One Piece Chapter 1024: Yamato the Oni Princess

One Piece Chapter 1024 opens with Usopp trying to distract the Beast Pirates as Nami talks to Franky and Tama’s group hides. Usopp claims that he defeated the two of the Tobiroppo dubbing himself “Usohachi the Sibling Hunter.” The pirates are falling unconscious due to Haki, Usopp claims is from him. However, Speed tells Tama that it’s actually the Haki from Big Mom. Franky is with the Heart Pirates, but he doesn’t know anything about Luffy’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile Brook flees with Robin from the burning castle he contacts Jinbe whos with the Kid Pirates. Jinbe updates Brook while wondering who’s “holding Kaido up.” Elsewhere, Kawamatsu, Cho, and Yatappe prevent the rest of the Beast Pirates from interfering with Zoro and Sanji’s battle with the All-Stars, King and Queen.

Kiado steals the freedom from Yamato

The main event in this chapter is the flashback from Yamato. As she battles against Kaido she remembers being chained to inside a cave. As a little girl she showed the ability to use Haoshoku Haki. Yamato begs for food and Kaido imprisons her in a cave with 3 samurai. Kaido tells them if they join his army he’ll let them go. He leaves them with five samurai swords and one tray of food. To Yamato’s surprise the samurai don’t try to kill her they give her the tray, claiming a “samurai don’t feel hunger.” One of the samurai that resembles Shimotsuki Ushimaru, cuts Yamato’s chains. The samurai doesn’t reveal his actual name.

They bond over reading a book from Oden’s voyage log. Accepting that they won’t live long enough to see the battle in 20 years, they free Yamato from the cave. It’s implied that Kaido kills them for doing so. Kiado’s cruelty has been established long ago but there’s something about his treatment of Yamato that feels worse. I didn’t expect Kaido to really take care of her but torture was surprising. Yamato barely can speak or even read. Kaido only knows power and he needs to be defeated by someone more powerful.


One Piece Chapter 1020: Nico Robin takes on Black Maria

One Piece Chapter 1020, “Robin vs. Black Maria,” opens with the conflict between Kaido and Yamato. Kaido reveals that Yamato ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami devil fruit, becoming a “wolf deity.” According to the Yonko, the wolf is the “Guardian Deity of Wano.” To Kaido, Yamato is just another tool, like the country of Wano itself. He wants her to run it as a “weapons factory.”

However, Yamato wishes to “liberate” Wano instead. This is the dream Oden wanted for his country. Yamato releases a mouth blast called Namuji Hyoga, which Kaido counters with Bolo Breath. Kaido says that he will never allow Wano to be liberated. Kurozumi Orochi was successful in exploiting his own people for profit. In one of the previous chapters, Orochi returns. I speculated that Orochi had eight lives but after Kiado and the Nine Red Scabbards killing him he’s down to six.

Nico Robin has faith in Sanji

Kiado is unaware of his survival. Orochi isn’t strong enough to fight Kiado, so I would assume he would plot behind the scenes. Regardless, Orochi would have to be officially killed before Kaido’s plan for Yamato to work. Elsewhere, Nico Robin and Brook face Black Maria, and her subordinates, Nure Onna, Tenjo Kudari, and Number Kunyun. Black Maria fails to trick Robin with the false images of Nico Olvia, Professor Clover, and Jaguar D. Saul. Brook was unharmed as well. He notes that both he and Robin have been “being hurt by illusions.” Oda reminds us what Robin and Brook have suffered. This is important when Black Maria attempts to convince Robin that Sanji betrayed her. The Straw Hats have been through a lot together and with Robin specifically. They have a strong bond.

Throughout all of this, Black Maria wields a polearm with a wanyudo at its end. Wanyudo is a Gifter, with a big head and a body of a small pug dog. He’s made to run along a hamster wheel at the end of Black Maria’s polearm, generating fire. It seems like a terrible life, but Wanyudo is always laughing, seeking pleasure from his masters violence. Black Maria creates a floor of fire that Brook eliminates with Cold Soul. Brook decides to take on Black Maria’s subordinates, leaving Robin to fight Black Maria herself. Like many of the Strawhat’s Robin is underserved, especially when fighting. She prepares to fight using Gigante Fleur, creating a large body with nine arms.


One Piece Chapter 1016: Yami gets a powerup and Tama takes control

One Piece chapter 1016 cover
One Piece chapter 1016 cover

One Piece manga chapter 1016 utilizes CP-0 to update the audience on the battle. The unknown member of CP-0, says that “5,000 soldiers have been incapacitated, leaving the Beasts Pirates with 24,000 soldiers and the alliance with 3,000.” These numbers are complicated by the revolt of the Pleasures and Waiters against Queen. As a result, the Beast Pirates have lost 4,000 soldiers and the alliance gained them. CP-0 notes that “the disparity in manpower was shrinking . . . the battle constantly changes with new information.” I think this is the theme of this arc so far.

I have predicted Zeus will get his redemption arc. It appears I was correct. It’s confirmed that Zeus is inside the Clima-Tact. He explains when he was eaten, “his soul left his body,” and entered the Clima-Tact. Nami is happy about it. However, Zeus tells her that Big Mom is the only one who can remove him. Suddenly, they run into Bao Haung and Ulti. The latter charges at the Strawhat’s (Nami and Usopp). She grabs Tama from Usopp, blaming her for turning the Gifters against them. For those that may have forgotten, Tama’s devil fruit ability, Kibi Kibi no Mi grants her the power to “tame” animals with her “dango.”

