Dr. Stone Episode 16: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 16: A Tale for the Ages

Dr. Stone left us with a cliffhanger last week. Why does Ruri know Senku’s first name? The reason is simple but surprising. It’s because Senku’s father was an astronaut that managed to avoid being turned into stone. Ruri learn of his father (Byakuya Ishigami) through a tale that her mother told her. Senku’s father becomes an astronaut after failing the exam a decade earlier. While there wasn’t much excitement in this episode, I did find the bond between Senku and his father to be touching. While, Senku is often emotionless, his father appears to be the opposite. After achieving his dream of becoming an astronaut, Byakuya and his crewmates are in space when the green light arrives and petrifies humanity.

The mystery of the swallows

This episode reminds of that mystery in the form of the swallows. Senku was aware of the petrification of the swallows, prior to the transformation of the humans. Also, if the villagers are descendants from the six astronauts then some of them are related to Senku right? With three men and three women it seems obvious that they all pair up right? It’s clear that Ruri and Kohaku are related to Lillian Weinberg. Regardless, what will be interesting to see is if Senku has an emotional reaction to his fathers death. He certainly knows his dad died (it’s been over 3,000 years) but to be reminded that he never saw his father again might trigger some emotions.

Many more questions to asked

The green light event seems like it’s going to be a mystery that might be solved towards the end of the series, but we do need to be reminded of it from time to time. As is typical for a Dr. Stone episode more questions are raised than answered. Why isn’t their any technology? How come the future generations don’t know anything about science? Other than the married couple who pairs with whom? Did they try to save humanity from being in stone? How did they do? Dr. Stone keeps getting more interesting.

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