Dr. Stone Episode 19: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 19: To Modernity. Picture of Tsukasa reviving Hyoga.
Tsukasa reviving Hyoga

Season 1, Episode 19: To Modernity

Senku plans to defeat Tsukasa’s army with smartphones

This episode begins with Tsukasa freeing Hyoga. According to some of his men, Tsukasa was looking for Hyoga. Tsukasa welcomes Hyoga to the new world. However, some of the men aren’t impressed. Tsukasa tell them to fight him. With his “preferred” weapon, Hyoga defeats them single handily. Tsukasa shows Hyoga around the new world. Tsukasa comments on hoe the privileged abused the weak in the old world. By obtaining the “weapons of science that make killing so easy.” Tsukasa and Hyoga are in complete agreement. Tsukasa states that to get the world he wants, he’s will “stain” his hands. Meanwhile, in the present, Hyoga is impressed with Senku and the others for their “teamwork.” However, this was all a distraction.

Hyoga’s Homura Sets fire to the village

They set the village on fire. Homura then sets fire to the bridge. Smarter than the typical meat heads that Tsukasa revived, she swam to the village. Homura then uses acrobatic skills to evade the former Chief and Kohaku. The fire spreads, aided by the wind. Hyoga set the fire to get the villagers out into the open. Meanwhile, several of the men plan on kidnapping a child as a hostage. Suika plans to save the “Kingdom of Science.” She draws the attention of some of Tsukasa’s men and they give chase. Both Homura and Hyoga assume that Suika will be an easy catch. However, the wind spreads the sulfuric acid down the mountain. The poison gas forces Hyoga, Homura and others to climb trees. Meanwhile, Senku, Suika and Kohaku have gas masks.

Season 1, Episode 19: To Modernity. Suika pretending to be scared to lure Hyoga and his group
Suika pretending to be scared to lure Hyoga and his group

Cellular phones are the greatest invention

Despite it being an act of mother nature, Senku takes credit for it. Hyoga knocks the “meat heads” off the tree. They’re are killed by the gas, proving to Hyoga that the gas masks were real. Hyoga plans on coming back with Tsukasa’s army.Anyway, without the nitric acid, Senku can’t make gunpowder or revive anyone. Basically, the more time pasts the more soldiers Tsukasa has, but the same isn’t true for gunpowder. Tsukasa would be aware of this as well. Senku’s plan. Attack them first. How. With the “strongest weapon in two million years.” Cellular phones and double agents. Taiju and Yuzuriha.

Obviously I’m curious how cell phones will help them. It has to be more than helping Taiju and Yuzuriha spy. Speaking of Taiju and Yuzuriha, we haven’t had any confirmation that they have been let into Tsukasa’s Kingdom. Personally, I don’t think that it’s plausible that Tsukasa would fall for their trick anyway. I did enjoy the playing with our expectations. I did think that Hyoga was defeated (for now). However, to be able to out smart even Senku was refreshing. I’m looking forward to the next episodes.

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Dr. Stone Episode 17: Recap and Review

Dr. Stone Episode 17, Senku stands with his back turned to the image of his father Byakuya.
Senku and his father back to back

Season 1, Episode 17: A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skies

The miserable life of the ISS astronauts

Dr. Stone Episode 17 continues to tell the story of Byakuya and the rest of the ISS astronauts. Newly petrified, Senku continues to “think.” Meanwhile, Byakuya concludes that there must be “a delay between average times of the final posts on social media sites like Twitter. As a result, they’re able to determine that the source of the green light originated in South America. They land on Earth in two separate groups. Connie, Shamil and Lillian are in the first group. However, the first landing is a disaster. The astronauts land upside down in the water, leaving them trapped. Byakuya decides that they will land on a nearby island. Byakuya manages to rescue the others even if it took him ten hours. Ironically, in an effort to avoid being turned to stone, the astronauts made their landing more dangerous.

Trying to survive

As the six try to find ways to survive on the island, we skip three years in the future. Darya and Yakov have two children. Meanwhile, Shamil and Connie get married. Byakuya is certain that Senku will “succeed.” The ISS difficulties don’t decline. Despite two doctors, illness takes it told on the six. Connie gets sick first. Darya and Yakov go to retrieve some antibiotics. However, Connie dies of pneumonia. Then Shamil gets sick and dies. Followed by Lillian. Some of the children produced are predisposed to complications from bacteria and viruses. As a result, the six survivors only manage to live about a decade. We learn that Byakuya wasn’t actually Senku’s biological father. However, this doesn’t matter as both Senku and Byakuya see each other as father and son. Seeing the normally stoic Senku in tears was heartbreaking.

Tsukasa and his army

Gen informs Senku and the villagers that Tsukasa is coming. As a result, Senku smirks, ready to show them the “power of the kingdom of science.” Dr. Stone episode 17 is a somber tale. I’ve mentioned that it’s sad thinking that Senku and Byakuya will never see each other again. However, in this episode, Senku states that even his bones are “gone.” Despite being heartbroken, Senku is energized at the prospects of facing off against Tsukasa. Personally, I’m excited to see what will happen next.

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Dr. Stone Episode 15: Recap and Review

Senku wins

Season 1, Episode 15: The Culmination of Two Million Years

With Magma being defeated, the only thing that remains is for Senku and Ginro to forfeit their matches. However, it was never going to be that easy. Ginro can’t take a hint, believing that Ruri could careless who wins the tournament. He attacks Senku. dreaming of becoming Chief. No one in the village seems to want Ginro to become Chief. It’s short lived as Senku uses “science” to defeat Ginro. Before the battle between Senku and Chrome, he passes out, leaving Senku the victor. Ruri begins to cough up blood, meaning that she’s running out of time. Senku isn’t happy with this turn of events. He has no real desire for Ruri or being married to her. He decides to divorce her and flee the village with the alcohol.

