are hurting they need to be protected by the society. The only ones that society expect to make sacrifices are heroes and she wants to the civilians to know they must sacrifice too.

Deku begins to cry. Tenya tells him that she’s “fighting for everyone’s right to smile again.” What is often overlooked in My Hero Academia is the fact that most of citizens have Quirks of some kind. While we couldn’t expect everyone to fight it’s not because they can’t. As Deku collapses he comforted by Kota Izumi and the woman her rescued earlier in the arc. Ochaco has always supported Deku and it’s unsurprising that she’s the one that stands up for him. On page 8 of My Hero Academia Chapter 324, Ochaco flashes back to a moment where she encountered the hero Eel Boy. He was exhausted but still put on a smile for the young Ochaco. Tragically he was killed by Twice during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. It’s a sad reminder of what heroes risk when they fight for society.


Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155: Yuri Itadori is exposed by Hakari

In the last chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen, Kirara spotted Panda and Fushiguro outside of Kinji Hakari’s location, resulting in a battle. Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155, “Fever” begin with Hakari explaining how much he loves “fever.” It’s what “people get high on,” when they make mistakes. Without people cannot fall in love. The most direct way to deal with fever is to gamble. Hakari believes that life itself is a gamble and everyone does it. He hope to gain “control over Japan,” by controlling the fever through the fight club. With the reveal to the public that cursed spirits are real and the pressure on Jujutsu Headquarters, Hakari plans to take advantage of the chaos.

He expects the Jujutsu regulations to change and wants to force them to acknowledge the fight club. Suddenly his phone rings. He ignores it and offers Itadori a drink. Yuji refuses alcohol as he’s underage. When Hakari asks if he knows Gojo can’t “drink either,” Yuji ruins the plan by pretending he has no idea who Gojo is. Hakari asks him if he’s a Jujutsu High spy and attacks with his Cursed Technique. He creates two doors, attempting to catch Yuji in-between them. Yuji dodges, trying to explain himself. However, Hakari manages to crush Yuji neck in two more doors. He explains that when he gets a call from Kirara it means “somethings up.” Yuji head buts him and demands Hakari listen.

We need to convince Kirara

Elsewhere, Megumi and Panda try to convince Kirara they mean no harm. Megumi explains they need Hakari’s cooperation with dealing with the recent Jujutsu terror attacks. Panda explains why they came into conflict with the higher ups in the first place. Panda says that the more “conservative” faction of Jujutsu High prefer more conventional Jujutsu like Nobara Kugisaki’s Straw Doll Technique over the modern techniques that feature technology like cursed video tapes. Megumi reveals that Gojo was sealed and that’s why they need them. Kirara doesn’t appear to believe them but Megumi thinks they must convince Kirara if they’ll have any chance to meet Hakari.

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 155 reminds us of something Gojo always stated, the Jujutsu High leaders are too conservative. What specifically made them conservative was never explained until now. I wonder what actually is consider modern cursed techniques. For example the Zenin Families inherited technique, projection sorcery, appears to turn opponents into flat screen tv’s. For specifically the technique “divides one second into twenty-four frames of animation using the user’s field of view as the projection angle of view.” Furthermore, how does cursed tools fit in. Yoshinobu Gakuganji use of an electric guitar could be too modern. I don’t expect this conflict to get too violent and believe Yuji will convince Hakari to join them. I’m really excited to see Kirara and Hakari’s techniques.