Zeus defeats Ulti in One Piece Chapter 1016.
Zeus defeats Ulti

I am the Mighty Zeus

The Beast Pirates are part animals, as a result, they can be controlled by her if they eat a dango. Ulti begins choking Tama. Enraged, Nami swings her Clima-Tact at Ulti. Zeus increases its length and adds spikes. He tells Nami that he can “help” and she should use her baton like always. Zeus believes Ulti is still weak from Big Mom’s attack and a “lightning blast” would defeat her. Nami refuses because Tama is too close. Using his Special Attack: Green Star Sargasso, Usopp frees Tama, leaving Ulti vulnerable.

Zeus turns into a large black cloud and a lightning bolt strikes the ground. Ulti evades but Zeus claims it’s not over until he “hits the target.” Ulti collapses shocking Bao Haung. Ironically, she was excited to tell the soldiers that Momonosuke was dead, hoping to kill morale, instead she accidentally tells them the two Tobi Roppo were defeated. This does ruin morale, just for her side. Usopp incapacitates her with his Green Star Devil, giving Tama a chance to speak through her. Some of the Beast Pirates get excited hearing their master. Finally, Yamato prepares to stall Kaido until Luffy returns.


One Piece Chapter 1015: Luffy survives and Yamato seeks freedom

The Alliance stops giving up, as Kaido corners Momonosuke in One Piece Chapter 1015.
The Alliance stops giving up, as Kaido corners Momonosuke.

It turns out the voice Momonosuke heard was from Luffy. In One Piece Chapter 1015, “Chains,” the alliance starts to lose hope until Sanji and Momonosuke reignite them. Queen and Perospero are about to defeat Chopper and the alliance fighter on the Live Floor. Suddenly, Sanji appears and attacks Queen. Perospero fires off more arrows into the air, but the long neck of a transformed Queen spins after Sanji’s. This results in Queen inadvertently blocking the arrows and then striking Perospero. While I’m excited to Sanji step up, I was disappointed that Chopper was so ineffective (at least in battle.) Anyway, Zoro is in Choppers care now and Sanji is ready to fight.

I was wrong in my last review, Kin’emon didn’t use his Devil Fruit ability to save himself. He does buy time for Momonosuke, he’s ultimately stabbed in the back by Kaido. He remembers how difficult it was for him to pretend to be Momonosuke’s father. I had completely forgotten they presented themselves as father and son. It’s a bittersweet moment when you realize what was sacrificed. Momonosuke recognizes Luffy’s voice and delivers Luffy’s message. Luffy is “still alive and that he would make it back, so no matter how to hurt everyone is or if they have nothing left, they have to keep fighting.” The message has its intended impact, reinvigorating the alliance. However, Kaido finally corners Momonosuke and Shinobu. The shinobi uses her Ripe Ripe Jutsu to decay a piece of rock they were standing on.

Yamato prepares to cut the chains that bind them

The Heart Pirates find Luffy and Nami’s Clima-Tact has been transformed into a homie like Zeus. Finally, Yamato prepares to “cut the chains” binding them to Kaido. The Heart Pirates have saved Luffy before, but I’m not sure what they can do without Law. The fight between Yamato and Kaido has to last for long enough to grant Luffy time to recover. Sanji verses Queen could be interesting if the arc allows for a proper fight. So far everyone keeps getting interrupted. I wouldn’t trust that Clima-tact if I were Nami, Big Mom could have planted it. However, if it’s Zeus then this would be his moment to redeem himself. Speaking of Big Mom, Kid is going to need Law to help him, if they’re going to have a chance. Finally, what is Luffy’s new power and can he control it?

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The Top 3 revelations from One Piece Manga Chapter 1009


The Nine Red Scabbards decapitate Orochi in Chapter 1009 of One Piece.
The Nine Red Scabbards decapitate Orochi

Kurozumi Orochi’s has six more lives

We didn’t expect to see Orochi again after he was decapitated by Kiado. Well, he’s back and according to his Fukurokuju, he did die. So how is he alive, well that’s unknown. It does appear that Orochi had one fewer head. If this is accurate then he has seven, well six more lives remaining. He’s going to need them because he’s weak. Not only did Kiado kill him in one blow, but he also didn’t put up much of a fight against the notably weakened Nine Red Scabbards

Kiado and Big Mom’s alliance is going to be a problem

We were already prepared for the two Yonko to cause problems in One Piece, but seeing them fight together is giving us a glimpse of how much. The relationship between Kiado and Big Mom is complicated. Frenemies is probably the most appropriate. However, they fight together well. The pair combine their strength to attack Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Law, and Killer with Hakai. What feels like a casual assault from the two requires significant effort from Zoro. 

The Worst Generation will have to work together

When faced against two Yonko what can even the Worst Generation do? Their best hope is to separate the duo. Law’s Devil Fruit powers are ineffective against the Emperors. Teamwork is all they have. As Luffy battles Kiado head-on, Kid creates a metal box that Law uses to trap Zeus. Zoro cuts Prometheus into pieces using Homura Saki: Rokudo no Tsuji while Killer gets rid of Napolean. Big Mom strikes Kid, slamming him to the ground. Surprisingly, Kid seems fine and uses repel to send Big Mom into the air. Law throws a rock at her knocking her towards the sea. Without Zeus to help she’s helpless.