Ginro and Kinro vouch for Senku, as the Chief (father of Ruri and Kohaku) orders his arrests. Senku uses ammonia to wake Chrome. The members of the Kingdom of Science, continue to produce the Sulfuric Acid. We are treated to montage as Senku and the others go through the 25 steps. It largely a science dump, filled with long words and a list of complicated processes. They manage to create a white powder, resulting in an abundance of carbonated water. Gen gets excited that he’s finally going to get his cola. Senku gives Ruri the white powder and listens to her lungs. He learns that she has fluid in her lungs. Senku notices a dead rat. He dissects it, learning that the rats have caught the bacteria.

He thinks it’s possible that Ruri may have pulmonary tuberculosis. If this is true then “they don’t stand a chance.” However, it turns out that Ruri has pneumonia. The sulfur water begins to have an positive effect on Ruri. She begins to recover with the treatment Senku gives her. Her father, Kohaku and the other villagers start to cry. When Ruri’s father announces that Senku is the new chief of Ishigami Village, he’s shocked at the name of the village. Ruri tells him that she’s known for a long time that his name is Ishigami Senku. I have no idea what this reveal means, but like a true cliffhanger I REALLY want to know.

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Dr. Stone Episode 11: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 11: Clear World

Kohaku continues to train Kinro and Ginro. Their attacks are too shallow, so she reminds them of what’s at stake. While Gen is distracting Tsukasa, Senku informs Chrome and Suika that they “must continue their pursuit of the cure-all drug.” In order to accomplish this they must create, glass. Senku snatches the watermelon off of the head of Suika. It turns out that she has terrible eyesight, with the watermelon she can see better. Of course solving Senku’s eyesight problem is easy. He knows that creating glasses will fix her bad eyesight. This may seem mundane to us, but to Suika this can changed her life. First they have to collect Quartz Sand to create glasses.

Senku is able to create see-through glass, they manage to polish the glass to create the glasses for Suika. Meanwhile, Kohaku continues to train Kinro. The problem with Kinro is that he can’t properly tell the distance between them and that causes him to hit shallowly. He has a vision problem as well, but only Ginro knows. Senku starts making a glassblowing furnace and an iron straw to create instruments. They lack the “artistic ability to craft instruments.” So, Chrome kidnaps the village craftsman, Old Man Kaseki. The man refuses to help. Senku realizes that the Old Man crafted Suika’s shield and the drawbridge. Senku hatches his plan. By purposely making glass incorrectly, he tortures the craftsman. Despite being aware of the plan, he can’t help himself.

The Old Man creates a perfect glass instrument. In a manner of days, the Kingdom of Science manages to create their science lab. While training, Ginro suggest that Kinro get Senku to make him a “shiny” spear to help them in the Grand Bout. Senku is aware that Ginro and Kinro only want spears, but he tells them that the only way he will make them is if “they must put their lives on the line to find the most difficult material to obtain.” In this episode the Kingdom of Science takes a step forward with glassware and a Chemical Lab. The most important aspects of this episode is the introduction of Old Man Kaseki.

He may not like Senku, but he has aided the Kingdom, meaning he might vouch for them. Finally, each episode often improves the life of one of the characters. In this one it’s, Suika. At first what seem like a shallow reason for wearing a watermelon on her head, turns into a more substantial one. I was genuinely happy to see her get the ability to see. As someone with glasses I really appreciate that invention.

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Dr. Stone Episode 10: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 10: A Flimsy Alliance

Kohaku explains to Suika, that Tsukasa is the guy that “killed” Senku. They discuss whether Gen is a good person or not. Senku says that even if he’s not a good person it doesn’t matter. They need him to tell Tsukasa that “Senku is definitely dead.” If he doesn’t they can’t win. Chrome tells Gen that the “Kingdom of Science is more fun.” Gen remembers being freed by Tsukasa. Having meet before, Tsukasa informs Gen that he’s collecting people to be revived. Gen is attacked by an unseen assailant. He manages to survive by using a fake bag of blood. However, he does sustain some injures. Suika goes to investigate. She’s learns that Magma is responsible.

His next target is Kohaku. He assumes her “power” is due to sorcery and now with Gen “dead” she will just be another girl. Kohaku realizes that Magma probably mistook Gen for Senku. Kohaku defeated Magma in a martial arts tournament. The winner of the tourney would become village elder and marry Rui. He isn’t so happy to do so however. Rui being sick isn’t a desirable wife to him, as he doesn’t want to take care of her. He hopes that she dies and suggests that he would “make it look like she drowned herself out of despair.” Overhearing this Kohaku attacks him, winning the tournament. The tournament will be held in a month. Kohaku suggests that if a man from the Kingdom of Science were to win the tournament they could save her.

She suggest that Kinro and Ginro enter the tournament and begins to train them. Chrome decides that he will focus on finding the cure for Ruri. With Gen in terrible shape, he won’t get back to Tsukasa in time. This means that Tsukasa is likely going to come an kill him. The next morning, Gen flees to go back to Tsukasa. At a cave, Gen finally reaches him. Tsukasa has revived several dangerous looking men and women. Kohaku tries to stop him but Senku tells her that he made up his mind when he saw the electricity and was a promised of cola. I don’t think Tsukasa will be fooled by Gen. Overall, Gen deciding to join the Kingdom of Science was better for him. Yes, he was attacked, but he get better food (Ramen), cola and electricity.

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