Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4 and 5: Percival is death

The cover of Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4.
The cover of Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4.

In Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 4, Pellegarde is surprised by Percival’s magic abilities. Percival is shocked and kind of disgusted by it. He tries to shake it off his hand and attempts to “give” it to Pellegarde, who is pushed back. He describes Percival’s magic as an “enchanter type.” Pellegarde uses his magic against Percival and shoots a fireball he calls Pyre. He’s able to control the flame with his fingers. Percival is able to dodge his attack with ease. Pellegarde challenges him to do something else. Percival swats the flame with his hands. However, Pellegarde’s flame hits him anyway. The Knight tells him that his flame “will never go out” unless he stops it or the “target burns down.”

Surrounded by flames, Percival doesn’t panic. He spreads his magic around his body to protect himself. However, Pellegarde claims that it’s too late, he’s already sustained burns. Percival collapses. Suddenly, little Percival’s form around Pellegarde. The Holy Knight is confused about what type of magic Percival possesses, as the latter heals himself. Pellegarde claims his magic is the “hero” type. This proves what we already know, Percival is one of the Four Knights. What is surprising is Pellegarde wants to keep Percival alive. Percival strikes Pellegarde, demanding the fight continue.

Pellegarde is impressed with Percival’s ability

Pellegarde is impressed by Percival’s strength and determination. However, he’s still inexperienced. Donny steps in and levitates Pellegarde, giving Percival a chance to escape. Pellegarde explodes with power, regaining control over the fight. A red fox appears with Percival’s bag. It releases a spell bead, teleporting Percival and Donny. The bead transports them to the dragon’s backbone, a thirty-mile mountain growth. The Red Fox can speak and is quite rude. After telling Percival he’s a “sorry ass,” the fox tells him Pellegarde wouldn’t know where his father was. Anyway, he tells Percival and Donny the Four Knights don’t exist, yet. Each Knight will bring “four world-destroying calamities.”

If you’re familiar with the Bible and the Four horsemen of the Apocalypse, then the concept is common. The four horsemen are famine, pestilence, war, and death. Percival is one of them. It’s clear from the image that Percival is death. Considering his personality, Percival doesn’t seem like he should be a member. Will he change? Maybe the four horsemen won’t be as menacingly as the name suggests. I’m curious how Four Knights of the Apocalypse will deal with this dark premise.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 11: Team Deku’s perfect finish

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 11 begins with the hectic frenzy we saw at the end of the last episode. Neito copies Deku’s One For All, however, Deku warns him that his body won’t be able to handle it. Neito doesn’t get the opportunity to use One For All because Ochaco uses her Gunhead Martial Arts on him. Hitoshi and Deku face off. In a flashback, we see Eraser Head training Hitoshi. It didn’t occur to me until this moment that Hitoshi is similar to Eraser Head. It makes sense considering that most of the students are similar to previous heroes.

While Ochaco takes Neito to jail, Mineta and Mina step up the close combat. Dominating Reiko, Yui, and Shoda with a combination of Mineta’s, Mineta Bounce, and Mina’s Acid Layback. As much as Deku is supposed to be the focus of this fight I think Ochaco is the MVP here. She not only captures Neito, but she also saves Deku and returns to knock out Reiko and pin Yui to a pipe covered in Mineta’s Pop Off balls. The 4-0 victory is largely due to her. She is complemented by Eraser Head and Midnight. Class 1-A’s overall victory was never in doubt, but I thought Class 1-B showed how far they’ve come.

I get the feeling that Hitoshi will end up in Class 1-B. However, his connection to Eraser Head might be a factor in which class he’s in. That said, I don’t think it’s necessary for him to be in Class 1-A. We rarely see Class 1-B and it feels like they aren’t in the same school. However, I believe they’re literally next door. Anyway, Eraser Head can directly train Hitoshi after class. There was too much to this episode, but the potential of Hitoshi and Ochaco stood out to me.

One Piece Chapter 1015: Luffy survives and Yamato seeks freedom

The Alliance stops giving up, as Kaido corners Momonosuke in One Piece Chapter 1015.
The Alliance stops giving up, as Kaido corners Momonosuke.

It turns out the voice Momonosuke heard was from Luffy. In One Piece Chapter 1015, “Chains,” the alliance starts to lose hope until Sanji and Momonosuke reignite them. Queen and Perospero are about to defeat Chopper and the alliance fighter on the Live Floor. Suddenly, Sanji appears and attacks Queen. Perospero fires off more arrows into the air, but the long neck of a transformed Queen spins after Sanji’s. This results in Queen inadvertently blocking the arrows and then striking Perospero. While I’m excited to Sanji step up, I was disappointed that Chopper was so ineffective (at least in battle.) Anyway, Zoro is in Choppers care now and Sanji is ready to fight.

