Kabukichou Sherlock Episode 2: Recap and Review

Episode 2 of Kabukichou Sherlock, introduces Lucy and Mary Morstan.
Lucy and Mary Morstan

Season 1, Episode 2: Why Not Join the Staring-At-Eye-Moles Squad ?

In episode 2 of Kabukichou Sherlock, we get a greater explanation of the city. Shinjuku Ward is located in the west side of Shinjuku. Separated by a wall, the West is considered “well ordered” and safer than the chaotic East. In the west, there are “six detectives” that solve crimes. Sherlock Holmes, Fuyuto Kyogoku, Michel Belmont, Lucy Morstan, Mary Morstan and Torataro Kobayashi “battle wits,” competing to solve crimes. Each job is split into three ranks. First is the A rank. Client’s hired the detectives directly and paid directly. Second is the “S Rank No Bonus.” The reward is 1 million yen and you are allowed to hire all the detectives in the row house. Finally, is the “S Rank with Bonus,” whether it fails or not, the clients still pay all the expenses.

The next case, find Kita

John Watson is still trying to hire Sherlock with little success. We are formally introduced to Mary Morstan and her brother, Lucy. Our next client is Fakamine Fujiko, she’s the owner of the Florist Poppin. Kobayashi is clearly infatuated with her. The job is ranked S. Fuyuto Kyogoku, however, isn’t impressed, think the amount of money isn’t worth his time. This is because the detectives have to “pay their own expenses.” Fujiko tells her story. She has always wanted to be an “idol.” Her employee, Saori, shows her that there’s a contest for the “next generation of idols.” However, it turns out that she was duped. The detectives are tasked with finding “Kita,” with Sherlock, the Morstans and Kobayashi participating.

Sherlock mounts
Sherlock locating the “Bug” on Watson

The winner is, Sherlock of course

Sherlock, wearing a disguise, quickly deduces that Saori is the culprit. However, apparently so does Mary and Lucy. When Sherlock leaves, Mary comes to the his apartment. They talk at the door. Mary gives John some gifts, one with a listen device in it. He tells John to “get out,” and he “never wants to see him again.” Considering that Sherlock isn’t a very emotional person, it’s as close as he gets to being angry. As a result, John is sadden. He’s approached by a young girl that offers his some chocolate. But, according to Moriarty, it would but him to sleep. The street kids were planning on robbing him. Disappointed, the kids leave. Meanwhile, Mary and Lucy follow “Sherlock” in his disguise. Elsewhere, Sherlock captures Kita and Saori as they try to leave with gold bars. He engages in his “bad” rakugo.

The value of money

The accomplice of Kita and Saori, Cobra arrives he pull a gun out. Watson knocks him out. Afterward, Sherlock is paid 20 million yen as thank you. This of course pisses off Fuyuto. When Watson returns to confront Mary, he learns that her brother, Lucy, is actually her sister. I thought Kabukichou Sherlock was only going have some marginalized trans or gender neutral characters, but it seems that they intend to have several significant characters. I’m of course assuming that Lucy IS trans and not joking. Furthermore, it appears that the series may focus on wealth and poverty. Sherlock is noted as “not caring about money.” Fuyuto decides that the case isn’t worth his time and misses out on 20 million.

In addition to this, the west and east are segregated by a wall that separates the rich from the poor. Sherlock’s indifference to money begs the question, why doesn’t he give it away? I mean he wouldn’t need to give it all away to change the lives of those children, right? This could be me reading too much into things. I don’t need this series to care that much. But, they seems to be hinting that at least underneath the cases is a larger commentary on the society in the series.

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