Dr. Stone Episode 19: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 19: To Modernity. Picture of Tsukasa reviving Hyoga.
Tsukasa reviving Hyoga

Season 1, Episode 19: To Modernity

Senku plans to defeat Tsukasa’s army with smartphones

This episode begins with Tsukasa freeing Hyoga. According to some of his men, Tsukasa was looking for Hyoga. Tsukasa welcomes Hyoga to the new world. However, some of the men aren’t impressed. Tsukasa tell them to fight him. With his “preferred” weapon, Hyoga defeats them single handily. Tsukasa shows Hyoga around the new world. Tsukasa comments on hoe the privileged abused the weak in the old world. By obtaining the “weapons of science that make killing so easy.” Tsukasa and Hyoga are in complete agreement. Tsukasa states that to get the world he wants, he’s will “stain” his hands. Meanwhile, in the present, Hyoga is impressed with Senku and the others for their “teamwork.” However, this was all a distraction.

Hyoga’s Homura Sets fire to the village

They set the village on fire. Homura then sets fire to the bridge. Smarter than the typical meat heads that Tsukasa revived, she swam to the village. Homura then uses acrobatic skills to evade the former Chief and Kohaku. The fire spreads, aided by the wind. Hyoga set the fire to get the villagers out into the open. Meanwhile, several of the men plan on kidnapping a child as a hostage. Suika plans to save the “Kingdom of Science.” She draws the attention of some of Tsukasa’s men and they give chase. Both Homura and Hyoga assume that Suika will be an easy catch. However, the wind spreads the sulfuric acid down the mountain. The poison gas forces Hyoga, Homura and others to climb trees. Meanwhile, Senku, Suika and Kohaku have gas masks.

Season 1, Episode 19: To Modernity. Suika pretending to be scared to lure Hyoga and his group
Suika pretending to be scared to lure Hyoga and his group

Cellular phones are the greatest invention

Despite it being an act of mother nature, Senku takes credit for it. Hyoga knocks the “meat heads” off the tree. They’re are killed by the gas, proving to Hyoga that the gas masks were real. Hyoga plans on coming back with Tsukasa’s army.Anyway, without the nitric acid, Senku can’t make gunpowder or revive anyone. Basically, the more time pasts the more soldiers Tsukasa has, but the same isn’t true for gunpowder. Tsukasa would be aware of this as well. Senku’s plan. Attack them first. How. With the “strongest weapon in two million years.” Cellular phones and double agents. Taiju and Yuzuriha.

Obviously I’m curious how cell phones will help them. It has to be more than helping Taiju and Yuzuriha spy. Speaking of Taiju and Yuzuriha, we haven’t had any confirmation that they have been let into Tsukasa’s Kingdom. Personally, I don’t think that it’s plausible that Tsukasa would fall for their trick anyway. I did enjoy the playing with our expectations. I did think that Hyoga was defeated (for now). However, to be able to out smart even Senku was refreshing. I’m looking forward to the next episodes.

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Dr. Stone Episode 18: Recap and Review

Tsukasa giving Gen orders
Tsukasa giving Gen orders

Season 1, Episode 18: Stone Wars

Senku outsmarts Hyoga, while Gen chooses sides

In Episode 18 of Dr. Stone, The Kingdom of Science and the Kingdom of Might got to war. At the end of episode 17, Gen informed the village that Tsukasa and his army were coming. Senku is excited. However, Tsukasa and his army arrive very quickly. While, Ginro and Kinro are on duty, Kinro spots some of Tsukasa’s men. He tells Ginro to inform the village and “cut the bridge down” if he’s killed. As Kinro backs up on the bridge, a mysterious figure is impressed with his strategy. Kinro manages to break the nose of one of Tsukasa’s men. However, the mysterious man named Hyoga seems much smarter. Armed with a spear of his own, he’s quickly able to deduce that Kinro has bad eyesight. Meanwhile, Gen explains who Hyoga is.

