One Piece Chapter 949: Recap & Review

Chapter 949, Mummy

Luffy, Chopper, Hyogoro, Raizo, Kikunojo and Kawamatsu dominate the Beast Pirates. Daifugo shoots the prisoners with special bullets, that inflict the prisoners with a virus called Mummy. Created by Queen, the infected experience a massive fever and blood loss. In it’s final stage the virus transforms the victim into a mummy like husk. This disease is also highly contagious. During the fight, Raizo gives Kid and Killer the keys to their handcuffs. The prisoners express their dismay that Luffy and the Nine Red Sheaths have interfered in their lives. They have accepted their captivity and don’t wish to change it. They are certain that Kiado cannot be defeated.

Luffy grabs on to one of the prisoners, infecting himself. Luffy has often in this series, done profoundly stupid things to great effect. Luffy makes his case for the power of the opposition. He tells the prisoners that they need to “open their eyes,” they have become “slaves.” He questions the idea that he (an outsider) can’t protect them. He made a promise in Kuri to Tama, that he will make this country a “place for everyone.” He proclaims that he has to “defeat Kaido.” He asks them “who will they side with,” “Kiado or “the allies.” Meanwhile, Babanuki tries to use a excite Shell into the crowd. Luffy ties his trunk, causing the bomb to explode on Babanuki.

Luffy has always been able to convince others that they’re worth fighting for. The prisoners announce that they are now rebels and they take over Udon. The final battle against Kaido will take place in eight days. I’m not concern that Luffy and the others are infected with the virus. Chopper is likely to cure them. However, Luffy hasn’t master the new Haki yet. Anyway, the arc is reaching it’s climax and I can’t wait.

6 thoughts on “One Piece Chapter 949: Recap & Review

  1. It’s amazing that this series is almost at 1000😮😮 That is a lot of issues! Everyone keeps telling me I should watch the anime, but with so many episodes that feels like a very daunting task to say the least 😅😅

    1. If you don’t start now you may never. LOL. I forgot when I start reading the manga but One Piece had about 600 chapter out. I read 10 chapters a day until I caught up. It only took a year. LOL. Start small or read a volume a week, I think you could do it.

      1. “Only” a year huh? Lol 😂😂 Well, who knows. I pretty much live by the philosophy never say never, so in this case I will do the same. Given that the anime only has….1107 episodes now, it should take me about 3 years to catch up. Piece of cake! 😂😂

  2. I really liked Luffy in this chapter. The scene of him suddenly appearing next to the villain and grabbing the gun was brilliant. He’s really come a long way and I feel like Luffy is very close to hitting his next level of power. Kaido better watch out!

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