Cop Craft Episode 2: Recap and Review

Dragnet Mirage

This episode picks up right where the last one left off. The attacker seems to be a “zombie.” Kei shoots him several times and it doesn’t do much. The attacker jumps out the window and heads down the fire escape. Kei tells Tilarna to stay behind, but she refuses to listen. On the ground Kei shoots the attacker to little effect. Tilarna arrives from around the corner an slices the enemy killing it. Kei isn’t happy. She killed a witness before questioning him. She responds that he “was being controlled via mildey.” Mildey is magic that controls the dead. Therefore, the suspect was never going to talk in the first place. Kei accuses her of lying, suggest that she’s “interfering with the investigation.” Tilarna draws her sword, threatening to kill Kei if he ever insulted her like that again. They both seem to get over the altercation pretty fast though.

During the autopsy the medical examiner confirms with science what Tilarna said happened through magic. Both assailants where dead before they were “killed.” What I find odd is the level of magical ignorance of the humans in this world. Kei knows for a fact that fairies exists so it doesn’t really make sense to me that he’s so skeptical that magic is real. Furthermore, you would think that a medical examiner would have some curiosity regarding magic and learn something about it. This is made even weirder when they seem to then know what “fairy dust,” does. Although, the medical examiner does note that they don’t know much about it. Maybe, I miss read it but it does seem strange.

Anyway, Tilarna stay with Kei. Meanwhile a terrorist, Kareem, meets with an elf named Elbaji to tests a “fairy bomb” that can change people into “puppet corpses” for the sage Zerada. Elbaji tests the bomb on two cops and has Zerada control them. The future bombs will be the size of a nuke and will be able to control thousands of “puppets.” The following day, Tilarna and Kei head to the funeral of Rick. Afterward, they head to the scene of the murder of two cops. Tilarna quickly deduces that “fairy dust” is involved, but it would require “a high concentration of gold to act as a catalyst, but it has to be sculpted in a precise manner that is difficult for most craftsmen.”

Kei believes that special equipment would do the job. Kei finds or villain, Elbaji has purchased such equipment a little too quickly if you ask me. If you could just look up who bought the equipment, what’s the point of the dummy corporation? Anyway, Tilarna goes to get Elbaji, leaving her sword behind. It may seem like I didn’t like this episode with all the nitpicking, but a series that combines fantasy elements and realistic ones asks you to take it more seriously than other anime. While I’m at it two things stood out to me. First, did the terrorist and the chief of police look too similar or was it just me. It’s a cop anime so he could be undercover or they look too similar. Second, I’m not buying the idea that the wizard Zerada is the employee of Elbaji. Either he’s really in control or he loves money too much. Regardless, I’m still hooked on this series.

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15 thoughts on “Cop Craft Episode 2: Recap and Review

  1. It’s a real shame that I don’t have access to this one in my country. It sounds exactly like my cup of tea to be honest. Oh well…it’s not that I don’t have anything to watch lol 😅😂

    1. I feel your pain fellow European. My subscription to Crunchyroll got terminated ages ago because most of the new shows I wanted to watch were not on their service, due to region restrictions. Companies moan about piracy, but then prevent viewers from certain nations from legally streaming their product.

      1. Yeah, that is so true😢 It’s definitely very annoying to see how there are so many things we don’t have access to here in Europe when compared to the rest of the world. One can only hope that is going to change at some point 😊

  2. I’m looking forward to next episode to see exactly where Tilarna is going, or what she was planning to do without her sword. The main draw for me is the dynamic between her and Kei, though. Someone else made a good point about it — in the usual buddy cop show, she’d be the optimistic rookie to Kei’s jaded pro, but she’s a pro herself, which makes it more interesting.

    1. She said that she new some Midely magic so I’m guessing that’s what she will use. I do think that the buddy cop dynamic is the most interesting part of the series so far.

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