Hyoga is a new major threat

On the bridge, Hyoga and Kinro battle. Hyoga is able to throw his spear very quickly. He stabs Kinro, knocking him off the bridge. However, Kinro grabs Hyoga’s leg. He tells Ginro to cut down the bridge. Meanwhile, the other villagers watch. Ginro overwhelmed with emotion, refuses to cut the bridge down. Senku uses an iron tube filled with dirt and gunpowder. Gen manipulates Magma into throwing a rock at Hyoga, while Senku “shoots” his iron tube. Gen runs across the bridge, warning them that “they have guns.” Senku confirms this ruse. Telling Hyoga that he (Ishigami Senku) is still alive and they have rifles. They leave and they rescue Kinro.

The village preparing to fight Tsukasa's army
The village preparing to fight Tsukasa’s army

The most powerful blades in the world

Senku isn’t very concerned. He says he can predict even predict when they will return. Meanwhile, Tsukasa’s army or at least some of them refuse to return home out of fear. Gen tells them that if they return during a storm, the village couldn’t use the rifles. However, Hyoga isn’t so stupid. He realizes that coming during a storm would be too obvious. He says that they should “return immediately and build a large army.” The other warrior are idiots and plan on fighting anyway. Hyoga accepts that he just have to let the “pawns” have their way. Meanwhile, Senku gives Kinro some glasses. In three days a storm approaches. Senku waits on the bridge for them. When they approach, Kinro, Kohaku, Magma and the former Chief arrive with “blades of science,” katana’s.

However, Hyoga’s spear still has an advantage. He disarms Magma and pushes Ginro and Kohaku back. Kinro, Kohaku and Magma all team up to face Hyoga. Before Kohaku can land a blow his spear breaks. It becomes clear to him that Gen is the one that sabotaged his weapon. Turns out that Gen has official joined the Kingdom of Science. I love when this series balances the science with action. The introduction of Hyoga was unexpected but welcome. Another warrior, that’s smart like Tsukasa. The Kingdom of Might has the most warriors but the least intellects. The dynamic is inverted in the Kingdom of Science. The only question I’m dying to learn is where’s Taiju and Yuzuriha.


Dr. Stone Episode 17: Recap and Review

Dr. Stone Episode 17, Senku stands with his back turned to the image of his father Byakuya.
Senku and his father back to back

Season 1, Episode 17: A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies

The miserable life of the ISS astronauts

Dr. Stone Episode 17 continues to tell the story of Byakuya and the rest of the ISS astronauts. Newly petrified, Senku continues to “think.” Meanwhile, Byakuya concludes that there must be “a delay between average times of the final posts on social media sites like Twitter. As a result, they’re able to determine that the source of the green light originated in South America. They land on Earth in two separate groups. Connie, Shamil and Lillian are in the first group. However, the first landing is a disaster. The astronauts land upside down in the water, leaving them trapped. Byakuya decides that they will land on a nearby island. Byakuya manages to rescue the others even if it took him ten hours. Ironically, in an effort to avoid being turned to stone, the astronauts made their landing more dangerous.

Trying to survive

As the six try to find ways to survive on the island, we skip three years in the future. Darya and Yakov have two children. Meanwhile, Shamil and Connie get married. Byakuya is certain that Senku will “succeed.” The ISS difficulties don’t decline. Despite two doctors, illness takes it told on the six. Connie gets sick first. Darya and Yakov go to retrieve some antibiotics. However, Connie dies of pneumonia. Then Shamil gets sick and dies. Followed by Lillian. Some of the children produced are predisposed to complications from bacteria and viruses. As a result, the six survivors only manage to live about a decade. We learn that Byakuya wasn’t actually Senku’s biological father. However, this doesn’t matter as both Senku and Byakuya see each other as father and son. Seeing the normally stoic Senku in tears was heartbreaking.