I was wrong in my last review, Kin’emon didn’t use his Devil Fruit ability to save himself. He does buy time for Momonosuke, he’s ultimately stabbed in the back by Kaido. He remembers how difficult it was for him to pretend to be Momonosuke’s father. I had completely forgotten they presented themselves as father and son. It’s a bittersweet moment when you realize what was sacrificed. Momonosuke recognizes Luffy’s voice and delivers Luffy’s message. Luffy is “still alive and that he would make it back, so no matter how to hurt everyone is or if they have nothing left, they have to keep fighting.” The message has its intended impact, reinvigorating the alliance. However, Kaido finally corners Momonosuke and Shinobu. The shinobi uses her Ripe Ripe Jutsu to decay a piece of rock they were standing on.

Yamato prepares to cut the chains that bind them

The Heart Pirates find Luffy and Nami’s Clima-Tact has been transformed into a homie like Zeus. Finally, Yamato prepares to “cut the chains” binding them to Kaido. The Heart Pirates have saved Luffy before, but I’m not sure what they can do without Law. The fight between Yamato and Kaido has to last for long enough to grant Luffy time to recover. Sanji verses Queen could be interesting if the arc allows for a proper fight. So far everyone keeps getting interrupted. I wouldn’t trust that Clima-tact if I were Nami, Big Mom could have planted it. However, if it’s Zeus then this would be his moment to redeem himself. Speaking of Big Mom, Kid is going to need Law to help him, if they’re going to have a chance. Finally, what is Luffy’s new power and can he control it?

My Hero Academia Chapter 315: Deku inspires Lady Nagant

Deku destroys Lady Nagant's sniper arm with his new Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash attack in My Hero Academia Chapter 315.
Deku destroys Lady Nagant’s sniper arm with his new Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash attack

In the last chapter, Lady Nagant recalls the cost she endured for the greater good of superhero society. In Chapter 315, “Platitudes,” My Hero Academia challenges Deku’s dream of “reaching out” to villains. The cynical Nagant uses the instincts of a hero against Deku. She targets Chisaki with her sniper rifle. Deku activates the Quirk, Fa Jin. He combines the Quirks energy storage ability, with One For One at 45 %, and “centrifugal force.” This specific kind of force results in something fleeing from the center. What results in the move, Faux 100 Percent. Basically, Deku moves faster “than a speeding bullet.” It’s remarkable how much Deku has to keep in mind to effectively use multiple Quirks.

All For One’s failure clause

I would imagine that over time he will find it easier but it’s still impressive. I’ve commented in the past how Deku is a different kind of Shonen hero. He’s more intellectual, but it’s clear his power is going to come from difficult training and not the typical fighting genius we’re used to. Still having energy stored in his other leg, Deku hit Lady Nagant’s sniper arm with Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash. Nagant is amazed that not only did Deku save Chisaki, but he also didn’t hesitate despite Chisaki being an enemy. Deku catches Lady Nagant before she falls. He notes that if she was “really allied with All For One’s brand of evil . . . she would have shot at his lower body and stopped him cold.”

He asks her to fight on the side of the heroes. Before she can agree, she starts to glow. Suddenly, she explodes. All For One had added a “failure clause” to their contract. I question whether Deku would be able to talk his way into Tomura’s heart but My Hero Academia Chapter 315 may have complicated the issue. Deku was successful in convincing Lady Nagant to join him but All For One is never going to allow it. We could probably assume he has a similar clause with Tomura. Hawks arrives to catch his former master, it remains to be seen if Lady Nagant can be saved.

Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 3: Percival versus the Black Knight

As Donny gets bandaged up, Percival and Elva take a bath together. The scene is creepy and mostly an opportunity for fanservice and groping. However, there is a comedic payoff when Elva and Donny reveal that like Percival they’re just sixteen. Percival seems younger than his age, so Elva allowed him to see her naked thinking he was a little boy. I don’t know why anyone would let a strange boy see them naked, but you know anything makes sense in the name of fanservice. Anyway, Four Knights of the Apocalypse Chapter 3, “Clues of the Father,” introduces us to the Black Knight, Pellegarde.

Elva mentions that Percival is “born” to be a Holy Knight, except he doesn’t have any magic. As the village celebrates Percival, he asks them if they’ve seen his father Ironside. Unfortunately, none of them have heard of the Holy Knight. Suddenly, the Black Knight appears floating from above. Pellegarde accuses Ironside of lying about his son’s death, assuming he was “looking out for his own offspring.” Katz upset at Pellegarde’s insensitivity, grabs the Black Knight. This is only important for two reasons. First Katz towers over Pellegarde but can’t move him and second, the Black Knight doesn’t hesitate to attack him. Percival demands to know his father’s location. If necessary, he’ll use force.

Percival attacks Pellegarde barehanded. Unlike Katz, he’s able to move him back. Pellegarde promises to tell him if Percival defeats him but if he beats him, Percival is coming with him. The Black Knight wants to raise him. As Pellegarde gets the upper hand, Percival uses unknown magic. This chapter is mostly just set up for the next one, but it made me curious. Why Pellegarde would want to raise Percival?