Dr. Stone Episode 11: Recap and Review

Season 1, Episode 11: Clear World

Kohaku continues to train Kinro and Ginro. Their attacks are too shallow, so she reminds them of what’s at stake. While Gen is distracting Tsukasa, Senku informs Chrome and Suika that they “must continue their pursuit of the cure-all drug.” In order to accomplish this they must create, glass. Senku snatches the watermelon off of the head of Suika. It turns out that she has terrible eyesight, with the watermelon she can see better. Of course solving Senku’s eyesight problem is easy. He knows that creating glasses will fix her bad eyesight. This may seem mundane to us, but to Suika this can changed her life. First they have to collect Quartz Sand to create glasses.

Senku is able to create see-through glass, they manage to polish the glass to create the glasses for Suika. Meanwhile, Kohaku continues to train Kinro. The problem with Kinro is that he can’t properly tell the distance between them and that causes him to hit shallowly. He has a vision problem as well, but only Ginro knows. Senku starts making a glassblowing furnace and an iron straw to create instruments. They lack the “artistic ability to craft instruments.” So, Chrome kidnaps the village craftsman, Old Man Kaseki. The man refuses to help. Senku realizes that the Old Man crafted Suika’s shield and the drawbridge. Senku hatches his plan. By purposely making glass incorrectly, he tortures the craftsman. Despite being aware of the plan, he can’t help himself.

The Old Man creates a perfect glass instrument. In a manner of days, the Kingdom of Science manages to create their science lab. While training, Ginro suggest that Kinro get Senku to make him a “shiny” spear to help them in the Grand Bout. Senku is aware that Ginro and Kinro only want spears, but he tells them that the only way he will make them is if “they must put their lives on the line to find the most difficult material to obtain.” In this episode the Kingdom of Science takes a step forward with glassware and a Chemical Lab. The most important aspects of this episode is the introduction of Old Man Kaseki.

He may not like Senku, but he has aided the Kingdom, meaning he might vouch for them. Finally, each episode often improves the life of one of the characters. In this one it’s, Suika. At first what seem like a shallow reason for wearing a watermelon on her head, turns into a more substantial one. I was genuinely happy to see her get the ability to see. As someone with glasses I really appreciate that invention.

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