Enen no Shouboutai Season 1, Episode 13: Recap and Review

Benimaru and Konro butt heads in episode 13, the Trap is Set.
Benimaru is told that he’s the leader now

Season 1, Episode 13: The Trap is Set

Konro concludes his story. It’s the Solar Year 196, in Tokyo, Asakusa. Benimaru rushes to his side. He asks him “why he [Konro] didn’t let him fight.” The Special Fire Force, Company 4 arrives after all that happened. Soichiro Hague, the Captain of Company 4 greets them. Under orders fro the Emperor, he inducts Konro and Benimaru into Fire Force Company 7. Benimaru isn’t interested, however, Konro wants to know what they would get out of it. Hague tells them that they get, “financial support, equipment, supplies and top-notch personnel.” Konro asks for more time to consider their answer. Benimaru hates the idea of becoming a “dog” of the empire.

Everyone life has value

Meanwhile, in the Solar Year 198, Konro tells Company 8 that he has no regrets. He tells them that he would offer his “two-bit,” life, “as many times as needed.” Shinra asks him not to. He doesn’t believe anyone’s life is more important to anyone else. Elsewhere in the town, many civilians accuse each other of bad behavior. As a plan of the followers of the Evangelists, it dumb. They confirm that the 8th company is innocent. The culprit is Yona. A Knight of the Ashen Flame, Yona is able to use blood vessels to change the face of people. However, he accidentally kills one of the followers. As a result of the shape-shifting, the townspeople are distracted.

Company 8 verses the White hoods

As the White Hoods attack, Captain Obi tells Company 8 to wait. They don’t have the permission of Company 7. Obi orders them to evaluate the civilians, however, their attacked by a sniper. Shinra flies off to distract them, similarity, Arthur follows. Shinra attempts to triangulate the arrows. However, he and Arthur can’t seem to agree with each other. Meanwhile, Konro and Hinata search for Hikage. Shinra is attacked while flying. He and Arthur take on attempt to fight together but fail at first. However, sensing the danger their in the work together. One of the white hoods flee, as the other eats a Infernal bug. In short, the battle is just beginning.

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