Tsukasa and his army

Gen informs Senku and the villagers that Tsukasa is coming. As a result, Senku smirks, ready to show them the “power of the kingdom of science.” Dr. Stone episode 17 is a somber tale. I’ve mentioned that it’s sad thinking that Senku and Byakuya will never see each other again. However, in this episode, Senku states that even his bones are “gone.” Despite being heartbroken, Senku is energized at the prospects of facing off against Tsukasa. Personally, I’m excited to see what will happen next.

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Dr. Stone Episode 16: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 16: A Tale for the Ages

Dr. Stone left us with a cliffhanger last week. Why does Ruri know Senku’s first name? The reason is simple but surprising. It’s because Senku’s father was an astronaut that managed to avoid being turned into stone. Ruri learn of his father (Byakuya Ishigami) through a tale that her mother told her. Senku’s father becomes an astronaut after failing the exam a decade earlier. While there wasn’t much excitement in this episode, I did find the bond between Senku and his father to be touching. While, Senku is often emotionless, his father appears to be the opposite. After achieving his dream of becoming an astronaut, Byakuya and his crewmates are in space when the green light arrives and petrifies humanity.

The mystery of the swallows

This episode reminds of that mystery in the form of the swallows. Senku was aware of the petrification of the swallows, prior to the transformation of the humans. Also, if the villagers are descendants from the six astronauts then some of them are related to Senku right? With three men and three women it seems obvious that they all pair up right? It’s clear that Ruri and Kohaku are related to Lillian Weinberg. Regardless, what will be interesting to see is if Senku has an emotional reaction to his fathers death. He certainly knows his dad died (it’s been over 3,000 years) but to be reminded that he never saw his father again might trigger some emotions.

Many more questions to asked

The green light event seems like it’s going to be a mystery that might be solved towards the end of the series, but we do need to be reminded of it from time to time. As is typical for a Dr. Stone episode more questions are raised than answered. Why isn’t their any technology? How come the future generations don’t know anything about science? Other than the married couple who pairs with whom? Did they try to save humanity from being in stone? How did they do? Dr. Stone keeps getting more interesting.

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Dr. Stone Episode 15: Recap and Review

Senku wins

Season 1, Episode 15: The Culmination of Two Million Years

With Magma being defeated, the only thing that remains is for Senku and Ginro to forfeit their matches. However, it was never going to be that easy. Ginro can’t take a hint, believing that Ruri could careless who wins the tournament. He attacks Senku. dreaming of becoming Chief. No one in the village seems to want Ginro to become Chief. It’s short lived as Senku uses “science” to defeat Ginro. Before the battle between Senku and Chrome, he passes out, leaving Senku the victor. Ruri begins to cough up blood, meaning that she’s running out of time. Senku isn’t happy with this turn of events. He has no real desire for Ruri or being married to her. He decides to divorce her and flee the village with the alcohol.

Ginro and Kinro vouch for Senku, as the Chief (father of Ruri and Kohaku) orders his arrests. Senku uses ammonia to wake Chrome. The members of the Kingdom of Science, continue to produce the Sulfuric Acid. We are treated to montage as Senku and the others go through the 25 steps. It largely a science dump, filled with long words and a list of complicated processes. They manage to create a white powder, resulting in an abundance of carbonated water. Gen gets excited that he’s finally going to get his cola. Senku gives Ruri the white powder and listens to her lungs. He learns that she has fluid in her lungs. Senku notices a dead rat. He dissects it, learning that the rats have caught the bacteria.

He thinks it’s possible that Ruri may have pulmonary tuberculosis. If this is true then “they don’t stand a chance.” However, it turns out that Ruri has pneumonia. The sulfur water begins to have an positive effect on Ruri. She begins to recover with the treatment Senku gives her. Her father, Kohaku and the other villagers start to cry. When Ruri’s father announces that Senku is the new chief of Ishigami Village, he’s shocked at the name of the village. Ruri tells him that she’s known for a long time that his name is Ishigami Senku. I have no idea what this reveal means, but like a true cliffhanger I REALLY want to know.

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