Dr. Stone Episode 15: Recap and Review

Senku wins

Season 1, Episode 15: The Culmination of Two Million Years

With Magma being defeated, the only thing that remains is for Senku and Ginro to forfeit their matches. However, it was never going to be that easy. Ginro can’t take a hint, believing that Ruri could careless who wins the tournament. He attacks Senku. dreaming of becoming Chief. No one in the village seems to want Ginro to become Chief. It’s short lived as Senku uses “science” to defeat Ginro. Before the battle between Senku and Chrome, he passes out, leaving Senku the victor. Ruri begins to cough up blood, meaning that she’s running out of time. Senku isn’t happy with this turn of events. He has no real desire for Ruri or being married to her. He decides to divorce her and flee the village with the alcohol.

Ginro and Kinro vouch for Senku, as the Chief (father of Ruri and Kohaku) orders his arrests. Senku uses ammonia to wake Chrome. The members of the Kingdom of Science, continue to produce the Sulfuric Acid. We are treated to montage as Senku and the others go through the 25 steps. It largely a science dump, filled with long words and a list of complicated processes. They manage to create a white powder, resulting in an abundance of carbonated water. Gen gets excited that he’s finally going to get his cola. Senku gives Ruri the white powder and listens to her lungs. He learns that she has fluid in her lungs. Senku notices a dead rat. He dissects it, learning that the rats have caught the bacteria.

He thinks it’s possible that Ruri may have pulmonary tuberculosis. If this is true then “they don’t stand a chance.” However, it turns out that Ruri has pneumonia. The sulfur water begins to have an positive effect on Ruri. She begins to recover with the treatment Senku gives her. Her father, Kohaku and the other villagers start to cry. When Ruri’s father announces that Senku is the new chief of Ishigami Village, he’s shocked at the name of the village. Ruri tells him that she’s known for a long time that his name is Ishigami Senku. I have no idea what this reveal means, but like a true cliffhanger I REALLY want to know.

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  1. I really want to say something about Ishigami village, but I won’t except to say that it will blow your mind… Don’t worry, only a couple of days until the next episode…

    1. LOL. I can’t wait.

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